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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bakugan Time!!!!!!!!

One of my oldest posts was about Bakugan. The only problem with that post is that some of the Bakugan evolved forms were not given the correct name. Plus, THIS post will be about my awesome new Bakugan video game (and the TV show).

Here is a BETTER list of original Bakugan. Plus two bonus Bakugan in one of the video games.
  • Dragonoid - Daniel Kuso's Guardian. Better known as Drago. He is a Pyrus Attribute. Just to let you know, Bakugan belong to elements known as Attributes. He can breathe fire and summon fire tornadoes.
  • Hydranoid - This Hydranoid has only one head and walks on all fours, like a lizard. He is a Darkus Attribute. Was the former Guardian of the Brawler Masqurade until Alice obtained him. Hydranoid also can breathe fire. But his fire is purple.
  • Tigrerra - A tiger like Bakugan. Pretty much her whole body is covered with blades. She is the Guardian of Runo. She walks on all fours, like a cat.
  • Leonidas - One of the two the bonus Bakugan I mentioned. He as no real Attribute, as his Attribute is up to the player. Leonidas looks a little bit like Hyper Dragonoid, a Bakugan from the New Vestroia series. Leonidas was born in the Doom Dimension, where Bakugan go if they get defeated while the Doom Card is in play. There's no escaping the Doom Dimension. Leonidas has a laser attack and a claw attack.
  • Vladitor - The other bonus Bakugan. He was banished to the Doom Dimension after trying to take over the universe. He and Leonidas share a similar battle style: Brutal, merciless, and violent blows. The only difference is that Vladitor is even MORE brutal, merciless, and violent than Leonidas.
  • Dual Hydranoid - Hydranoid's evolved form. In the original post, I said that the two headed Hydranoid is Hydranoid's cousin. But that's because I did not see the transformation from Hydranoid into Dual Hydranoid. Dual Hydranoid has two heads, and can walk upright. It can still breathe the purple fire, though.
  • Alpha Hydranoid - Hydranoid's ultimate form. He now has THREE heads and wings!!!!!! He appears to be stronger than most Bakugan, as in the TV show he was carrying Preyas, Blade Tigrerra, and Hammer Gorem with ease. In the Bakugan Dimensions computer game, Alpha Hydranoid is a challenging opponent thanks to his high strength and stats. Unlike the Hydras that came before him, he can fly, because of his wings.
  • Delta Dragonoid - Dragonoid's evolved form. He has retracting wings and boosters on his back. All of his spikes become longer and sharper.
  • Ultimate Dragonoid - Delta Dragonoid's evolved form. He now has golden hieroglyphs covering his wings. He also has a white upside down "Y" on his neck, followed by white markings on the lower torso and knees.
  • Infinity Dragonoid - Drago gained this form by absorbing the Infinity Core. He now has a blue gemstone in his chest, and white markings surrounding the gemstone. That's pretty much the only difference between Infinity Dragonoid and Ultimate Dragonoid.
  • Perfect Dragonoid - Gained when Infinity Dragonoid absorbed the Silent Core as well as the Infinity Core. 
  • Gorem - A giant Bakugan with a shield mounted on the left arm. He is Subterra Attribute. Gorem is the Guardian of Julie. In the show, he often blushes when Julie brags about him.
  • Hammer Gorem - Gorem trades his shield for a Hammer. His hammer has a mallet on BOTH ends of the long, spear like, handle. His armor is now has extra details.
  • Preyas - A playful prankster that is Marucho's Guardian. He can use Attribute Change. For some reason, when he evolved, he didn't really evolve. He just spat out a Bakugan Ball that is supposed to be his evolved form. But the evolved form is a seperate being.
  • Preyas Angelo/ Preyas Diablo - A two in one Bakugan. Angelo is kind and loving, but Diablo is the exact opposite, loving combat and fighting over everything. They share the same body, but take turns controlling. With one side active and the other dormant.

