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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stan Lee

Stan Lee is the ultimate comic book/movie/video game creator!!! He created The Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk,Wasp, Spider-Man <NOTE: Most of the time Spider-Man is a solo hero, sometimes he works with the Avengers, other times he runs a team called Spider-Man and his Amazing-Friends>, Ant-Man, The Black Panther, Hawkeye, and Thor), The Fantastic Four (The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, and The Human Torch), The X-men (Wolverine, Jean Gray, Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Ice-Man, and Charles Xavior), and practically every super hero excluding the Justice League.

In case you have not figured it out from the paragraph above, I am a huge fan of Stan Lee. He is awesome!!!! Plus I'm like one of his biggest fans!!! I can name a LOT of his creations. Here's a List of my favorite Heroes.
  • Spider-Man - Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker gained the ability to stick to walls, heightened agility, strength, improved healing, and a Spider Sense (he can sense an hazard coming before it even comes). In some versions his brains allowed him to build small devices that shoot webs of any desired form (Balls like a gun shooting bullets, Robes for his Web Swing, and a Classic web for catching flying objects, saving everyone below). Other versions show that the Spider bite gave natural webs (shot from the wrist). Spider-Man only used these gifts for the greater good when his uncle Ben was murdered by a common criminal (In the Noir Version, it was the Vulture that killed him). Before that, Ben used to tell him that with great power comes great responsibility. So he became a masked Super Hero!!!
  • Captain America - During World War 2, Stephan Rogers signed up to take a Super-Soldier Serum. After taking it, his normal human body gained increase in MUSCLE MASS!!! (NOTE: Not giant muscles, bigger than average). He was the ultimate war time soldier! He even had a Shield colored to look like the American flag!!! Only round. And He is still Alive today!!! He was Frozen in the Pacific Ocean after being flung there by a large scale explosion. The Modern Avengers thawed him out a few years later. He still fights crime as a Super Hero!
  • Iron Man - You know how most Super Heroes need to keep their identities secret, right? Iron Man A.K.A. Tony Stark (in most versions) kept his Identity as Iron Man a secret for about ten minutes (Nick Fury, a super spy, said that in the Avengers TV Show). Tony Stark is a Multi-Millionare with an entire company called Stark Industries (multi-purpose). As he has unlimited access to the tech Stark Industries sells, he used the tech to make a suit of armor with flight, repulser blasts that come out of the hands, a built in computer, and other cool stuff. He also has a machine in his chest that keeps his heart beating (a plane crash damaged SEVERELY!!!!!!!!!!). Without the device in his chest, Tony would die of a heart attack. But that doesn't stop him from fighting crime! BOOM!
  • The Fantastic Four - Ben Grimm, Johney Storm, Susan Storm, and Reed Richard were on board a space shuttle when BOOM! Massive radiation surge! All four of these guys were exposed too it and DOUBLE BOOM! Ben Grimm gained rock-like skin and Super-human Strength! Susan Storm gained invisibility power and Force Field Power! Reed Richard gained STRETCHY POWER!!! And ULTIMATE BOOM!!! Johney Storm gained Fire Power!! Together they are The FANTASTIC FOUR!!! Four!!! Four!! Four! I did the echo effect. They use their powers to save the world and sometimes the WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • X-Men - The X-Men are Mutants (NOTE: Spider-Man is NOT a mutant. He's a Cross-Species) That use their gifts to save the WORLD!!!!!!! World!!! World!! World! I did the echo effect again. One of the X-Men, Wolverine, has a skeleton made of Adamantiom (the hardest fictional metal) and Claws that pop out of his Knuckles. He also has enhanced senses and Super Healing!
  • Nick Fury - Nick Fury is a super spy. He runs an secret agency called S.H.I.E.L.D.. Don't ask what S.H.I.E.L.D. stands for I have know idea. Nick Fury also knows everything about everyone on the planet (He's a secret agent. It figures he knows the Identity of every other super hero and villain). He is kind of like Batman in the way that both know a lot of things, both have BOOM-worthy gadgets, etc.

Here's a list of my Favorite Villains Stan Lee created.
  • The Lizard - Dr. Curtis Conners was a emergency medic during the war times. An explosion destroyed his right arm. As he returned to civilian life as a Scientist, he became obsessed on discovering the secrets to some lizards regrow-body-parts gene. When the serum was complete, Conners injected lizard DNA into himself. Unfortunately the foreign species took over and the Lizard was created. He grew a tail, grew claws and fangs, his skin became covered in scales, and later down the road he wanted to make more of himself. Spider-Man defeated him several times by injecting the Antidote, making the Lizard turn into Curt Conners. He was defeated one time by the X-Men.
  • Venom - What do you get when Spider-Man gets rid of the Black Suit (Which has a Mind of it's own and increases Aggression.)? You Get Edward Brock Jr. A.K.A. Venom!!! Venom can perfectly Mimic All of Spider-Man's powers and BOOM! None of his attacks can be Detected by Spider-Sense!!! And His webs are black whereas Spider-Man's Webs are white. The Colors of Yin and Yang!!! MEGA BOOM!!! Anyway, In Some versions (Ultimate the most), Venom can sprout tendrils (that's a Tentacle, if you don't know what a tendril is) from his hands and back.
  • Dr. Doom - Victor Von Doom is the ruler of an country called Latvaria. He wears a suit of Armor Like Iron Man, but is surrounded in a Force Field. In the Ultimate Spider-Man TV Show, Spider-Man describes Dr. Doom as the most powerful bad guy Ever. In Super Hero Squad Show, Dr. Doom's metal mask moves to match his current facial expression (the mouth moves while he talks). But in all the other versions, The Mask does NOT move.
  • Kang - A time traveler from the 40th Century (that's two thousand years from now). He Managed to kill the Avengers, but this event was erased from history Because Spider-Man reversed time and undone this event. So the Avengers Live on!!!!  There are actually a thousand Kangs, One for each Universe. There's more than one fictional Universe in one whole MULTIVERSE!!!!!!! And since these Universes are fictional, I name the MULTIVERSE the FICTIONVERSE!!!!!! I believe a ULTRA BOOM is in order.

Just a Reminder, I am a big fan of Stan Lee. He is awesome and possibly the most awesome person ever. He even puts himself in movie cameos! And Makes a cameo in the Amazing Spider Man (2012 video game)!

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