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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lego City Undercover and Nintendo Land Time!!!!!!

This is a dual post. That means that this post is about two different games. But thanks to my birthday, I now have the Wii U and both LEGO City Undercover and Nintendo Land (Nintendo Land comes with the console if you get the deluxe pack. It also comes with a recharge station for the Gamepad, a stand for the Gamepad and black coloring on everything except the game boxes and game discs).

After playing almost every minigame in Nintendo Land, I can now say that the four fighting minigames (Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, Pikmin Adventure, Takumaru's Ninja Castle, and Metroid Blast) have bosses.

If you are a Legend of Zelda fan, you would know that the final boss in Battle Quest is, of course, Ganon. Figures. Ganon has been a fan favorite adversary for years. and the boss battle is much easier with a Swordsman, because Ganon does a predictable attack pattern. First he summons and launches several spiked balls with a glowing slit that runs either sideways or up and down. Swordsman can easily chop these spiked balls in half with very little effort and pressure. But an Archer has to jump out of the way and they hesitate for a couple seconds before doing anything else. But that leaves an opening because after launching three spiked balls, Ganon teleports closer to you so he can (try to) clobber you with his staff. Swordsman can block the three hit combo with their shields, but Archers have like two seconds to jump away from the incoming staff swing. But I will not discourage you from trying to use an Archer to beat this boss. In fact, I would be honored if one of my followers have the game and defeated Ganon as an Archer. Ganon is the only Major Boss as previous bosses (after defeating them in battle) will appear as common enemies. If you defeat Ganon for the first time, Monita (the Nintendo Land tour guide) will congratulate you and turn you into a Star Player for the minigame. Not only putting a star on the minigame's entrance but also unlocking some bonus levels of increased difficulty.

Pikmin Adventure has a total of eight bosses: The Bulblord (a giant red Bulborb, which is a slightly aggressive dog like creature), the Large-Mouth Wollywog (which is a giant frog), the Emperor Pinchipede (A giant centipede), the Bladed Beeb (A giant Praying Mantis), and their tougher upgraded counter parts: The Greater Studded Beeb (A giant Praying Mantis with Spiked Balls in the place of hands), The Monochromatic Pinchipede (a giant silver centipede), the Translucent Wollywog (A giant frog with underwater camouflage), and the Emperor Bulblord (An extremely aggressive green Bulborb of incredible size). All you have to do to defeat any of these bosses is: For Olimar: throw as many Pikmin as you can at the exposed weak spots. For a Player Pikmin, whack said weak spots as many times as you can until the weak spot breaks. Defeating the Bladed Beeb will make Monita congratulate you, turn you into a Star Player for this minigame, place a star on the entrance, and allow you to fight the the second four bosses.

Takumaru's Ninja Castle has only one boss, encountered in several levels. It is a black paper ninja. All enemy ninjas are only paper origami. But this ninja wears a classic black uniform. He is quite easy to defeat, actually. He is armed with a katana (a special sword that only ninjas use) and a handful of shurikens (star shaped weapons that you throw at enemies.). If you throw shurikens at him while he is using his katana, he will just bat them away (with the katana). But after a while, he will run up to the screen (which is actually your character's point of view), and try to slash you with the katana.  Just throw a shuriken at him when is right in front of you. Instead of throwing a shuriken, your Mii character will do a successful slash at the boss (they slash with a blue a yellow katana with a rounded hand guard). that will knock the boss's katana out of his hand, and you can throw as many shurikens at him as you want. At least until he pulls out a new katana. Repeat until the black ninja is defeated. There are also red paper ninjas that copy this battle style, but they are defeated the moment they touch your blade.

