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Friday, March 1, 2013

The remaining half of Bakugan: Defenders of the Core!!!

In my "Bakugan Time" post, I said that I have not gotten past the part where the Scorpions and the Spyder Fencer attack two famous landmarks. Now I gotten past that and beaten the game!!!! Awesome, right? Anyway, here is the remaining half of the plot.

Here's where we left off. Spectra's apprentice, Gus, tricks the Resistance into going to Egypt. You must summon a Bakugan and fight at least three Pyrus Scorpions and several Pyrus Spyder Fencers. If you have the game and reach this level, do NOT pick Elfin or her evolved form, Duel Elfin. Despite the fact that Aquas (the blue Bakugan) are strong against Pyrus (the Red Bakugan), I tried Elfin and it didn't stop a Spyder Fencer from destroying an ancient pyramid. I strongly recommend that you use Wilda or even better Magma Wilda to fight. Or, if you beaten the game already, use Maxus Dragonoid (Cross. Not Neo.).

Anyway, at a midnight disclosed area in Egypt, you fight Spectra (who summons Cyborg Helios) and Gus (who summons two Subterra Hexodos). The only Bakugan you can use is Cross Dragonoid. When you defeat Helios, Spectra summons six Trap Bakugan, which merge with Helios, forming Maxus Helios. The only thing more impressive than the futuristic machine covering 90% of Helios's body is that he defeats Cross Dragonoid with one hit. Mira (the only girl in the Resistance) reveals that she made a deal with Spectra. If Mira gave Spectra Drago, Spectra would become good. I should probably mention that Spectra is Mira's brother. But, of course, Spectra lied. And used Drago's Perfect Core energy to open a portal to the Earth's Core. But it did not happen right then and right there. First, Spectra retreated to the Vexos base.

The final mission in Egypt brings you to a boss battle between you and Gus's Guardian, Primo Vulcan. From this point on, you can't use Cross Dragonoid. Anyway, when you beat him (Again, I recommend that you use Wilda. Wilda is a Close Quarters specialist, just like Primo Vulcan), Your character demands that Gus hands over Drago. Unfortunately, Gus does NOT have Drago, so you must wait until the Final Boss to get Drago back.

The Resistance then goes to the United States of America (which is where I live) and meets up with Shun. Shun gives you vital info that you need in order to infiltrate the Vexos base (which is in the New Work subway station. The Entrance is swarming with guards, security cameras, and even has a force field surrounding the entrance). But because of a force field, you can't get in normally. There are three sets of Vexos Crystals that are powering the Force Field. First you go to the first set, but Volt AND that Lync challenge you to a brawl. I recommend a Balanced Bakugan, like Persival (even though by the time you reach this level Persival would have evolved into Midnight Persival, which has better attack power, meaning more damage is taken by your target when you hit them). Volt summons Brontes (TIP: Watch out for his charged projectiles. They paralyze you if they hit you.), while Link uses Altair and Wired. TIP: When fighting Altair and Wired, after knocking one of them down, go after the other. During the brawl, Lync summons Ventus Vexos Crystals, thus prolonging the battle. Also, Brontes, Altair, and Wired can use re-spawns, meaning they can come back into the fight.

After defeating Brontes, Altair, and Wired, your character lands a hilarious insult on Lync. When Lync asks how the player keeps winning, your character says "First of all, your self-absorbed and overconfident!". Anyway, the Resistance moves to the next set, where Mylene (the only girl Vexos) and Shadow brawl you. After defeating them once, Shadow summons a Pyrus Vexos Crystal, an Aquas Vexos Crystal, a Ventus Vexos Crystal, AND a Darkus Vexos Crystal. After that the Vexos use a re-spawn and summon a Trap Bakugan to back them up.

After defeating Shadow's Guardian, Hades, and Mylene's Guardian, Elisco, The Resistance moves to the final Vexos Crystal. A Mega Crystal. It is twice as big as a normal Vexos Crystal, and is Subterra Attribute, so a Haos (white and yellow) Bakugan should do the trick. Gus is protecting this Crystal using three Subterra Hexodos, A Pyrus Vexos Crystal, a Haos Vexos Crystal, a Darkus Vexos Crystal, and Primo Vulcan. Oh, and one more thing. The Mega Crystal is protected by an energy barrier, so you have to defeat the Hexodos before you can attack the Mega Crystal.

After defeating Gus, Shun points out the subway station that serves as the Vexos Base. This is the easiest Human level, there are only three guards that are guarding seven Item Boxes. Item Boxes contain awesome bonuses, such as extra Ability Cards, Vexos Passes (In Human levels you sneak around, avoiding detection from guards and security cameras. If you get caught but have a Vexos Pass, the Guard will let you pass. Be careful. It only works once.), and Figurines of the playable Bakugan.

