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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spore Hero & Spore Hero Arena!!!!!

One of my older posts was about the entire Spore series. THIS post is about two games IN that series.

Here is a list of details that separate Spore Hero from Spore.
  • Epic story - In Spore, you are just creating and evolving an alien empire from being a tiny single cell organism to an Empire of Space explorers. In Spore Hero, you are a guardian of the galaxy who, along with your character's evil twin brother, crash land on a mysterious planet.
  • Legs become mandatory - In Spore, who can create a creature that has NO legs but slithers like a snake, thus making legs become entirely optional. In Spore Hero, you cannot use a creature with no legs, thus making legs mandatory.
  • Arena Combat - In Spore, all combat happens exactly where you encounter a hostile enemy. In Spore Hero, all combat happens in Arenas and you cannot step outside the circle of objects (the type of object varies with every Arena. The Mushroom Arenas have have short grass making up the circle
  • Talking Characters - In Spore, there are two times where a character talks. The first is where your Tribe's elders are discussing how to make their Tribe better. The second, is where your Captain is peacefully negotiating with another Alien Empire. In Both Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena, ALL characters (except yours) can talk and talk frequently throughout both games.
  • Magic Meteors play a bigger role - In Spore, the only time you see a Magic Meteor is at the beginning of Cell Stage, where your single cell organism pops out of a Magic Meteor.  In Spore Hero, Your Character and your character's evil brother arrive at the planet in the form of Blue and Red Magic Meteors. The Red Magic Meteors are coated with Red Magic, which puts it's victims under mind control. The Blue Magic Meteors are coated with Blue Magic, which causes it's victims to gain super powers (the Creature Meejee, for example, gained the power of flight.). In Spore Hero Arena, trophies are made out of both types of Magic Meteor.
  • Posing, Singing, and Dancing become more mini game-like - In Spore, you just have to Pose any way you want, Dance any way you want, and Sing any way you want. In Spore Hero, You have to mimic the Pose Master, Sing Master, and Dance Master in order to beat them at their own game. There are also other creatures besides the Masters to play these minigames with you.
  • Extra Mini-game - Throughout Spore Hero, an NPC will challenge you to a friendly foot race. A Giant monster is at the finish line and will try to slow you down by rolling or throwing large objects at both racers. 

Here's a list of differences between Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena
  • Different Story - Your character's evil brother is NOT in Spore Hero Arena. Actually, the villain does NOT reveal himself until you gather EVERY medal in one spot. Your character's best friend accidentally absorbs the Red Medals and turns into a giant monster resembling the famous Godzilla. But with lobster details, because your character's best friend is a lobster man.
  • Enemies Gang Up On You - In Spore Hero, you fight every enemy One-on-One. But in Spore Hero Arena, you have to fight several enemies at the same time.
  • Your Character Can Breathe Fire - In Spore Hero Arena, you get to use superpowers such as breathing fire, causing earthquakes, laser eyes, the list of superpowers goes on and on.
  • Intergalactic Road Trip - In Spore Hero, the WHOLE game takes place at one mysterious planet. In Spore Hero Arena, you get to travel through the entire GALAXY.

Here is the plot of Spore Hero
Just outside the stratosphere of the mysterious planet, A MAGIC Meteor Storm erupts!!!!!! On the planet's only beach, an Gigantic Red Meteor crash lands right in the middle of the beach. Two beach dwellers become possessed by the power of the Red Meteor. And Crack!!! An egg pops out of the Meteor, and hatches the latest reincarnation of Zarkhator (you character's evil twin brother)!!! But elsewhere, at a place known as the Mushroom Valley, A Gigantic Blue Magic Meteor lands right in the middle of the Valley. A local named Meejee finds AND closely examines the Meteor. Just seconds after touching it, three spikes grow on the back of his neck. And then two small bat wings grow on his back. And Crack!!!!!!! An egg pops out of the meteor and out comes the latest reincarnation of your character. Now's a good time to tell you that Your character and your character's brother, Zarkhator, are shape-shifters, so expect you character to change form a lot.

