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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


What do you get when you combine aliens that look similar to humans, a mysterious planet that was discovered five seconds ago, an online computer game, and futuristic gadgets that give people superpowers? You get Wildstar, an upcoming online game.

NOTE: I suggest this game for early teenagers between the ages of 13 to 16 years old. This particular blog post is to inform gamers about this upcoming game.

My research has revealed to me that this game uses a character class system. Here are the classes.
  • Esper - My favorite class out of the game (based on my research). Espers have physic powers, such as summoning random weapons and using their mind to send these weapons flying straight at the target.
  • Warrior - True to it's name, Warriors spend most of their time smashing things, destroying objects, killing enemies whatever. They appear to be armed with giant swords with brightly colored blades, but dull colored handles.
  • Spell-slinger - These guys are a combo a wizard magic and cowboys. They have guns that, literally, SHOOT MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that!!!!!!!!!! They can also teleport, as I watched in a trailer.
  • Stalker - One of Stan Lee's most deadly superheroes is Wolverine, famous for the fact that he can make claws come out of his knuckles, and use these claws like swords. Stalkers do the same thing, but THEIR claws are holograms. I know what you are thinking. "How can you touch a hologram?". It's very confusing at how the holograms in Wildstar can touch you and you can touch the hologram. Anyway, Stalkers appear to have stealth powers and a whole lot of speed.
  • There are two more classes. Just not revealed at the moment.

The game is unique as you can see a highlighted area on the ground that shows you how much of the ground will be covered by an attack. This applies to both players AND enemies. But enemy attacks are highlighted in red, where player attacks are highlighted in blue.

Just like most online games, there is a species select. Here are a few playable species.
  • Human (Exile) - Believe it or not, there are TWO human types. One that is actually called Human, and one called Cassian. The only difference is that Humans are Exiles, a group of rebels from doomed planets that decided to join and create their own empire, and Cassians are Dominion, a space empire that either destroyed or took over the original homeworlds of each member of the Exile. The Exile Humans are brave in their own right, as they almost never back down from a fight.
  • Human (Cassian) - This is what the Cassians are like. Overconfident. They think that without them, the Dominion would fall into complete chaos. It's kind of true, though. Because it was this type of Human that founded the Dominion in the first place.
  • Aurin - Imagine a human with rabbit ears, purple and blue hair, and a long, furry tail. The Dominion ravaged their homeworld, and the survivors of this event became Exiles. One thing that is certain is that Aurins love nature. They are nuts for it. They love plants, trees, ferns, anything that comes from nature.
  • Draken - These guys are pretty cool. They are lizard people with horns on their head. When this species was revealed, so was the Stalker class. It is apparent that the only way to get one to like you is through violence. By that I mean blowing something up with a bomb.
  • Mechari - My favorite type of character in this game. Ten foot tall robots. The one seen in the "Meet the Dominion" trailer was seen using a Spell-slinger gun, despite the fact that Mechari cannot become Spell-slingers. Nor can they become Espers, for that matter. The Mechari themselves were made by an ancient civilization, designed to learn about, and interact, with other civilizations. But that was 16,000 years ago. Now that civilization has disappeared. Technically, that means that the Mechari have no masters to serve and could do what they wanted. And they wanted to become part of the Dominion.
  • Granok - These guys are ROCK MONSTERS!!!!!!! More than half of the species was banished to planet Nexus, where the game takes place. Here's why they got banished. Because they knew the only way to beat the Dominion is to use technology equal or greater than the Dominion empire. But the species and a fighting style called the Way of the Stone, which goes like this. NEVER, EVER, EVER, use advanced technology. They only used swords, hammers, axes, and basic catapults. The half of the species that did NOT get banished stayed true the Way of the Stone, while the Granok that WERE banished found their way as super soldiers of the military of the Exiles.

There are two playable factions. The Exiles, and the Dominion. The Exiles are the survivors of the Dominion's most recent invasions. And they are planning to turn a planet that was discovered just five seconds ago into their new home. Regardless of what is on the planet. But the Dominion want the planet for themselves. Two empires are wanting the same thing. So what do you think is going to happen? They go at each others' throats!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!! Massive war time slaughter!!!!!!!! Guys shooting other guys with guns that shoot MAGIC!!!!!!! Guys launching floating swords at other guys!!!!!!!!!! Guys with giant swords hacking and slashing through other Guys!!!!!!!!!! Guys doing something bad to other GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But there are three paths that don't involve shooting guys until they die or engaging enemies in epic sword fights. Settler, Scientist, and Explorer. Settlers get to build towns where people can relax and have fun. Scientists have to learn everything they can about planet Nexus. And Explorers have to map out every inch of the planet (while finding the thing that represents the universal language: cash, dollar dollar bills, dough, money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The green kind of dough!!!!!! And by money, I mean moo-la. And by moo-la, I mean cash. And by cash, I mean LOTS of it!!!!!!!!!!). Explorers can also reach hidden areas. So, if you are a Scientist that can't get past an giant tree, switch to an Explorer and you can get past the tree. Explorers can also take a couple friends with him when he enters these hidden areas.

TRIVIA TIME!!!!!!!!!!
  • The "Meet the Exiles" and "Meet the Dominion" trailers are similar. The member of the Exiles said that the Exiles are the good guys and that the Dominion are the bad guys. But the member of the Dominion said that the DOMINION are the good guys and the EXILES are the bad guys. They both have the same ending, where both members of both empires lose their tempers when they start talking about the enemy empire. They both give you a short bio on each species, but for some reason, they decided to skip the bio of the final two species (possibly because these species MIGHT be still in development). They both give you a short bio about their respective empires.
  • The housing system in this game is near limitless. You can make your character's house exactly how you want it both on the outside and on the inside. You can even make your house (and the surrounding ground) float in the sky. And according to the housing trailer, they fill up the hole where the house, front yard, and backyard were, and another player can build on top of that, and turn into a floating house, and this keeps repeating over and over.
  • According to the "Meet the Dominion" trailer, Mechari have no sense of humor. Someone off-screen threw a piece of garbage at a Mechari, and, without even turning his head, pulled out a Spell-slinger gun and blew that guy up.
  • The Dominion homeworld, for some reason, does NOT even look like Earth. It's odd that this planet is the Human homeworld despite having NOTHING in common with Earth. Even more oddly, The Aurin homeworld is almost identical to Earth. The only difference is that the whole planet is one big jungle.
  • In the official bio of the Stalker class, it says that Stalkers have about three million nanobots in their bloodstream, amplifying the Stalker's speed, strength, and stealth.
  • It is worth noting that Granoks can only become Warriors. They can become Spell-slingers, Espers, or even Stalkers.
  • In the "Meet the Exiles" trailer, when the member of the Exiles starts talking about how silly Aurins look with their rabbit ears and furry tails, the Aurin on screen hissed like an angry cat.
  • This game appears to have a lot of comedy. When the member of the Exiles from the "Meet the Exiles" trailer lost her temper, she punched the cameraman in the face, knocking him out. When the member of the Dominion lost HIS temper, he crushed his glass cup in his hand until only a pile of broken glass remained. He then asked if somebody could get him a drink in an expensive cup.

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