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Monday, September 19, 2011

Kirby (character & series)

Hey have you heard of the video game character Kirby? He's a pink................................okay I don't know what he is actually.

Here's what he looks like.


Here's a list of stuff he can do
*Vacuum Breath - when he inhales, the air around him gets sucked into his mouth, causing anything caught in the Vacuum Breath to be swallowed by Kirby (even something  the size of a large gorilla, despite being only 3 ft tall).
*Swordsmanship - In the  games where Meta Knight, Kirby's rival, challenges Kirby to a dual, Kirby uses Swordsmanship to fight Meta Knight.
*Fire Breath, in one game, if Kirby eats an enemy that has fire powers, his Vacuum Breath gets replaced with Fire Breath, where he spits out fireballs.
*Teamwork - as noted in the game Kirby Mass Attack!, he is really good at using teamwork.
*Singing - in the popular TV show Kirby: Right Back at Ya! when he becomes Mike Kirby ( the Mike that's short for microphone, not the name), he possesses the ability to sing, actually I don't what Mike Kirby can do in Right back at Ya!, so please tell me (in a comment) what this version of Kirby can do if you seen Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Perfect Ability Imitation - as seen in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, if Kirby eats another character then he gains one of that characters abilities (EXAMPLE: if Kirby eats Mario, then Kirby gains Mario's ability to throw fireballs, and if he eats Sonic the Hedgehog, then Kirby gains Sonic's super speed as well as Sonic's Homing attack ability, and if he eats Donkey Kong, then Kirby gains DK's DK Punch ability).
*Hand -to-Hand Combat - in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he has two hand-to-hand combat combos that I know of; one goes like this: It begins with a kick,  followed by a spin kick, and finishes with a head spin kick in both directions. The other combo goes like this: It begins with a kick, followed by a punch, and finishes with Kirby bursting into a flurry of punches with the arm he did NOT punch with during the second part of this combo.
*Shape Shifting - in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn, after the wizard guy turns Kirby's body into yarn (that's right, he was turned into yarn), he gains the ability to turn into a car, a submarine, a tank and more.
*Warp Star/Space Travel - as seen in Kirby: Right back at Ya!, Kirby can survive in space. Also, he can make and drive a star-shaped U.F.O. called a Warp Star, which he uses at least once in every game he appeared in.

Kirby is not the only one of his species, in fact, most fans call Kirby's species "Kirbies" or "Puffs".

NOTE: picture of Kirby is from Kirby Wiki.

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