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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Skylanders: Swap Force and the new Skylander Books!!!!

There's a new Skylanders game!!!!!!! Skylanders: Swap Force!!!!!!!!!!! And they have books about the Skylanders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what makes Swap Force unique. Every body can jump now!!!!!!!!!!!! Because in Giants and the original Skylanders, the player can't jump. And you can mix-and-match the 16 new Skylanders' body parts! And it will show up in the game!!!!! However, I do not no how far this feature can go as the trailer only showed the player popping off the Skylander from the waist up and giving that Skylander the legs of a totally different Skylander. Even cooler, doing so will give your masterpiece new powers.

Here are the KNOWN Swappable Unstoppable Skylanders.
  • Wash Buckler - a squid man. Half man, half squid. His legs are replaced with squid tentacles that give a jump attack, where he latches two of his eight tentacles to the target and pulls himself to the target so he can finish it off..
  • Blast Zone - Two original Skylanders were Ignitor, who is trapped in a fireproof armor for all eternity, and Boomer, who loves blowing things up with bombs, TNT, and anything that goes "boom". Blast Zone is a combo of both Skylanders, as Blast Zone wears a suit of fireproof armor, and can launch bombs from his hands. His unique power is the ability to fly (REAL flight. Not only can you jump now, the Skylanders that can fly can get off the ground and take to the sky, with nothing but clouds below there feet.).
  • Stink Bomb - A skunk man (half man, half skunk). He has claws on his hands, hinting that he will be a close quarters combat specialist. His legs allow the player to use a fart attack (because the "Swappable Unstoppable" trailer showed him using a fart attack on the screen, and when the gas cleared, we can see Wash Buckler swapping legs with the other Skylanders).
  • Magna Charge - A robot with a magnet fused to his head. He technically does NOT have legs, but a green wheel acting as his legs. Judging from a screenshot, Magna Charge seems to have gravity powers, as the picture showed him shooting a purple laser that made a Cyclops enemy float in the air.
  • Freeze Blade - The Ice counterpart of another new Skylander, Roller Brawl. They both wear skates. But Roller Brawl's skates are roller blades. But Freeze Blade's skates are ice skates. Mad of ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also has a boomerang-like weapon.
  • Night Shift - a ghost wearing boxing gloves. Because of the boxing gloves, he MIGHT be a close quarters specialist. When you give him the legs of Stink Bomb, Night Shift looks like a kangaroo.

There are two known new Skylanders that can NOT swap body parts.
  1. Roller Brawl - The Undead counterpart of Freeze Blade. She has roller blades (skates). Roller Brawl also has a pair of black claws that look like the claws of Wolverine (the superhero). Because of these claws, she MIGHT be a close quarters specialist.
  2. Countdown - a robot that has a bomb for a head and missiles for hands. A LIVING time bomb.

Now to the books. The Skylander books!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the plot of the first book.
 The first book goes like this. Gill Grunt is singing at a concert. But Boomer hates Gill Grunt's singing and stuffs his ears with TNT. But Flynn and Hugo are about to crash land, and Boomer is napping in a chair EXACTLY where Flynn's balloon is going to land. So Spyro saves his Troll friend's life by pushing him out of the way. Boomer, however, still doesn't know about the Balloon. So he gets all confused. Hugo then tells the Skylanders that flying sheep are attacking the Mabu Market (a grocery store operated by the badger people known as Mabu). Of course, the Skylanders don't listen to Hugo as he has been hating sheep since forever and has been trying to get EVERYONE to hate sheep for years. Master Eon then uses his awesome Portal Master powers to summon a portal that shows that flying sheep ARE attacking.

Master Eon then sends Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Eruptor to investigate. While there, All three Skylanders were attacked by flying sheep and levitating fruits and vegetables. But turns out that nothing was flying. Invisible Trolls (bad trolls. NOT good trolls) were carrying the Sheep, looking for an item known as the Chattering Key. A wizard known as a Spell Punk made the Trolls invisible so they wouldn't attract unwanted attention to themselves, but the Trolls wanted to have a little fun. And After the Spell Punk reveals that the Chattering Key does exist, Kaos himself appears and teleports the Spell Punk and the Trolls back home so Kaos can punish them.

At Eon's Citadel, Hugo reveals that the Chattering Key is the Key needed to unlock the ultimate weapon: The MACHINE OF DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!! The Machine of Doom is a robot that needs to be manually piloted, but contains the firepower to bring All of Skylands to it's knees. The Chattering Key is hidden somewhere in the Forest of Fear (go in there, and your worst fears come to life before your very eyes.). So Spyro, Gill Grunt, Eruptor, and Boomer go to the Forest of Fear to make sure Kaos doesn't get his hands on the Chattering Key.