Here is a list of SOME of the New Vestroia Bakugan.
  • Neo Dragonoid - A down-graded version of Perfect Dragonoid.
  • Hyper Dragonoid - Neo Dragonoid's evolved form. It is now more human like and has a "V" shaped crest on his chest.
  • Percival - Drago's rival. He has a smaller version of his head mounted on each wrist and wears a purple and red cape.
  • Elfin - Marucho's Guardian. She looks a lot like an elf, and has a frog head on top of her normal head. Just like Preyas, she can use Attribute Change. Also like Preyas, she loves making humans laugh and is the playful prankster of the Bakugan.
  • Maxus Dragonoid - Neo Dragonoid (later on Cross Dragonoid) in a robot suit. The toy version is made out of seven seperate Bakugan (one normal, six Traps. A Trap Bakugan is a Bakugan that has an oddly shaped ball, like being a cube.). It's got a lethal arsenal of weapons, such as lasers, missiles, machine guns, and so on.
  • Helios - A Vexos Bakugan. It is actually only half mechanical when it becomes Cyborg Helios. This is odd because all the other Vexos Bakugan are completely robotic.
  • Maxus Helios - Helios combined with six other Bakugan. It has the same arsenal that Maxus Dragonoid has, but walks on all fours.

Here are some Gundalian Invaders Bakugan.
  • Dharak - One of the Gundalian Bakugan. He evolved by fusing his DNA with the DNA of Drago.
  • Dragonoid Colossus - The most powerful Bakugan ever. Older than time itself. The toy is made from the actual Dragonoid, one regular Bakugan, and four Bakugan Battle Gear (Battle Gear are weapons that lock into place on a Bakugan's back. This works both in the show and in the toys.).
  • Dharak Colossus - A Bakugan of similar power when compared to Dragonoid Colossus. He is made out of several Battle Gear to form a Scorpion. It is a Mobile Assault Vehicle for Dharak.
  • Phantom Dharak - Dharak's evolved form. He can now walk upright and has miniature versions of his head on his shoulders.

Here is the plot of the TV show.
Daniel Kuso and his friends invent a game known as Bakugan when mysterious cards started raining everywhere. Along with the cards came Bakugan balls. That's when Dan, Marucho, Alice, Julie, Shun, and Runo realize that Bakugan is more than just a game.

In season one, the Bakugan Battle Brawlers go on adventures while saving both Earth AND Vestroia. Along the way, Masqurade battles the Brawlers every now and then. Later on in the show, it is revealed that Masqurade is actually Alice, who has been donning the guise of Masqurade to carry out the orders of the Doom Beings. At the end of season one, Drago (Dan's Guardian) sacrifices  himself to become the Perfect Core.

In season two, Daniel, Shun, and Marucho find their way into NEW Vestroia. The awesome upgraded Vestroia that was created when Drago became the Perfect Core. Anyway, they join the Bakugan Brawlers Resistance, who are fighting a war with the Vexos. Later on, Dan can use Maxus Dragonoid in brawls. At the end of season two, the Resistance destroy the Dimension Controllers, which trap Bakugan in their ball form.

In season three, Dan and the Brawlers wind up in the middle of a war between Gundalians and Neathians. Because the war could destroy Earth. In the beginning, the Bakugan thought that the Neathians were evil, but that was because the Gundalians reached them first. But they later realize that the Neathians were good and the Gundalians were evil.

In the final season, Almost the whole show takes place in Bakugan Interspace (The online Bakugan game exclusive to the show.). It mainly focuses on tournaments that the Brawlers compete in. It features two new types of Bakugan: Mechtogan and Mechtogan Destroyers. They are both super powerful and normal attacks won't work because they have a built-in force field generator. In New Vestroia, Mechtavius Destroyer destroys everything and kills all the Bakugan there. But the Brawlers travel back in time and prevent this from happening. At the end, Dan is seen on a boat and says to Shun that it's time for new Brawlers to become champion (Dan is, after all, the international Bakugan champion). So basically he retires.