At the top of a grass covered hill, Meejee tells you that when you suffer damage, you can heal yourself by eating an ORANGE fruit. But the latest reincarnation of your character has no mouth (this is the only time where you can use a creature with NO mouth). So use your character's shape-shifting powers to grow a mouth (and optional extra parts, such as more eyes, more legs, etc.). Another member of Meejee's tribe then teaches the PLAYER (not the character, the player controlling the character) how to fight when in combat. When you have master combat, It's time to meet the Big Chief !!!!! But before the meeting can begin, Zarkhator (in his "Child Form", as I call it) drops a Red Meteor right next to the Chief. And the Chief starts acting.....strange. If you talk to him, He will just say things that won't make sense and he will start doing hilarious things like running in circles, trying to catch his own tail (Meejee's species have long whip-like tails). Smash the Meteor to restore the Chief. The Chief then thanks you, gives an Idol part, and says that YOU saved HIM, and he doesn't even know you Character's name (here you can pick a name. You type in the name and all characters that you have already met will address you by that name).

Your character (I will use the default name "Sporeling" to refer to your character) Makes his or her way up to the outskirts of Mushroom Valley. Before you pass through the stone archway that is the entrance, a guy called "Beast" pops up out of nowhere and tries to scare Sporeling. But the only thing scary about Beast is his deep voice. He then says that it's been impossible for him to scare anybody due to the fact he is covered with flowers, has a cute ponytail, and is wearing pink bows. But he tells Sporeling that he used to be a terrifying monster that has a girlfriend named Beauty (the couple is based off of Beauty and the Beast. I know). But the reason for Beast looking so cute is because Zarkhator used Wizardry to disfigure him. Zarkhator also happens to be a wizard. Beast asks you to go talk to Beauty to learn what Beast originally looked like. Sporeling reveals that he or she ALSO is a wizard by transforming Beast to what he originally looked like (you can make him look like anything you want as long as you remove the ponytail, bows, and flowers.) Beauty is extremely excited that her boyfriend is back but wonders what happened to "the cute puppy". She said this because she didn't even recognize Beast when he was cute.

Sporeling also helps to lookouts with preserving the Tribe's emergency supply of Fruit (There are no carnivores on the entire planet. Everyone is vegetarian) Because the hill where the stash of Fruit is has a pest problem. A Babbit  problem to be exact. He keeps popping up out of his Babbit hole and gobbles up an armful of fruit. But Sporeling solves the problem. He or she LETS The Babbit eat the fruit. When a character eats a normal fruit but has a full health gauge, that character gains weight and becomes a little chubby. By letting the Babbit eat, he will gain so much weight that he won't be able to fit in his underground lair. When he gets stuck halfway, he will beg you to get him unstuck. All you have to do is kick him until he pops out (because that's how I got him out). The Babbit apologizes for eating most of the Fruit stash. You can challenge the Babbit to a fight anytime you want. Because they can finally snack without something stealing the snacks, the Lookouts can continue watching for more Meteor Showers (they are also weather reporters).

Sporeling then decides to check out the Ancient Grounds, where the Masters live. Beat a Master 15 times in a row, you become the new Master at whatever you beaten that Master at. But before you can leave, Meejee begs you to help the Spikees (the second most advanced species. They also made it to Tribal Stage). The Spikees were Meejee's tribe's friendly neighbors and allies. But the whole Tribe was possessed by the Red Meteors. But it IS a small tribe as there are only six members, including the Chief, where there are twenty members in Meejee's tribe, including the Chief. Smash the Meteor and the Spikees will be restored. The Chief tells you that if you can beat all members of a species in combat, you can use their nest for further shape-shifting (you need to activate a nest in order to shape-shift). If you defeat the Spikees, you can use THEIR nest.

