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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth

My previous post was on Stan Lee. This post is on a video game that was based off of the comics.

If you are a comic book and video game fan, like me, you would know what the Skrulls are. If you don't, A Skrull is a shape shifting alien capable of mimicking any super heroes' powers (although the Super Skrull can use several different powers all at the same time.). In the Avengers TV show, The Skrulls try to take over the world because they believe they are the rightful owners of Earth, using their shape-shifting powers to infiltrate the biggest organizations on the planet. They can copy your appearance, voice, physical abilities, personality and even you memories. The only hard part for them is kidnapping the person they are copying and taking them prisoner on their flagship (which I guess is too far away to see in space like the ship is hiding in the shadows. Like a Crocodile sneaking around in the water, waiting for something to come too close to the water's edge.). The game focus' during the Skrulls' "Secret Invasion".

Here's a List of some of the 20 playable characters that I know of.
  • Captain America - Can't have an Avengers Super Hero Game without the very first Avenger! A shield made of Vibraniom (fictional metal), Enhanced abilities, and Kung Fu make Captain America the supremely awesome super soldier he is!
  • Spider-Man - Spider-Man is back! After his latest appearance in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), Spider-Man swings into action! See what I did there? I used the word "swing" because Spider-Man has a web swing. BOOM!!!!
  • Venom - When there's Spider-Man, there's Venom! Edward Brock Jr. got his hands on ALIEN SYMBIOTE!!!!!!!!!!!! You know.....Because Eddie merged with ALIEN SYMBIOTE, and the results resulted in creating Venom. DOUBLE BOOM!!!!!! Anyway, Venom's got new ways to attack with his Tendrils.
  • Super Skrull - Yes the Super Skrull mentioned in the parentheses in the paragraph above is playable. He's restricted to use only the Fantastic Four's powers though. Super Skrull also has a cool SUPER ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! He launches the foe high into the air, and punches them in the face repeatedly until they both land. Yet again, ALL characters can do that. Hulk, Thor, and Captain America smash the foe against the ground after landing. Loki, Magneto, Phoenix, Dr. Doom, and Dr. Strange shoot projectiles at the foe instead of launching them with Hand to Hand combat.
  • Wolverine - What do you get when you mix a mutant that can make claws come out of his knuckles, Adamantiom bones, and a LOT of attitude? You get Wolverine!!!! BOOM!!!!! Anyway, he has lightning fast attacks. Doesn't the phrases "Fast as Lightning" and "Kung Fu Fighting" make you think of a song? I have to look up that Kung Fu Fighting song. Wolverine is still awesome though.
  • Dr. Strange - The Sorcerer Supreme is here!!! Dr. Strange is a wizard. Yeah, that's right. The kind that guides heroes on some epic quest, but still has the ability to make bizarre things happen. Like making swords appear out of thin air.  Since some of you never heard of him, here's his back story made short. Medical Dr. Strange got in a car accident and broke both of his hands. He went to freezing cold mountains because the old Sorcerer Supreme said he could heal his hands should he go there. The Sorcerer Supreme taught wizardry to him. Quite simple. In order for magic to work, you just need to believe in yourself and believe the task is easy. Now he protects not just our UNIVERSE, But the entire MULTIVERSE!!!! Multiverse!!! Multiverse!! Multiverse! I did the echo effect (just like in the previous post).
  • Iron Man - What's an Avengers Video game without Iron Man? The answer is: just a normal video game!!! COMEDY BOOM!!!! Iron Man has missiles, repulser blasts, lasers, flight, a Royal Tart Toter, Banana Guards, Gelatin Man, Earl of Lemongrab (just joking about the Royal Tart Toter, Banana Guards Gelatin Man, and Earl of Lemongrab. They are all Candy People from Adventure Time).

The game has supreme motion control. You can punch the Air and your guy with do just that. You can go <thwip> <thwip> while playing as Spider-Man and he will Web-Shoot. BOOM!!!!! NOTE: "thwip" is a sound that Spider Man makes when Web Shooting.

Here's a Picture.
Avengers Battle for Earth cover art.jpg
This is the game cover.

NOTE: Image from Wikipedia. DOUBLE NOTE: The game is exclusive to Xbox Kinects and Wii U.

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