After making your way to a room mirroring the Room where you fought the mainstream Dan at the beginning, Spectra forces a corrupted Drago on the player, and you fight Drago. Here is a helpful tip. Try you best to keep him on the ground. He becomes lethal if he gets airborne. And try using a Bakugan that can fly, like Ingram. Because if your Bakugan tries to jump, Drago will hit you so hard that you fall back down to the ground. And the fall is completely vertical!!! The last tip I'll give away is try to avoid his charged Projectiles. They are lasers that do lethal damage.

When you beat Drago, he becomes good again (Now you can use Cross Dragonoid.). Spectra then jumps through the portal. Marucho gives the player the final Trap needed to make Maxus Dragonoid. When the Resistance reach the Earth's Core, we can see that Maxus Helios is sucking the LIFE ENERGY out of the Earth's Core!!!!!!! This is the FINAL BOSS BATTLE!!!!!! You can only use Maxus Dragonoid here. After dealing some damage on Maxus Helios, Spectra sucks MORE life energy out of Abyss (Who is the Earth's Core) and puts it into Helios, making him even more powerful. Abyss orders you to destroy her and the objective changes from "Defeat Maxus Helios" to "Defeat Abyss". The only hard part in this scene is that Maxus Helios will do everything in his power to keep you away from Abyss. But this is easy if you just ignore Helios and focus entirely on Abyss.

After destroying Abyss, Helios's attack power (how much damage is dealt when you get hit), defense (how much damage is reduced when you hit Helios), speed (running speed), AND health decrease drastically, making Maxus Helios weaker than he was at the beginning of the Boss Battle. So he should be super easy to defeat.

After defeating Maxus Helios, Mira gives Spectra another chance on becoming good and becoming her brother again. The "Keith" (Spectra's real name is Keith) in Spectra rises and accepts Mira's hand in friendship. Abyss becomes reborn and the reborn Abyss gives the Resistance their ability to use Bakugan. But the Earth's core started caving in. So Cross Dragonoid opens a portal back to the surface. Your character uses the Interspace prototype to return to the mainstream dimension.

At the mainstream reality, the mainstream Dan and Marucho greet the player, revealing that they were worried sick about him. Your character challenges Dan to a rematch (because the tutorial brawl got interrupted by a malfunction in Bakugan Interspace). This surprises both Dan and Marucho, as the player's character they knew was shy and had low self confidence. But the player's character's time in the alternate reality made his confidence rocket. The game ends with the player shouting "I love Bakugan" while the Bakugan theme song plays in the background.


  • Only the cutscenes where the characters' movement is re-playable. The cutscenes where the characters speak in a looping, slightly robotic movement can only be watched once.
  • Despite the fact that all the human characters besides the player's character get new voice actors, you can only tell that Dan has a new voice actor. In the show, he has a medium voice. But in the game, his voice sounds deeper.
  • It is odd how Altair and Maxus Helios are the only playable Bakugan that do not walk on two legs. Altair has NO legs and floats in the air, while Maxus Helios walks on all fours.
  • However, some of the Traps may have four or even six legs. The Subterra Hexodos is the only Bakugan in general that has no arms OR legs. Unless you count the tentacles on it's snake-like back as arms.
  • Just like Dan, Drago's voice is also different in the show when compared to the game. His voice sounds both deeper and slightly robotic.
  • Despite the fact that Lync can use Wired when you fight him, you can't use Wired yourself. Ironically, this makes Wired one of the two regular Vexos Bakugan that cannot be used by the player, even in multi-player. The other is Zenoheld's Guardian, Assail Farbros.
  • In the Human levels, your character can use three tools to help sneak around restricted areas. The first and easiest to use is simply throwing one of your Bakugan balls at an object, creating noise. The guards will investigate the noise. The next is Infrared Goggles, which can allow you to see the line of sight of motion sensors. The last is the Stealth Tool, which can make you invisible.
  • There are actually two different kinds of guard. Human Guards, and Vexos Robots. Human Guards can be distracted by making noise with the aforementioned throwing Bakugan Balls trick. Vexos Robots cannot be distracted. The red ones, however, have a switch on their backs. When you throw a Bakugan Ball at the switch, they will say something that sounds like "Current Orders Deceived. Moving to Ex-patrol point." and fly off to outer space.
  • There are actually a lot of clues that point out that the Earth in the game is in another reality. First of all, there are two moons in the sky. Second of all, The Vexos never had a Vexos Crystal, let alone a hundred of them. Third of all, when your character is building the Interspace portal, that reality's Dan and Marucho never heard of the Interspace, despite the fact that Marucho hand-designed every inch of the Interspace. And finally, nobody mentions the Dimension Controllers, even though they are the mainstream Vexos' source of power.
  • When your character says "This is why I don't brawl!!! Something always goes wrong!!!!", it hints that something similar to the Interspace malfunction happened to your character before the events of the game.
  • The way the Bakugan fight reminds me alone of my Dragon Ball Z Kai video game. If you land a heavy combo, your Bakugan will launch the enemy into the air. You have the option of jumping up after the enemy while it is still in the air. The airborne combo features your Bakugan slamming the enemy, sending it falling completely vertically. The exact same thing is in the Dragon Ball Z Kai video game.

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