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Friday, March 8, 2013

Godzilla Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my oldest posts was about the King of the Monsters: Godzilla. This is a better post with more information.

Godzilla is a kaiju, A type of Japanese (or American, in two cases) creature of epic size. If you go all the way back to the original post, you would know that I misspelled kaiju. I spelled it like this: kaingu. See that kaingu has an "N"  next to the "I"? And that the "J" is replaced with an "G"?

There are currently four versions, with a fifth version coming out sometime in 2014.
  • Original - This version is by far the most human like. It shoots an atomic laser out of the mouth. Again, I made an error with the first post. I said it was a fire beam. Even though it's not a Fire Beam, it's an Atomic Laser. I realized my mistake when I noticed that fire does not blow up things that don't normally blow up. This laser is capable of downright destroying a building taller than Godzilla himself. Unlike the other versions, this version shoots a white laser.
  • Hensei - the second version. It looks less like a human and more like a dinosaur. This version met it's end in the movie Godzilla vs Destroyah, when the same radiation from it's atomic laser made Hensei Godzilla reach Critical Mass mode. In the video game Godzilla Unleashed, Critical Mass Mode is actually helpful in a fight. But in the movie, it turns the kaigu that has reached Critical Mass Mode into an accident waiting to happen. It dissolved into a puddle of radioactive lava when Godzilla's body couldn't bear such high radiation. But Godzilla Jr., one of Godzilla's sons, Reached adulthood and became the Millennium Godzilla.
  • Millennium - It looks even less like and human and even more like a dinosaur. By far, this is the most realistic version. In Godzilla 2000 and Godzilla vs Megaguirus, it's Atomic Laser was Orange, looking less like a laser and more like a fire breath. But in all the other versions, the laser is blue. Just like the Hensei Godzilla before it reached Critical Mass Mode.
  • American - This version looks completely like a dinosaur and has no human traits whatsoever. Unlike the other versions, this one is fast, can tunnel underground at amazing speeds, and last, but not least, is extremely lethal. It ate a United States military attack helicopter with a pilot inside!!!! It has no Atomic Laser, but can breathe REAL fire. It shoots a cloud of flames from it's mouth. Just like a dragon.
  • 2014 - I do not know what this version looks like in full detail because this version is still a work in progress. All I know about it is that it is not an actor in a Godzilla costume (The American version and the 2014 version are both computer animation. All the other versions were actors in costumes). I also know that 2014 Godzilla will fight a giant centipede and possibly a third kaiju in this movie.

So far there are three Mecha-Godzillas: Mecha-Godzilla 1, Mecha-Godzilla 2, and Kiryu. Here is a picture of each (can you see the differences?). NOTE: All images are from Godzilla Wiki.

Kiryu. Loaded with awesome

1247410377 8241 full
Mecha-Godzilla 1. It has a weaker
arsenal compared to Kiryu.

Mecha-Godzilla 2

Anyway, I never really showed you what Godzilla's double, SpaceGodzilla, looks like. So here are some pictures.

This guy is by far the smartest
kaigu ever created.

SpaceGodzilla is dangerously smart. He knew that Godzilla would try keep his sons from harm, so he kidnapped Godzilla Jr.. He used Godzilla's rush to save his son against him and lured Godzilla into a trap. Even more smart, SpaceGodzilla came to Earth completely out of his free will (most evil kaigu normally work for aliens such as the Vortak.) to kill Godzilla and make himself King of the Earth. Or president. Or emperor. Whichever SpaceGodzilla likes best. Yet again, kaigu can't speak any human language, so if SpaceGodzilla did make himself King, SpaceGodzilla would have no way to tell the humans what title he would like to have. Anyway, he also knows strategical techniques for combat against Godzilla. There are two theories relating how he was created. What is known is that traces of Godzilla's DNA went into outer space and fell into a black hole. The DNA fused with the Black Hole and transformed into SpaceGodzilla. How the DNA got into outer space is unknown.

And for the most powerful kaigu that Godzilla defeated. Monster X!!!!!

Monster X
Sorry if you cannot see him well in this picture.
All the good pictures were at the wrong size.

This is why Monster X is so powerful. Gravity Beams shot from his eyes send things flying through the air. He is fast and can use human martial arts to fight something his size (He's exactly 140 meters tall. One meter equals three feet so if you don't use the metric system, the height should be 420 feet. This is medium for a kaiju). But wait there's more!!!! This is Monster X's ultimate form!!!!

Keizer Ghidorah
Keizar Ghidorah!!! A three headed
beast with a vampire-like bite!!!!

Monster X is a Metamorphosis kaigu. Like Mothra. Or Gigan if you count the fact that the aliens known as the Xiliens rebuilt his body after the old body exploded as well as giving Gigan giant chain saws for hands. Or Orga, if you count the fact that when he bit Godzilla, his skin turned green and he grew the same purple, uneven, scattered spikes on Godzilla's back. But they grew on Orga's back. Or if you count his transformation between the smooth-skinned alien that works for the Vortaak to the rough skinned ogre-like creature that Godzilla blew up with his Atomic Laser.