Here is the plot of the video game that I have.
The player starts off with a practice brawl. But the Interspace malfunctions and sends you to an alternate dimension, where the Vexos from season two defeated the Resistance, took over New Vestroia and is in the progress of taking over the Earth. And what's worse is that the Resistance lost the power to use their Bakugan thanks to the Vexos Crystals, which take away the ability to use Bakugan.

So the player is convinced to take over the brawls the Resistance have. Even though your character is shy and has low self confidence. Anyway, when you encounter the Vexos the second time, you now have to multitask between fighting the Vexos and protecting famous landmarks. The Vexos are tearing down famous buildings such as Stonehenge and the Eiffel Tower, so they can build MORE Vexos Crystals. But the Vexos Crystals do more than just take away the power to use Bakugan. They also absorb a small portion of the Earth's life energy. So you fight the Vexos Bakugan while doing your best to keep the Vexos away from their target.

After some missions, a super-dimensional being known as Abyss tells you that the landmarks are of supreme importance. Her energy flows to the surface only in a few spots. And those spots are where humans have built their most famous buildings. She then gives your character inspiration to invent Hologram Towers, which are decoys that all enemies go after instead of their real target. Only problem is, bosses can tell the difference and ignore the Hologram Towers and go after the actual building.

After more missions, the player character's self confidence rises as he becomes more and more of a threat towards the Vexos' mission. After being given orders (By the Vexos King) to go to the Earth's Core and suck out ALL of the Earth's life energy, so the Vexos have more power in their lesser troops, Spectra (A Vexos General) tells his apprentice his true plans: To put all of the Earth's life Energy into Spectra's Guardian, Helios, to make him stronger so Spectra can overthrow the Vexos King, Zenoheld.

Anyway, After beating Lync (Another Vexos General) and his Guardian, Altair, a large amount of Abyss's energy has returned. She uses the energy to evolve Drago. From this point on, every time you beat a level, you can evolve one of your Bakugan until they all have evolved at least once.

Spectra's apprentice tricks the Resistance into thinking that the Vexos are trying to enter the Earth's core by tunneling into the Core in Egypt. But it's a trap!!!!!!! That's a line from Star Wars. Anyway, you have to fight one of the six Traps that forms Maxus Dragonoid (By the time you reach this point, you should have two out of six).

I have not gotten past this point, but on the final level you fight Helios in the Earth's Core, and Abyss tells you that the only way to prevent Helios from gaining more power is for her to die. So she has you blow her up. But after defeating Helios using Maxus Dragonoid, she gets reborn, and returns the player's character back to his original dimension.


I have heard that you can unlock Maxus Helios. All you have to do is beat the game, and beat the game a second time. You automatically collect both the Traps for Maxus Dragonoid and the Traps for Maxus Helios as the you progress through Story Mode.

  • In the video game, it is odd how you can only use the Traps that make Maxus Dragonoid and Maxus Helios. You can NOT use the other Traps like Scorpion of Hylash. And even there you can only use them to make Maxus Dragonoid and Maxus Helios.
  • In the video game, They never explain how The Vexos Crystals can take away the ability to use Bakugan. It would make more sense if the Bakugan themselves lost the power to fight.
  • It appears that when you get Dharak's toy, that it would be difficult or even impossible to get some Battle Gear on his back, because his wings get in the way.
  • Drago's ancestor is Genesis Dragonoid. Although he, himself, has no toy, his form is available as a toy. It won't say "Genesis Dragonoid" though. It will say "Titanium Dragonoid". Because Genesis Dragonoid looks like a Titanium Dragonoid.
  • Zenoheld's Guardian, Assail Farbros, is the only robotic Bakugan that must be piloted manually. At least, when Farbros equips the Assail System Battle Gear.
  • There are only two Vexos Bakugan that are NOT robots. Helios, and Brontes.

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