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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Greg Hastings Paintball 2!!!

What do you get when you combine Paintball with a video game? you get the video game Greg Hastings Paintball 2!!!!!! Do NOT ask about it's prequel as I know NOTHING about it.

Greg Hastings is, according to Nintendo, the most famous name in Paintball. I have no knowledge about him other than that because of Wikipedia not having anything about him. But yet again, Wikipedia does not have anything about Pirate101, so it stands to reason that Wikipedia needs more informative information sources. Like the official website. Or the best gamer in the world's blog. Okay, I'm not the best gamer. I never beaten the Sonic the Hedgehog game (2006 version).

Anyway, the game has a variety of game modes, and plenty of Paintball Arenas to match. What's cool is that the arenas exist in real life, also as Paintball Arenas. You get all sorts of paintball weapons. No, there is no Paintball sword. But want to know what is cooler than a Paintball sword? Paintball Grenades!!! No, not real grenades. These grenades are just water balloons filled with paint. When they land, BOOM!!!!! And this time the BOOM needs to be said!!! The balloon explodes in a large cloud of paint!!! The BOOM strikes again!!! Another cool thing cooler than a Paintball sword is that you can give orders to the teammates (assuming you are using the Teams feature.) You can have one guy scout ahead. You can have a guy laying on his stomach, ready to take down enemies one by one as a sniper. You can have two guys guard the rear of the rest of the team. You can make the whole team split up and do a classic Search-and-Destroy task. You can have the team open or cease fire (by fire, I mean shooting term). I can name a dozen uses for your teammates.

Greg Hastings Paintball 2
This is what the game's
box looks like

The game is also completely in first person. That means that you look through the eyes of the mask of your character. You can also swap from three positions. Standing, for open firefights. Crouching, for opening fire from cover. And last but not least, laying down on you stomach, for sniping. You can use the environment to your ADVANTAGE!!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!! What I mean is, say you are playing the game and the enemies has you and your Paintball team pinned down (metaphorically). You see there is a nearby wall leading to an exit. Get behind the wall and you are safe from Enemy fire!!!! At least until they move in for a finisher. At that point you make your escape. But if that wall wasn't in that scenario, where would your character be? Soaked in paint, that's where he would be. Hiding behind cover will make the cover take the hits for you. BOOM!!!!!!!!

NOTE: Image from Nintendo.com.

The game also has unpredictable weather. It might rain in the middle of a game, it might be 90 degrees hot outside. It might be foggy and mess up your vison, and in turn, making the match harder. It might be muddy and slippery, and possibly messing up your shots. So you must be careful during said weather. But the game is still fun.

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