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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man!!!!!!!!

I have the Amazing Spider-Man 2012 video game!!!!!!! It is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The game takes place after the movie, also 2012 edition. Here's the plot (I also beaten the game!!!!! Achievement BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
 The game starts with Peter Parker (this level is briefly seen though Peter's perspective) and Gwen Stacey "investigating" the Oscorp Bio Labs during the after hours (By investigating, I mean they were sneaking in). After a while, Gwen reveals that she believes that Oscorp is continuing Dr. Conners' (A.K.A. The Lizard) work on Cross Species Genetics. Later, when the two are in the next corridor, Peter gets to see one of the Hunter bots that Alistair Smithe, director of Oscorp, has been working on. After a brief conversation on Alistair's work on robot tech, they see two security guards escorting a Cross Species, the Rhino,  to his cell. When Peter passes by, the Rhino goes berserk and charges at Peter. Now both Peter and Gwen would be pancakes if it wasn't for the fact that the hall the Rhino was in was cut off from the rest of the corridor by a force field. Alistair Smithe himself appears, asks if Peter and Gwen are okay, gives them a tour after Peter explains that he wanted to see the Nano Labs (Like the Bio Labs but the Nano Labs, as I call it, specialize in Nano tech). The three then get to see another Cross-Species, called Vermin. By now Alistair reveals that ALL the Cross-Species carry Cross-Species Virus, and they are going to be terminated. A single bite leads to infection, infection leads to becoming a Cross-Species yourself. Vermin starts acting strangely, like how the Rhino acted earlier. Peter then sees another Cross-Species, the Iguana, and remarks that "This is the strangest office tour I've ever been on". That's exactly what Peter said. Anyway, an Oscorp Scientist needs someone with A-Class authority to take another Cross-Species, The Scorpion, to the disposal chamber. The Scorpion is laying lifelessly in a containment carrier. But when Peter and Gwen escort the carrier, BOOM!!!!! The Scorpion springs to life and goes berserk. A security guard evacuates the faculty and BOOM!!!!! ALL of the Cross-Species escape. Vermin walks over, grabs Gwen, smacks her against the wall, and bites her on the shoulder. Now let's not forget that a bite from a Cross-Species will either kill you or turn you into a Cross-Species. The Camera finally switches back to normal and the player can finally play as Spider-Man. Spider-Man saves Gwen from falling off a broken bridge (Vermin threw her up there after biting her) by using WEB RUSH!!!!! The player now has to make Spider-Man carry Gwen to the Quarantine chamber, which is a run, Web Swing, bot smack down, and Web Rush away from the Bio Labs. After that, Spidey gives chase to the Iguana, who stopped rampaging when he reached Central Park. But before Parker can give him the smack-down he needs. S-01 Appears. S-01 attacks Spidey, who has to fight the gigantic metal menace. After that. Peter goes to prison to break out Dr. Conners so he can make an antidote to Cross-Species Virus. Things get out of hand at the prison when a guard tries to shoot Spider-Man with a gun. the bullet hits the computer console that controls the cell doors and the Emergency Unlock activates. That means the prisoners are free to leave the prison. Spidey keeps some of the prisoners from escaping, but most of them did escape. In order to start working on the serum, Peter needs to retrieve some old research, which Oscorp is in the process of disposing. After a while, Peter meets a news reporter named Whitney Chang, also wanting Curt's data. But she wants it to prove that Oscorp created the Cross-Species Virus that is infecting the Subway Train Stations and sewer systems, and is coming close to infecting the surface. Parker successfully got the research. Now to complete it, he is going to need a piece of DNA tissue from any of the Cross-Species. Spidey tracks down Vermin (who went into hiding in the sewers) and after going toe-to-toe and web-to-laser with a Hunter, manages to find him. Vermin by now is fighting a squad unit of Sentries (which are smaller, flightless versions of the Hunter Bots). Peter then fights and defeats Vermin, all while collecting a bottle of blood. Let's not forget that blood equals DNA, and Vermin's DNA is what Conners needs to complete the antidote. Peter returns to Oscorp Tower, which is, by now, swarming with security, swarming with Sentries (white ones. The ones encountered in the sewers were black) and slime is everywhere. After a while, Peter reaches the surviving scientists (The Cross-Species Virus takes a long while to fully consume the victim.) and gives the antidote. Smithe however, doubts the serum will work and tests it on himself. It did nothing but make him insane and disabled BOTH of his legs. While leaving, Spidey fights the Scorpion (who stayed in the building, unlike the others.). After leaving, Peter starts to believe that Conners did it on purpose. but before he could get back to Spider-Man's apartment (No he does not live there, he is house-sitting for his friend Stan), BOOM!!!!!! S-02 bursts out of nowhere and Peter has to fight it. Peter defeats the Mechanical Snake (tendrils ending in claws ring around the neck). Peter, battle scarred, blames Conners for the first serum not working. but Conners replies that he done the best he could. When Peter rests up, we can hear Conners wondering why Peter has not been infected by the Cross-Species Virus. He then realizes that Spider-Man is, in fact, the perfect Cross-Species, as he can wall crawl, has Spider-Sense, and his inhuman agility and strength, but has not been consumed by the spider within. And since Parker is bleeding from wounds from both the Scorpion AND S-02 boss fights, Curt Conners uses Peter Parker's blood to make a PERFECT antidote. One that cures the virus and has NO side effects. Spider-Man returns to Oscorp Tower for the third and final time and after solving a series of puzzles and neutralizing guards, gives the antidote to the scientists. But Gwen is no longer in Quarantine chamber. A completely insane Alistair Smithe tried to test out his "cure" on Gwen. The cure was NOT a cure. It was a nanobot poison that kills the victim from the inside out. Gwen managed to escape and reprogram a Hunter bot to help Peter out with the total chaos New York is in. But the infection level in her rocketed, leading to exhaustion and later, lost of consciousness. Spidey finds her after going through the air ventilation system. Gwen gets the cure in time. After helping Gwen get to the elevator, Spidey has to rescue a kidnapped D. Conners. Curt has been abducted by Alistair, who is still insane, crippled, and still has his infection level rising within him. High infection level = Closer chances of becoming a Cross-Species. But while Conners runs to The Lizard's lab in the sewer system, Alistair injects his "cure" into Peter, now powerless. When Smithe unleashes his ultimate Robot, S-03, Conners and Gwen argue on what to do. Conners decides that the Lizard is the only one that can save the city, as the powers of the Lizard are just enough to defeat S-03. Gwen, after using the shock devices that they use to deliver a shock through the body that wakes up unconsciousness civilians, discovers that in order for Peter to regain his powers, he needs to short circuit the nanobots in his bloodstream. That means he has to electrocute himself. And lucky Peter, The Lizard (Conners is in control at the moment because their is a time window when Curt is in control) shoves him in the power core for Parker's own protection. After a nice long zap, Spidey and the Lizard fight Alistair, who is manually controlling the massive scorpion like robot. After taking out two nanobot containers (S-03 is supposed to spread the nanobot "cure" over all of New York), Alistair deploys Exo-Suit 01 to kill The Lizard and Spider-Man. Just like S-03, Exo-Suit 01 has to be manually piloted. After beating the four armed robot, Conners' time window closes. That means the Lizard is in control. Spider-Man hunts down the Lizard after helping Alistair realize the error of his ways (he is no longer insane) and with help from that reprogrammed Hunter bot finds the Lizard. After collecting the antidote from the remains of the Hunter (which was smashed during the boss fight), The Lizard brings Peter deeper into the sewer. The water is up to Peter's waist. Get out of there A.S.A.P. Why? because the final Cross-Species, the only one with no name (but I call him Fisherman, because he is half man half fish), his buddies will chase you down there. But the Lizard pulls you out and you fight him is a large circle shaped room in the sewers. After a while Parker sneaks the booster shot with the antidote behind the Lizard's defense, and stab him in the neck with it. Curt's back to normal, and goes back to prison (Conners wanted to go back to prison. He made Spidey promise to take him back to prison once the events of the game are over). Then you beat the game!!!!

