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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Seven Brand New Pokemon plus Legendary info!!!

Before we begin I would like to say that my previous post (read: Hunger Games [Book] Review!) was my 333th post ever.  Didn't realize that when I was writing the thing though lol. Anyway, they unveiled some new information on Generation 7 of Pokemon. Naturally I cannot play Pokemon Sun/Moon because I lack a 3DS. But since it's Pokemon and they are BOUND to make a home console spin off eventually, and add in the fact that the TV show will probably have a whole season for the Alola region (Alola is where Gen 7 will take place), chances are I will experience the magic of Gen 7 eventually. But for now, let's get started with the news update because quite frankly, everybody loves Pokemon (F.Y.I. I will assume you have at least a decent understanding of Pokemon). WARNING: AS THEY DUMPED A LOAD OF NEW INFO, THIS POST IS GOING TO BE REALLY LONG. SORRY IN ADVANCE. JUST SCROLL DOWN TO THE T.L.D.R. RECAP

Image result for pokemon sun and moon

Anyway, first things first and I know this is old news but I have to bring it up. The REAL Names of the Legendaries are Solgaleo (which the fire lion on left), which is a Psychic-Steel type Pokemon, and Lunaala (right), which is a Psychic-Ghost type. Now if you read the first Gen 7 post you know I nicknamed these two Sunba and Moonbat respectively. I guess I shall refer to them with the real names. But I kind of grown attached to Sunba. Also, I have very mixed feelings about the type choices. On one hand I literally jumped for joy about Lunaala being NOT a Flying type, since that's my least favorite typing (It's not bad, gameplay wise, but I don't like the concept of the type, especially since a BOATLOAD of Pokemon can fly without actually being a Flying type). Then I saw Solgaleo's typing. Part of my SOUL died when I realized not only was it NOT a Fire Type (It's the freaking SUN Pokemon!!!) but it actually is WEAK to fire, thanks to it's secondary Steel type. And then I learned it's actually not based off the SUN per se, but is actually based of a symbol of alchemy of a lion devouring a sun, and since in alchemy it was believed that the sun is a ball of melted STEEL... Although, to be fair the sun is neither Steel nor Fire, since it's made almost ENTIRELY out of the hidden form of matter: Plasma. You remember when you were a kid and your teacher was telling about the three forms of matter (Solid, Liquid, and Gas), right? WELL THEY LIED. There are FOUR forms of matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas, and finally, Plasma, which is actually the most important out of these four since it is estimated that Plasma makes up 98% of THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!!

Science rant aside, they also unveiled some new Pokemon. So starting from top left to bottom right of the official website, here they are.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon salandit

First up is Salandit, a Poison-Fire type salamander/gecko. It has the brand new passive ability Corrosion, which lets Salandit poison any Pokemon that would normally have an immunity to poison attacks. Also looks like s/he's doing the Awesome Sauce Face.

Image result for awesome emoji

Also, it's Pokedex entry states that a female Salandit can emit pheromones that attract males of every Pokemon species ever. As well as some male humans. If that is the case then Here's hoping that Salandit can breed with everything. It shall be Wailord 2.0 (Wailord is famous for being able to breed with almost any Pokemon including but not limited to: Lucario, most famously Skitty, Pikachu of all things, Vulpix, and Diglett). Or maybe it will somehow turn into the *Kyubi of Pokemon.

Can this thing evolve? No idea but I would love to see this tiny poisonous gecko grow up to be some kind of unholy amalgamation of a Gigginox from Monster Hunter, a Velociraptor, and a Vulkin from Undertale. It's basically a baby Gigginox as is. Just with fire. Which, ironically, Gigginox is weak to.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon bruxish

Next we have Bruxish, a Water-Psychic type. Apparently the knobby bit on it's head emits a low level of Psychic energy, which can give people headaches.... Wait a minute. If this thing specializes in giving headaches, can we pass this thing off as a Yo-Kai!? Probably not, since it's literally just a fish with massive lips. I know it makes a big deal out of the teeth but it's lips just look weird. I don't how good this thing will be but right now it's my least favorite out of the Gen 7 Pokemon. Oh and it's passive ability is Dazzling, which prevents the opponent from using Priority attacks (Priority attacks are attacks that always go first regardless of who's turn it is).