At the Forest of Fear, The Forest's mushroom spores do what they do best: making you relive your worst fears over and over. Gill Grunt saw some Trolls barbecuing him and covering him with hot sauce, Eruptor saw himself trapped in cold weather and his heat dropping. Boomer saw himself at a tea party (Trolls are terrified of Tea Parties. Weird, right?). And Spyro saw Master Eon in shackles being mocked by Kaos (Because in the books, Spyro fears that Kaos will defeat Eon, because Eon is getting older and weaker every day). But Spyro breaks out of the illusion and snaps the others out of THEIR illusions.

The Skylanders find the Chattering Key, but it's guarded by a giant stone wyvern (a wyvern is a kind of dragon with it's wings attached to the arms). Spyro manages to confuse, and steal, the Key from the statue-like beast. And EPIC CHASE SCENE!!!!!!!! But after some chasing, Kaos appears and threatens to destroy Flynn if the Chattering Key is not handed to him. Not wanting to endanger Flynn, the Skylanders hand over the Key, which summons a magic temple that shoots a laser that blows up the stone wyvern. Kaos keeps Flynn as a hostage to make sure the Skylanders do not follow. Kaos, Kaos' butler Glumshanks and Kaos' army of Spell Punks, Trolls, Cyclops, and Drow go inside the temple. But Chattering Key shows Spyro a back door. The Skylanders find the Machine of Doom in all it's mighty glory. Boomer hops in the cockpit and activates the Machine of Doom so the Skylanders can use it to help people and battle Kaos.

But BOOM!!!!!!! It's a Trap!!!!!! The moment the Machine of Doom activated, the temple started to crumble. Kaos reveals that he never wanted the Machine of Doom as it was obvious that the Arkeyans (The Arkeyans created the Machine of Doom for war time purposes) placed one last trap to prevent the Machine of Doom from falling in the wrong hands. Kaos wanted the Skylanders to activate this trap so they would be buried alive. But Boomer makes the Machine of Doom blow up the portal that Kaos summoned for him to escape. And the Machine saves everyone from the crumbling temple.

When Kaos escapes, Spyro apologizes to Eon for underestimating Kaos (During the whole book, up until now, Spyro kept treating Kaos more like he's a nothing more than a pest than the evil genus he is.), and says he will never underestimate Kaos, or any villain, ever again.

The Skylanders celebrate their victory by having Gill Grunt sing, irritating Eruptor, who thinks that Gill Grunt is a bad singer.


Now here is the plot of the second book.
Eon is having Spyro, Drill Sergeant, Trigger Happy and Jet-Vac do a training session. Eon used his awesome Portal Master powers to create a fake Goliath Drow. Spyro attempts to use his ultimate power, the Daybringer Flame. But he has NOT yet mastered it and it backfires on Spyro, accidentally scorching Trigger Happy and Drill Sergeant. Calling it a day, Stealth Elf informs the Skylanders that a swamp monster is terrorizing the Stinky Swamp (which is a swamp that smells like rotten eggs, smelly socks and skunk musk.). 

While there, Stealth Elf and Spyro rescue a Mabu named Snuckles from a horde of Chompies (viscous monsters that deliver a painful bite). Snuckles reveals that his fisherman friend Nort has gone missing. Then a giant frog attacks the group. It's toxic saliva makes Spyro and Stealth Elf pass out after the frog "goes toe-to-toe" with Spyro and Stealth Elf.

Before Nort can become the frog's next meal, Kaos appears!!!!!!!! But oddly enough, he saves Nort and destroys the giant frog. When Spyro and Stealth Elf wake up, Kaos tells them that he has decided to become a hero and right wrongs and battle evil doers. This shocks and annoys ALL the Skylanders. I would be annoyed if Kaos kept showing up right before I could save the day and he saves the day before I could save the day. Wouldn't YOU be annoyed if this happened to YOU? I thought so.

Eruptor was sent to save a village from a giant worm, but by the time he got there, Kaos already defeated the worm with his awesome Portal Master powers. Drill Sergeant was sent to defeat giant sheep that were eating WAY too many plants. But by the time Drill Sergeant arrived, Kaos has defeated the giant sheep.

Drill Sergeant, Jet-Vac, and Spyro go to a desert to rescue the Molekin Diggs from a giant Troll. But Kaos appears and uses his powers to make this troll disappear. But the Skylanders noticed that the Troll looked familiar, like they have met him before.