But there's one last thing missing in the achievement of beating the game. And here IT COMES!!!!!!! INFINITY BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to BOSS BATTLES!!! Here we have a guide to beating the game bosses!
  • S-01 - Smash the red dots on the torso and head. Smash the red dot on the tail. Use Web Rush to get in it's eyes. Punch the eyes while dodging the laser beams shot from the eyes and mouth. Use Web Shoot to jam up the knee joints to keep it still long enough to use Web Rush on it's head. Spidey will force it to open it's mouth and make it eat a missile, causing it to explode from the inside out.
  • Vermin, Scorpion, and The Iguana - All have the same battle strategy. Just hit them as many times as you can, avoid the attacks, repeat. They will fall after a while.
  • The Rhino - First Round - Same as above. Second Round - Trap Rhino in a web when he charges. Use Web Rush to throw him into an electric generator. Repeat three times.
  • S-02 - Wii: Throw Sentries at it when it deploys them. Use Web Rush to run up it's snake-like body and blind it by shooting webs in it's eyes. Use Web Rush to rescue a captive scientist. Repeat three times. Use Web rush on a nearby radio antenna to make Spidey shove in it's center eye. I have seen that the PS3 version of the fight is very different.
  • Alistair (Exo-Suit 01) & S-03 - Smash the Sentries. Use Web Rush to help the Lizard force open one of two doors. Spidey will Web Swing around the robot and rip off the Nanobot containers. Do this two times. When the Exo-Suit 01  attacks, he shoots you with all four machine guns, stopping every once in a while to reload. Get behind him and use Web Rush to pin him down while the Lizard scratches him up with claws. Avoid the robot's attack when he decides to hit you. Do this twice. The second time, however, requires you to force open the cockpit. after this you win.
  • The Lizard - keep hitting him with normal attacks while avoiding his attacks. When he starts back-flipping and side-somersaulting away from you, Use Web Rush to glue him to a wall. Then Use Web Rush to dig through the remains of the Hunter. Repeat as many times as needed until you get the Booster Shot. When you are in the water filled tunnel get out of there ASAP. When you are in the large circle shaped sewer room, Web Rush to any one of the four platforms. Wait for the Lizard to come to you. When he circles you, but doesn't lower his hands, try to punch him. The Lizard will block and try a three hit combo. If you don't do this, he will grab you by the neck and throw you. But if he does lower his hands, you can do a three hit combo yourself. Repeat two times. When you see Spider-Man stab the Lizard with the Booster Shot, you beat the game.

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