Image result for pokemon sun and moon cutiefly

Next is Cutiefly. Which is the second cutest Pokemon ever. The first is Goomy. And the third is the Pokken Tournament version of Braixen which acts like every female anime protagonist ever. Then again, the only anime I myself watch are Dinosaur King, sometimes the Pokemon anime, Naruto, and of course Yo-Kai Watch. But I have heard of much more, but never got around to watching them for various reasons. Anyways, this thing is adorable and I did for moment think that Cutiefly would be the Gen 7 Butterfree. But it's not. It's Bug-Fairy type though! Not much else is going on here.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon pikipek

Next is Pikipek. Which is really fun say actually Pikipek, Pikipek, Piki-Piki-Pikipek... Anyway, Pikipek is the Gen 7 Pidgey.  Nothing special. It's a woodpecker. Probably going to evolve into a bigger stronger woodpecker. And I am guessing it's one of the early game Pokemon.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon yungoos

Next is Yungoos. Which is terrifying. This thing will haunt your nightmares. That demonic set of fangs is pure Nightmare FUEL. Oh, and this thing has the ability Stakeout, which makes it's attacks deal double damage to opponents who switch Pokemon mid battle. Nothing else, just a straight up Normal type. It will probably be a **HM slave when Gen 7 comes out.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon drampa

Say hello to may personal favorite out of the bunch; Drampa. It's a dragon grandpa. What's not to love? Also, when I first saw this thing i thought it would be reasonably big for what I am assuming is the Pseudo Legendary for this region. "Oh, it's going to be 4' 11''. No way it would be bigger than 5 feet!" I thought. Then I looked it up. THE DRAGON GRANDPA IS 9 WHOLE FEET TALL!!!! WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?! Also it's passive ability, Berserk, increases the power of Special attacks (such as lasers and magic) when it lose half of it's health. Also it's Pokedex entry says that Drampa really likes playing with children and frequently show up at playgrounds and schools just to play with children. Also, it's a Normal-Dragon type, which is a very bizarre combination since it looks a little bit like a Water-type. The Dragon type makes perfect sense though, since it's a Dragon Grandpa.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon tapu koko

We also have what also might be a Pseudo-Legendary, or it might be a straight up Legendary; Tapu Koko Although, if it IS a Legendary, it does not match the alchemy theme Solgaleo and Lunaala have (every trio of Legendaries have a theme unifying them. E.G. The Gen 6 trio are themed after Norse mythology, the Gen 4 Legendaries are based off of forms of matter, etc). However, the only way Tapu Koko could be a full on Legendary is if it's part of a separate trio. And before you Pokemon newcomers out there say "But Spencer, each Generation can only have one Legendary Trio!" They never made that rule ever and some generations, most notably Gen 4, had multiple trios (Gen 4 had the Matter trio, the Lake trio, and the Regi Golems, even though that group technically debuted in Gen 3). But I have a theory. Tapu Koko is indeed a Legendary and the theme for it's group is a Totem Pole theme (either that or a Tiki theme). Because it's Pokedex entry states it's a guardian deity for Melemele Island. Alola is made up of four islands, so it only makes sense that Tapu Koko's counterparts are the guardian deities of the other three islands. Oh, and it's an Electric-Fairy type with the ability Electric Surge, which covers the entire floor with electricity, boosting the power of Electrical attacks. It also is the only Pokemon that can learn the attack Nature's Madness, which cuts the targets health pool in half.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon tapu grubbin

Next is the Grubbin line. The first Gen 7 Pokemon with a confirmed evolution, this pure Bug type beetle(?) is what I am assuming is the Gen 7 Butterfree. Oh, and here are Grubbin's evolved forms