After several failed attempts by the Skylanders to save the day, The Warrior Librarians of the Eternal Archives appear!!!!!!!!!! Their leader, Wiggleworth, says that something threatens the Eternal Archives (which is the library of Skylands).

When the Skylanders go inside the Eternal Archives, they get attacked by a giant Chompy Pod (plants that give birth to Chompies). But at it's current size, none of the Skylanders can damage it. The Chompy Pod then gives birth to five giant Chompies. By now Spyro mastered his ultimate power, the Daybringer Flame!!!!!! Using the Daybringer Flame, Spyro blew up one of the Chompies. But here's why the Daybringer Flame is hard to master. You have you charge it up, and it takes about 30 minutes to charge up. Before Spyro can charge another Daybringer Flame, the Chompies overwhelm the Skylanders. Kaos saves the day again by trapping the Chompies in an anti-gravity field.

But Kaos reveals that as a kid, he want to get a book called World Domination: for Dummies. But the Warrior Librarians never let ANYBODY borrow that book. So Spyro (who figured out his plan a few pages ago) and Kaos both reveal Kaos' plan. Kaos used his new wizard scepter to turn his minions (and random animals) into Mega Monsters. He had the Mega Monsters fake their defeats in public so people would think that Kaos is a hero and Kaos hoped that if everyone thought he was a hero that he could borrow the World Domination: for Dummies book. And if he didn't get the book through popularity, he would threaten the lives of the Skylanders and trade the Skylanders for the book.

But the Warrior Librarians STILL didn't let him get the book. So Kaos releases the Chompies so the Chompies can eat the Skylanders. Stealth Elf manages to steal Kaos' scepter and uses it to turn Spyro into a GOOD Mega Monster, so the Skylanders have a fighting chance. But Kaos gets the scepter back and shrinks Stealth Elf to the size of an Ant. Stealth Elf then stabs Kaos in the foot with her ninja daggers. In pain, Kaos drops his scepter.

The other Skylanders destroyed the magic scepter, returning Stealth Elf and Spyro to normal size. Wiggleworth wanted to show Spyro something secret within the Archives vault. Kaos not only wanted the World Domination: for Dummies book. He also wanted the legendary Book of Power, which has dreadful predictions that cannot be escaped. The book even knows how the Skylanders will fall, and the final defeat (and possibly death) of Spyro....Yet again, this prophecy must be talking about the first Skylanders game. After all, the Skylanders were defeated by Kaos at the beginning of that game.


Now here is the plot of the third book.
This book is a little bit new, so I'll just give a short story.
Gill Grunt, Zap, and Wham-Shell have to save the rest of the Skylanders from giant sea monsters in an EPIC underwater adventure. One can assume that the villain is a Fish Master, who possibly has the power to control sea creatures.

Now here is the plot of the fourth book.
This book is even newer than GILL GRUNT AND THE CURSE OF THE FISH MASTER. So I'll give a short story.
For unknown reasons, Double Trouble, Drobot, Pop Fizz, and Lightning Rod decide to confront the Cyclops Queen. One can assume that the Cyclops-es have been causing mayhem recently, and Double Trouble, Drobot, Lightning Rod, and Pop Fizz were sent by Eon to negotiate with the Cyclops Queen.

TRIVIA TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Throughout the books, Drill Sergeant calls everyone "sir". Even Stealth Elf. Who is clearly female. This is because Drill Sergeant was programmed to obey his master, and all his masters' were male.
  • In book one: The Machine of Doom, The other Skylanders think that Gill Grunt is a bad singer.
  • It is odd that the Skylanders didn't recognize Glumshanks when he was a Mega Monster. The only thing different is the size.
  • Trigger Happy makes a cameo in one of the pictures of Book one, fleeing from the crashing Balloon.
  • One of the Swap Force Skylanders, Magna Charge, resembles the Pokemon Magnemite. And when you give Magna Charge the legs of Blast Zone, the name changes to Magna Zone, which sounds like Magnezone, Magnemite's ultimate form.
  • Skylanders: SWAP Force sounds like Skylanders: S.W.A.T. Force. Funny, right?
  • It is worth noting that the newer Skylander books are coming out this fall, which is when Skylanders: Swap Force comes out.
  • Technically, The Giant Chompies didn't make their first appearance in a book. One of the bosses of Skylanders: Giants is a wizard (named the Chompy Mage, who got lost while going to Chompy-Con) that can turn into a Giant Chompy.

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