After reaching the Ancient Grounds, Sporeling meets the SAGE!!!!! The Sage tells you that he has a stone Idol and that the Idol Part Sporeling has is part of the idol. Sporeling affixes the part to the idol, and the Sage gives you a new power: The power of Aquatics!!!!! That means you can swim!!!!! But he gives you the ability to swim in the form of a pair of fins. The Sage reveals that he has known that Sporeling and Zarkhator would come to the planet and the Stone Idol, when completed, will give birth to the Stone Guardian, which can give Sporeling the ULTIMATE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the Idol is missing a few pieces, and Sporeling has to find them in order to get the ULTIMATE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Sage gives you the location of the next Idol Part, which is owned by the Sage's old friend, the Yeti. The Yeti, unlike real life Yetis, has only one eye and is a scientist.

Before you can visit the Yeti's underground laboratory, Sporeling gets ambushed by Zarkhator!!! By now, Zarkhator has reached his Warrior Form (I call it that. I have names for every form Zarkhator has used). Sporeling must fight his or her evil brother in order to proceed. Before the fight, Zarkhator mentioned that this is NOT the first time they had battled each other. Apparently, The Magic Meteors that crashed on the mysterious planet also crashed on a hundred other planets, and Zarkhator and Sporeling had been fighting each other since the beginning of time. When you manage to defeat him, Zarkhator promises that they WILL meet again, before activating his ability to super jump (where he jumps so high it looks like he's flying, even though he doesn't have that power while in his Warrior Form).

After Sporeling beats him, he or she reaches the entrance of Moonlit Stoneway, where the Yeti lives. But a bulky guy with a LOT of eyes called Grub the Singer blocks the path. He tells Sporeling to get him a Moon Fruit, which is a fruit that only characters that live underground can eat. If those same characters ate a normal fruit, they would tell you that "power naps are good" and become unconsciousness (they pass out). After eating, Grub warmly welcomes Sporeling and invites him/her to his nest. Unlike most creatures, you do NOT have to fight Grub or his relatives in order to use his nest, for two reasons. One: Grub's family does NOT fight whatsoever and are extremely nonviolent (and super peaceful). Two: Grub INVITES you to his nest. Sometimes characters INVITE you to their nest. But the bad news is that the Yeti is trapped is a purple gem, frozen in the pose of catching a falling Moon Fruit, also frozen in the same gem.

Normal attacks will do nothing to the gem. Grub says that the Singer family can sing loud enough to shatter practically ANYTHING within hearing range (which is practically the whole Stoneway). Unfortunately, the other Singers have gotten themselves deep in a pickle (No, not literally. "In a pickle" means "In big trouble"). One Singer is being bullied by two twins that claim that the Singers' loud singing made it impossible for them to get any sleep for the past five weeks. Two more Singers are being attacked by Zarkhator and his creepy minions. And the last Singer is so hungry that he can't even move any part of his body. After Sporeling feeds the hungry Singer, he SPRINGS back to life!!!!!!!! He flies back to the Singer nest (Singers can fly thanks to their giant fairy wings). In order to help the other Singers, just defeat the bullies in combat and kick Zarkhator's minions. After helping the bullied Singer, he teaches you how to sing (Beauty from the Mushroom Valley also teaches you how to dance). After helping the other two Singers, one of the duo says that he was about to "lay the smack down" on the Critters (that's what Zarkhator's minions are called). But the other points out that he was crying like a baby. But if you saw them before kicking the Critters, They were BOTH crying like a baby. Anyway, The first Singer accuses the second of lying. Then the second accuses the first Singer of being a coward. Both Singers have a hilarious (but long) argument over which one of them is brave and which one of them is a coward, increasing in volume with every word.