And there are only two bosses for Metroid Blast: Kraid (A wingless dragon that sits in the middle of a pool of lava while it launches long range attacks.) and Ridley (A dragon WITH wings and this dragon randomly switches between close range attacks and long range attacks). To defeat Kraid you must shoot his nose and he will roar in pain. His jaws will lock in place for a little while and the player must launch either a bomb (If you are fighting on foot) or a Missile (If you are flying in the Gunship) into his throat. The weapon will explode inside his stomach, taking away one hit point. After taking some hits, Kraid will reveal more of his torso, greatly increasing in height. Although the Gunship can instantly fly up to his face no problem, ground players will have to destroy some rotating components (Every enemy and boss in Metroid Blast is a robot that slightly resembles the enemy from the Metroid universe). After destroying them all, ground players can launch a grapple beam at a platform connected to the torso. From there, the player can shoot the nose and launch bombs into his throat. After more hits, Kraid rises to full height. Now he looks like a deadly fortress armed to the bone with powerful weapons. He should be launching yellow lasers, missiles, Giant boomerangs that explode, and by now he has platforms connected to his body with a Space Pirate standing on top of said platform, shooting you whenever it sees you. You must repeat the second phase, only now instead of one platform you can grapple, two will appear, one of which is so high that it's right in front of Kraid's crocodile-like face. After dropping in at least three bombs, Kraid will start glowing, then he will explode.

And the final boss is Ridley, and according to the Metroid storyline, Ridley is a high ranking Space Pirate who killed the mother and father of Samus Aran, the character you play as in the Metroid games. But this Ridley is not as creepy looking as the one in Metroid. In fact it's just a robot copy Nintendo Land created. The whole battle is just one long phase. Ridley has four weak spots: the inside of his mouth, his chest, the tip of his tail, and the palms of his hands. Hitting the chest is easy, but the mouth only opens to shoot either one long laser beam, or countless short projectiles. You must shoot the inside of his mouth before he can use either attack. However, it won't prevent him from using those two attacks even after the weak spot is broken. And hitting his tail is an even harder challenge, as it swings side-to-side when not in use. It only holds still when he is about to launch the bladed tip at you. After launching, Ridley will retract the tip with a cable that connects the tip with the rest of the tail. Hitting Ridley's hands are fairly easy to hit. However, the weak spots are directly on the palms, and Ridley keeps his hands closed unless he uses either of these two attacks: He will launch one hand at the player like a ground player's grapple beam. hitting the now exposed palm will make Ridley retract the hand prematurely before he can grab you, as his hand is now aching. However, should you not hit the palm, he will grab you and pull you to his mouth and begin charging a long laser beam. In order to break free, all you have to do is just shoot the inside of his mouth. Ridley will roar in pain and loosen his grip on your character, allowing you to break free. After smashing all four of these weak spots, a secret weak spot appears on his back. He is stunned by now, and all you have to do is just either run (Ground Player) or fly (Gunship) and shoot his secret weak spot. You must repeat the whole strategy three times in order to win this battle.

In order to get star player on the remaining minigames, finish the three-day flight on Balloon Trip Breeze. For Donkey Kong's Crash Course, you must reach the exit on stage one. For Captain Falcon's Twister Race, just clear the entire track without crashing. I do not know how to get Star Player on Mario Chase or Luigi's Ghost Mansion, as those games require two, three, four, or five human players to play.

And Now on to LEGO City Undercover. Here is the story plot. I wish I could write the whole story, but we would be here forever. So here is a long story short.
Chase comes back to LEGO city after two years of absence. He meets his biggest fan: Frank Honey, and finds that his old friend, Marion Dunby, has been promoted to Chief of police. Rex Fury escaped a few months ago, and Chase learns more details about Rex. After Chase learns Kung Fu from a plumber, Frank gets kidnapped and the awesome mobile command vehicle got hijacked. Epic Chase scene with Chase barely able to lose the thieves. After that Chase goes undercover and learns that the leader of the thieves, Chan Chuang, is working for the super-villain Vinnie Pappalardo, and later learn that Vinnie is selling things to Rex Fury, and later down the road you find out that Rex Fury is working for the evil master mind and billionaire Forest Blackwell, and that Blackwell is planning on using dangerous technology to build a city on the Moon, and that leads to Chase McCain using a giant robot to fight Rex Fury's robot (which looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.) and Chase Sky Dives in Space, wearing an Astronaut uniform with a built-in jet pack to glide safely to the command center the primary tower had and engaged the parachutes to slow down it's descent into Earth's atmosphere. Rex is arrested and Blackwell escapes in the only remaining escape pod. Then everybody lives happily ever after.


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