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Monday, September 12, 2011

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure is an awesome game (although it hasn't been released in the U. S. A. yet, but it will sometime this fall.)!!!

     There's 32 characters in total in this game (although only 30 have been revealed to public) that have unique abilities (EXAMPLE: Some can manipulate fire).

Here's a list of characters that are known.
*Spyro, it's odd that he's considered a Magic character, he seems more like a Fire character due to the fact that most of his attacks are fire-related. He's one of my favorites.
*Ignator, this dude wears CURSED armor, but he has an AWESOME flame-sword. He's one of my favorites.
*Trigger Happy, "trigger happy" is not just his name, but his way of fighting. Yup, he uses GUNS when fighting. But they fire gold coins instead of bullets, like he always say: "No gold, no glory".
*Gill Grunt, he's something I like to call: the "were-fish". Why? Because he's half man, half fish. He's one of my favorites.
*Ghost Roaster, he's undead, like Chop Chop, but I have no clue on what his powers and history are. He looks like a snake with arms and a head, but the head is a skull, and he doesn't have legs whatsoever.
*Zap & Bash, two wingless dragons, but Zap doesn't care about it, but Bash,...well.......he's a different story. Zap is a Water character, but Bash is a Earth character. there's catch phrases are "Ride the Lightning(Zap)!" and "Rock & Roll(Bash)!". Both of them are one of my favorites.
*Camo & Stealth Elf, Camo is a dragon, and you probably know what Stealth Elf is. both characters belong to the Life character class. Also, Stealth Elf is like a Ninja. Why? Because her special move(s) is/are where she use famous Ninja techniques Clone Jutsu & Substitution Jutsu.
*Drobot & Prism Break, Drobot is a half-dragon-half-machine cyborg, and Prism Break is a part-rock-part-Golem-part-crystal.....thingamajig. Drobot is a Tech dude while Prism Break is a Earth dude. Their catch phrases are "Blink & Destroy(Drobot)!" and "The Beam is Supreme(Prism Break)!". Why is Prism Break's is "The Beam is Supreme!"? Because, he shoot laser beams out of his hands,....er....crystals (he doesn't have hands, but crystal clusters are on his wrists, as if the clusters ARE his hands).
*Eruptor, a lava monster that doesn't have fingers on his hands and doesn't have toes on his feet. Basically, he's a living volcano.
*Dark & Legendary Spyro, these are alternate versions of Spyro, Dark Spyro is when he channels his anger and sorrow, and Legendary Spyro is when he channels his harmony and joy.

Also, there are figurines that look exactly like the characters (you must have these figurines, they're very important.).