Anyway, here is the plot for my favorite Godzilla video game, Godzilla Unleashed.
Depending on your kaiju's allegiance, the story will be different. If your kaiju is an Earth Defender (The kaiju that are neither good or evil. Sometimes they do good deeds. Other times they go on missions of mass destruction.), your kaiju must travel the planet while fighting kaiju from the other three Allegiance (Aliens, Mutants, and the G.D.F.). Because the Earth Defenders are technically unaligned, you have two options when fighting an enemy kaiju. You can make the good choice, and free the kaiju from the mind control of the magic crystals popping up everywhere. Or you can make the evil choice, and KO (or kill) the kaiju and take it's powers. The more power you get, the more dangerous your kaiju becomes. Either way, when you beat the game as an Earth Defender, the G.D.F. thank your kaiju for ruining the Vortaak's plans.

But if you pledge your Allegiance to the Vortaak (Known simply as the Aliens in the game, but called Vortaak in the prequel games), your kaiju will be the super soldier that the Vortaak Queen, Vortica, deploys on the mission to bring the crystals' energy to the Vortaak homeworld. You never get to go to the Vortaak homeworld, though. Although your kaiju is completely evil, you can make the good choice when fighting enemy kaiju. But you must do the evil choice at least once. That way, it's a win-win situation. Either way, when you beat the game, Vortica will laugh in her moment of victory.

The third Allegiance is the G.D.F.. Better known as the Global Defense Force. Because this Allegiance is operated by humans, all the kaiju in this faction are robots. Even though one of the Aliens' kaiju is a robot: Mecha-Godzilla 1. And another Aliens kaiju, Gigan, is a Cyborg.
This is the only completely good faction in the game. Anyway, when the magic Crystals started appearing, some kaiju went rogue and embarked on a quest for power. The G.D.F. was forced to deploy their robot kaiju, one of which is piloted by the player. The robots are supposed to prevent these crystals from becoming any more dangerous (They already flooded Tokyo, Japan, covered San Fransisco, United States with earthquakes. They also lifted all of London into the sky, made the air in Osaka poisonous, and covered Seattle with lava and volcanoes). However, you can make the evil choice every now and then. But do the good choice at least once. That way, it's a win-win situation. The ending for the G.D.F. is almost exactly the same as the Earth Defender ending.

And last, but not least, We have the Mutants. The Mutants are those rogue kaiju I mentioned. In fact, it is technically the Mutant's fault that the crystals are popping up everywhere. Because in the prequel game, Godzilla: Save the Earth, Millennium Godzilla launched the Mutant known as SpaceGodzilla into a black hole. The Crystals are the side effect of SpaceGodzilla opening that same Black Hole and escaping.
Basically, you play as one of the rogue, power-hungry kaiju that want to become the most powerful being on the planet. This is also a neutral Allegiance, so do either the good battle choice or the evil battle choice to your heart's content. The Ending is always the same though. SpaceGodzilla wins this four-way war and the game ends with SpaceGodzilla roaring triumphantly.

No matter what your Faction is, you always have to battle the Atrogon, the G.D.F.'s ultimate non kaiju weapon. It's a Sky Fortress created by humans. As shown in a one movie, the Atrogon (Also called the Gotengo) is capable of going unimaginably deep underwater. Anyway, the Atrogon is piloted by a Japanese Admiral who decided to take the four-way war between the Mutants, Vortaak, Earth Defenders, and the G.D.F. Robots into his own hands. So he's going to try to kill as many kaiju as he can with the Atrogon. The first battle damaged the Atrogon, but the Admiral still lives. The Rest of the G.D.F. realized that the Admiral is doing more harm than good, so the G.D.F. Supreme Council has made the decision of shutting down the Admiral. Unfortunately the Admiral disobeys direct orders and reactivates the Atrogon. But this time, the boss battle is to the death.

And your kaiju destroys the Atrogon, killing the Admiral. And here comes the ultimate Boss Battle in the game. Your kaiju versus SpaceGodzilla!!!!!!!!! SpaceGodzilla, by now, have escaped his black hole prison and turned New York (in the United States, where I live) into his crystalline fortress. Crystals everywhere. Even if you have done nothing but evil choices, there will be two other kaiju that fight SpaceGodzilla with you. Unfortunately the other two kaiju will compete with you, and will compete with each other. Either Way, it's a three-way race to see who can KO SpaceGodzilla first. Unless you are playing as SpaceGodzilla (He is the last dude unlocked. You can buy him from the in-game store.). In that case you have to KO (or kill) the three enemy kaiju. And furthermore, this version of the Boss Battle will be a Team fight, so the enemies will not compete with each other. SpaceGodzilla versus three kaiju that were not KO'd before this moment. Sometimes randomly selected kaiju will appear.

Here are two screenshots from Godzilla Wiki, showing kaiju from the game, fighting each other.
Monster Melee battle
King Casear (Earth Defender)
vs. Krystalak (Mutant).

Anguirus (Earth Defender), knocking
Gigan (Alien) off his feet.

Anyway, that's all the awesome Godzilla stuff I have to offer. At the moment. REMINDER NOTE: All images are from Godzilla Wiki.

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