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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ninjas are awesome

As you can tell by the title, this post is about Ninjas. I am a major Ninja fan, especially in LEGO's toy-line, Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu.

For those of you that do not know what a Ninja is, they are Japanese warriors that use stealth to their advantage. It is common for Ninjas to wear black uniforms, although some modern media includes uniforms of alternate colors.

This is a list of my favorite Ninja characters (from TV shows and video games.). The first five characters are all from Ninjago.
  •  Kai - The hot-headed Red Master of Spinjitsu. Although he starts off having absolutely no patience, he becomes more and more patient with each passing episode, gaining maximum patience in the episode where the giant snake known as the Great Devourer surfaces. He was the wielder of the Sword of Fire until it was stolen and destroyed. After that, Kai gained the Elemental Fire Robes and the Fire Blade, regaining his lost powers and upgrading them. He can now trap enemies in a ring of fire and beat them up without them knowing what hit them. 
  • Cole - The straight-forward Black Master of Spinjitsu. His dad is a popular singer, singing teacher, and dancer. Cole accidentally (and successfully) performed the Triple Tiger shash-ei, a dance move that has never been done before. Cole was the user of the Scythe of Quakes, one of the four golden weapons. But Lord Garmadon stole each Golden Weapon combined them into the Mega Weapon, which has crazy awesome power, but only the power to create, when Garmadon wants the Ninjas DESTROYED. Later on the Mega Weapon was destroyed, rendering Garmadon powerless. Cole lost his earth powers when the Mega Weapon was destroyed, but gained the Elemental Earth Robes and the Earth Blade, regaining and amplifying his earth powers.
  • Zane - The calm and calculating White Master of Spinjitsu. He used to use the Shurikens of Ice, one of the four Golden weapons Early in the show, he gains a pet falcon, which showed them Lloyd's old tree house hidden deep in the forest. It also showed him the Destiny's Bounty, the awesome ship the Ninja have as of episode two. That same falcon led Zane and the others to Zane's birthplace. As it turns out, Zane was never human to begin with. He was a robot built to protect people who could not protect themselves. Before the scientist that built him died, he activated the "Memory Switch", which (when flipped to off) will delete Zane's memories, resulting in complete amnesia. After Zane lost his ice powers, he gained the Elemental Ice Robes and the Ice Blade, regaining his ice powers and multiplying them times 100.
  • Jay - The fast talking Blue Master of Spinjitsu. He is the boyfriend of Like the other ninja, his golden weapon (Jay's Lightning Nun-chucks) was taken by the evil Lord Garmadon. It was later destroyed (along with the other golden weapons) when Garmadon decided to mess up time and space. Because the Nun-chucks give Jay lightning powers, he lost those powers during the Nun-chucks' destruction. But later on he got the Elemental Lightning Robes and the Lightning Blade, not only regaining his lost powers, but also granting the new power of creating energy shields.
  • Lloyd - Lloyd is the only Master of Spinjitsu that went through two colors. First he was the Green Ninja (Which can use fire, ice, lightning, and earth), and in the finale he became the Gold Ninja: Better known as the ULTIMATE SPINJITSU MASTER, like one thousand times more powerful than any of the other ninja and even the Overlord, the secret villain.
  • The Mario Sports Mix version of the Final Fantasy Ninja - A ninja clad in red trimmed with white robes, along with a matching pair of gauntlets, and a helmet. In the final tournament of any sport, the opponent that reaches the finals is actually the Ninja, as he cast some kind of shape-shifting spell on himself. He grabs the trophy and escapes on a flying ship. You must beat him at whatever sport you selected at the beginning of the tournament. But he will not do this alone, he has a White Mage and a Black Mage as his teammates. After beating him, he gives you the trophy and the Sports Crystal inside. If you collect all four Sports Crystals, instead of using them to return to the Mushroom Kingdom, you have to fight a creature known as the Behemoth. You use Hockey sticks to harm him, even though you can grab a meteor and either slam dunk it on the Behemoth's head, or continuously pass the meteor around like a volleyball, building up energy. When the energy bar is full, you can have every member of your team slam dunk NOT a meteor, but a fireball. All three members have hit meters, just like the ones int he Dodge-ball sport. If all of your team is defeated, you will have to start all over. You and your teammates get up very quickly when defeated, so don't worry if you get K.O.'d. The Behemoth will mainly focus on your teammates and continuously attack them, but will turn around and attack you directly every once in a while. If you play as the Ninja himself during this, A White Ninja will replace the opponent Ninja.
  • Espio the Chameleon (from Sonic the Hedgehog) - A Chameleon that is a ninja. He is a member of Team Chaotix, a trio of detectives. He is a Speed type character, meaning his top running speed is very similar to Sonic's running speed. However, I doubt that Espio can outrun Sonic as of Sonic Unleashed, which introduced Sonic's newest ability: The Sonic Boost. It is where Sonic's running speed is tripled. You can tell he is using the Sonic Boost when he is surrounded in a baby blue aura. This aura is rainbow colored in Sonic Colors, but returns to baby blue in the game after that. Espio however, has shurikens the size of Vector the Crocodile, another member of Team Chaotix. Plus, he can turn invisible while summoning a tornado, all at the same time.
  • My Mii Character When playing the Takamaru's Ninja Castle minigame on Nintendo Land - The name says it all. I always use my Mii whenever I play ANY video game where you can use Miis. Plus he gains a cute Unarmored Samurai uniform during the intro. And, all players get three ninja powers: Clay Bombs, where your shurikens are replaced with bombs. Falcon Eyes, which makes your Mii move so fast that enemies move in slow motion. And Triple Shot, where you can throw three shurikens at the same time.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - I forgot to add in these guys, so this is an UPDATE. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are mutated turtles (that can talk) that are also ninjas. There are four Ninja Turtles in total: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo. All of them are named after famous painters. And they each have a different personality. EXAMPLE: Michelangelo is careless, irresponsible, and the only thing he takes seriously is having parties and eating pizza. Yet again, all four Turtles in the show love eating pizza.     
  • Paper Ninjas - the only enemies in Takumaru's Ninja Castle (A minigame on Nintendo Land). They are surprisingly cute looking. The Blue ones are always unarmed, though you get points for hitting them. The Pink and Green ones have one shuriken, which they will throw at you if you do not hit them. Sometimes, they will have two shurikens instead of one. The yellow ones can mimic the Clay Bombs ninja power, though they only get one bomb. The Red and Black ones (The Blacks are bosses) have a handful a shurikens and a katana, which they can bat your shurikens away with. If a Paper ninja defeats you, you will have to start the whole minigame over. They kidnap Monita, who is pretending to be a Japanese princess.
  • The Ninja Storm Power Rangers - I saved the best for last. These Power Rangers are also Ninjas. Red has wind powers (like flying), Blue has water powers (like walking on water) Yellow has earth powers (like sinking into the ground and popping up somewhere else), and the Crimson and Navy Blue rangers both have lightning powers. I do not know to this day what elemental powers the Green Ranger has. But he has a guitar that summons a Mammoth Zord. and when he takes his vest off he gains super speed. But the other rangers also have super speed.

Here is a picture of the Ninja Storm Rangers. NOTE: Images are from Power Rangers Wiki.

Ninja Storm poster
Advertisement poster. It has every Ninja
Storm Ranger except the Green Ranger.
Yet again, Green Ranger is the last to join
the team.

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