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Friday, April 29, 2011

Super Mario Sunshine

  Although yesterday's topic was on the Mario Bros., today's topic is very similar. (I know so much about the game even though I don't have it) Super Mario Sunshine is a game where Mario goes on vacation to Isle Defiono, a tropical island in the shape of a dolphin. But, when he gets there, the airstrip's runway is blocked by a paint-like sludge in the shape of a "M." Toads-worth, the oldest Toad that ever lived (not a real toad, the 1 from Mario Bros.) asks Mario to go get someone to help dispose of the sludge, that's when things got a little freaky.   Princess Peach (whose on vacation as well) saw someone that resembles Mario on top of a statue but before she could show anyone his presence, he disappeared without a trace.
  Meanwhile, Mario goes looking for some help so, he purchases a legless robot named F. L. U. D. D. (Fluid Liquid mixing Unit Dehydration Device) that cleans up the mess. Now you must be wondering "How can a legless robot get to the airstrip?" well, F. L. U. D. D. can be worn like a backpack, in other words Mario  carried him on his back. After the slime is gone, your instantly thrown in court, I'm not talking about a tennis court I'm talking about the court with the judge but any who, the judge defined Mario guilty. His punishment? "Clean up the whole island." if you just got the game and not reading this blog, then you must think the punishment will be more harsh, I mean, cleaning? That's it? The judge isn't good at picking punishments, but she and the police make Mario feel like a fugitive.

  While doing his punishment, Shadow Mario (a. k. a. Bowser Jr.) kidnaps Peach and that's when things got really freaky. You have to keep spraying him using F. L. U. D. D. (one of the many things you can do with F. L. U. D. D.) until he drops that princess. Then, you got to return to the statue. There, Shadow Mario will take his magic paintbrush, paint a "M" on the statue and it'll open a portal to the first world, BAINCO HILLS. the world boss is Petey Piranha. You encounter him in <squeaky and weird voice> Down with Petey Piranha, <normal voice> Petey Piranha strikes Back. (the second time he flies and has a tornado spin attack) (to defeat him in both fights you have to get enough water in his mouth until his outie belly button appears, then you smash it in with a ground pound.) When you defeat him he's turns into slime and melts. "I'm melting! I'm melting!"

  The name of the game is to collect the Shine Sprites, there's 120 Shines in all, some you have to buy using Blue Coins. The final boss is Bowser, (well duh) and when you fight him, he's in a hot tub.

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