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Friday, September 16, 2011


I studied the majestic wolf yesterday, there's a lot cool things about 'em

Here's a list of wolves.
*Tundra Wolf, as the name suggests, they live in the tundras of the frozen north.
*Timber Wolf, these wolves  live in woodlands and snowy forests.
*Gray Wolf, the most common wolves ever seen, they can be seen in Europe,  northeast of North America, and Asia.

                Wolves have there own territories that are 60 - 1,000 square miles wide (in all four directions). Wolves happen to take the same hunting routes when hunting. They also happen to related to our pet dogs, coyotes, and foxes. Also, an entire wolf pack might have 20 & up members, but every one has a leader, an alpha if you please. Also, pregnant wolves have 11 pups when giving birth. Wolves also happen to put up a base camp, a den to be exact, which mainly consists of countless wolf-sized underground tunnels either stolen from foxes, or that were made by the wolf pack themselves. Also, (when they haves pups to feed.)  hunting wolves bring home dinner in their stomachs, not in their mouth (they do this because if they were to bring food back to their den in their mouths then the blood trail would reveal the location of their den.) By their first birthday, they walk outside of their nursery chamber for the first time, and the other pack members take turns on playing games with the pups, as if their having a birthday party.

In case you're wondering "why do wolves howl?", there's three reasons. 1: the leader of the pack use the howl to start a meeting (wolves have meetings just like us humans do.). 2: it's part of their long range communication. And 3: they think howling is fun.

Here's a list of wolf pack laws.
*Always obey orders from the leader of the pack and his/her right hand wolves, the alphas.
*Never move into another pack's territory.
*Always wait your turn when it's breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner time.

NOTE: I know the pack laws because I've seen wolves in my book and movies obey these laws.