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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

LEGO Star Wars the Force Awakens!

Okay, so you want to know what LEGO did? They turned Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens into a LEGO game! Yeah!

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In case you have been living under a rock Star Wars is the single most successful both critically and economically movie franchise ever. Heck, Star Wars Episodes 1-6 were some of my favorite movies growing up (I was a kid when Episodes 1-3 came out, so little kid me thought they were a lot better than they actually were). In hindsight, the prequel movies (Episodes 1-3) did have quite a few flaws, such as being way too serious and not trying to throw in some lighthearted comedy into the mix. Another would be the acting in the prequels was cheesy at best, cringy at worst. But I digress.

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Force Awakens is my favorite movie out of the bunch for several reasons. First was the movie managed to recapture the magic the original three films, Episodes 4-6, had. Oh, and it was by far the funniest out the bunch. So I am excited to see how LEGO turns the funny up to eleven like they ALWAYS do with their games.

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But anyway, just like with any LEGO game pretty much any gameplay mechanics from the previous games return here but this game introduces some new things.

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First is dogfights. While the LEGO Star Wars games before had this feature got some upgrades. There are rail shooter segments and free flight segments. Which is cool. In my opinion. And am I the only one that thinks of Kid Icarus: Uprising when they think of rail shooters? I never played that game myself but I think my good friend Vincent has (Vincent if you are reading this and it turns out you never played Kid Icarus: Uprising please don't be mad at me, it's 8:45 AM at the time of this writing I just had my coffee literally ten minutes ago and my memory is garbage right now lol). And I do know that game has some epic rail shooter segments. Which is impressive, considering the game only uses two buttons (three counting the analog stick used to move around).

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Me when I realize what time it is. XD 

The second new thing is that there are now cover-based shootouts. Yes. LEGO Force Awakens is embracing it's inner Call of Duty (a game I will continually mock to no end for the rest of eternity). Although C.O.D. doesn't use a cover system that I am aware of. Anyway, basically you can now duck and take cover and shoot stuff and it will make you feel like a MLG Pro (360 NO SCOPES)!!!!!

Another new thing is something that will definitely add replay value to some of the levels, but it's that for the first time ever they have multiple solutions to the same puzzle. Such as building a giant Popcorn Dispenser (My good friend Josh pointed out how Dispenser sounds like "De Spencer" lol) instead of a turbo drill thing.

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Another thing worth noting is that LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be the first LEGO Star Wars game to have fully voiced dialogue (First Legend of Zelda now LEGO Star Wars, what's next? Earthbound!?). It was only a matter of time since LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars was the last LEGO game ever made that did not use full voice acting (All the "dialogue" was random gibberish mixed with grunts).

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Also, a nice bonus is that LEGO Force Awakens features at least three levels that didn't appear in the movie. Why? They are extras. Mostly there to fill in blanks in the story (exactly *how did Han Solo and Chewbacca get the rathtars on board that cargo ship?).

The only negative thing I have seen about this game is that the Hub World is, from what I have heard, mediocre in terms of sheer size and stuff to do. LEGO Avengers currently has the largest Hub World in any LEGO game, as well as five smaller Hub Worlds jam packed with side missions, unlockable characters, and more. In this game however, rather than having a set location as the Hub World, LEGO Force Awakens has several planets making up the Hub World. Only problem is that each of this planets are PATHETICALLY small compared to previous hub worlds. While there are side missions and unlockable characters, the Hub World is so small that you can theoretically burn through everything in one play in less than 15 minutes. With Lego Avengers, New York City alone will take you at LEAST an hour to do everything, which is a big difference. But this isn't a review of the game. I'll pick it up eventually, once I have better info to go off of.

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  1. Your vocabulary is expanding. Great description of the game's features, and your reaction to the game is vivid.