Image result for pokemon sun and moon tapu charjabug

On the left is Charjabug. It's literally a battery. That's it. Even it's ability is called Battery (Battery increases the power of teammates Special Attacks. Useless in solo battles, very helpful in Double Battles). On the right, and the stronger of the two, is Vikavolt. Vikavolt would have been my favorite Gen 7 had I not seen the majesty that is Drampa. I mean, just look at this thing! It's a Thunder Beetle that shoots lasers out of it's mouth and uses it's previous forms AS AMMO. Yes. It's Pokedex entry states it carries Charjabug into battle and uses the energy Charjabug gives off to fuel it's own attacks and will DROP CHARJABUG TO THE GROUND just to lighten the load enough to move around faster. This thing just oozes hardcore.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon magearna

Next is Magearna. A Mythical Steel-Fairy Pokemon that is literally a robot built 500 years ago (according to the Pokedex entry) and can perceive the feelings of those around it. Basically telepathy. Also it doubles as a living Pokeball. Kind of like how the Pokedex for this game is literally a Rotom. Magearna also has the passive ability Soul-Heart, which makes it so Magearna becomes more powerful whenever a teammate is defeated. Might be useful if you set up said teammate with Self-Destruct or Explosion. Both of these attacks will instantly KO the user.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon togedemaru

Our third place winner is Togedemaru. And when I saw this, the first thing I thought was "Wait, is this thing a hybrid of Pikachu, Dedenne, Maril, and Pachirisu?". It looks like it has chunks of each. But apparently this is a separate line entirely. It's an Electric-Steel type with the abilities Iron Barbs and Lightning Rod. Iron Barbs makes it so every time Togedemaru takes damage the attacker will also take damage. Lightning Rod lets it absorb Electrical attacks to increase it's own power. But only an idiot would attack this thing with an Electrical attack since it resists Electrical. Because of the Electric-Steel typing, it should have a 4x resistance to Electrical attacks.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon komala

Our penultimate Pokemon is based off an animal everyone wanted to see as a Pokemon; The Koala. This is Komala. It's a Koala. That sleeps. It has the new ability Drowsiness which makes it so it has an immunity to every status condition but instantly falls asleep as soon as the battle begins. Might be useful if it learns Sleep talk actually. Plus it has a tree log pillow. Which is adorable.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon rockruff

And last but not least is Rockruff. It's a dog. I also heard some rumors that Rockruff has a important role to play in the evolution of Starter Pokemon. It also can evolve but what it evolves into is unknown. I'm hoping for a big bad rock wolf. Because it has arguably the most heartwarming Pokedex entry ever. It says that if Rockruff is separated from it's master, it will not rest until it finds him/her and is reunited. It also says that the only time it deliberately leaves it's master's side is to evolve and immediately returns once fully evolved. So just imagine how awesome it would be to go on a Trainer Journey with this guy and he leaves and you get sad and cry and then he comes back as a kick but rock wolf and you get so happy he's back you cry even more. By the way Rockruff is OBVIOUSLY a Rock-Type.

TL;DR They revealed a Dragon Grandpa, a Thunder Beetle, a Tiki Man, a Woodpecker, a Sleepy Koala, a new electric mouse, a living Pokeball robot, the most terrifying mongoose you will ever see, a fish with crazy, ***President Snow style lips, the second cutest Pokemon ever, a toxic gecko making the Awesome Sauce face, and a rock puppy (that I hope will become a rock wolf) for Pokemon Sun and Moon. We finally have that Koala Pokemon everyone wanted since Gen 3(?). All we need to complete my wishlist for Pokemon ideas are a Dragon Knight, a Dolphin, a Minotaur, a Griffin, and a non-Legendary Ghost-Dragon type skeleton dragon, And throw in a robot dog for good measure. And a Ghost type Eeeveelution for that matter.

*Kyubi is a character from Yo-Kai Watch. Basically a 6 (maybe 7) foot tall fox man that flirts with girls all the time. He's actually one of my favorites because his constant self-imposed mission to charm this girl named Katie makes me laugh because she fails to notice him being romantic.

**HM Slave. A term used to describe a Pokemon that is used for puzzle solving but is otherwise useless in battle. The More You Know! *twinkle*

***President Snow is a character from the Hunger Games (Book). And since the book described him as having puffed up lips...

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