But it doesn't stop there. The first Singer of the duo decides to walk home. But the route he chooses is infested with TUBER TONGUES!!!!!!!!!!! Tuber Tongues are carnivorous plants that punch their target with MAX force. Sporeling must help this Singer reach the hidden stairs leading to the top floor by stunning the Tuber Tongues with a kick. When all five Singers are at the site of the gem, Grub has Sporeling sing with them (they need another voice because the gem is harder than Grub thought). But they sing loud, off-key, Opera style (that's the loudest type of song the Singers can Sing). And CRACK!!!!!! The gem splits open!!!!!!!! The Yeti is released!!!!! But Grub, still hungry, ate the Yeti's Moon Fruit, and the Yeti can't even think without eating something. After all, he DID say that he's been in that gem for 800 years. But Sporeling gives him SNACKS!!!!!!!! The Yeti thanks Sporeling for the snacks and tells him/her a special legend. A being of darkness and hate and a being of light and kindness would come to the planet and battle to decide the fate of the planet. The being of darkness and hate is Zarkhator, and the being of light and kindness is Sporeling. After the story, the Yeti gives you the second missing Idol Part!!!!!!!

After putting on the Idol Part, the Sage gives you the power of Flight!!!!! Well....sort of. You see, the wings that the Sage give you only allow you to double jump, even though you get full flight in battle. Anyway, you can make Sporeling go to one of two new zones: Mushroom Grove, where you meet the king of the whole planet, and Moonlit Caverns, where you can go deeper underground. You need to "fly" in order to get to either zone (for Mushroom Grove, you fly over a bottomless pit. For Moonlit Caverns, you fly from platform to platform until you reach the entrance.).

At the entrance to the Moonlit Caverns, a guy called Patman says in an inspiring, but slightly creepy, poem that he wants good eyes (he was near sighted), good ears (he has bad hearing), and the ability to fly. Sporeling must use his/her wizard powers to transform Patman from a near sighted zero, to a bat-like hero!!!!!!! Don't let the term "blind as a bat" fool you. Natural bats have better eyes than humans!!!!!!!!!!! Their eyes instantly adjust to darkness AND light in a split second. And they can see colors IN the dark!!!! And their hearing is better than a human's too!!!! They can hear a butterfly flapping it's wings a mile away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, after that, you can go to the Moonlit Caverns.

In the Moonlit Caverns, Sporeling meets a cute little fellow named Smurlop. He informs you that, from that point on, all Red Meteors are "linked" (If a Red Meteor is smashed, it's linked partners will heal it, thus you need to smash ALL linked meteors before the healing starts.). Smurlop reveals that he is the only member of his clan that has NOT become possessed. Yet again, Smurlop's species are obsessed with glowing objects. So they brought it on themselves because ALL Magic Meteors glow. First Sporeling needs to destroy ALL the linked meteors in the Caverns (this can be tricky, as they heal themselves and each is so far away from the other). If you succeed, Sporeling has to reactivate the Crystal Tree. It's a tree......Made of crystals........ But to activate it, you need to insert three batteries (something completely natural takes batteries. Weird, right?). Each battery is cleverly hidden somewhere in the Caverns.

While down there, Sporeling meets Goglu. Now remember how Zarkhator is a wizard, and he used his powers to disfigure Beast, right? Well.....Zarkhator turned the bird creature Goglu into a yellow version of Sporeling's original form. So Sporeling must use his/her wizard powers again and restore Goglu. Doing everything here will get you another Idol Part!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before you can go to the actual zone, a Spikee tells you that, from that point on, victims of Red Meteors will attack you when you get too close. Another Spikee has been possessed and proves what the first Spikee said was true. After smashing the Red Meteor controlling the Spikee, Sporeling can go to the Mushroom Grove.

At the Mushroom Grove, a group of locals called the Kit-rats teach Sporeling a way to get past plants blocking his/her path. Get a swarm of bugs to follow you, and the plant will be too busy eating the bugs. While it's eating, you can sneak pass the plant. After battling every Kit-rat, you get to use the nest for further shape-shifting. One of the Kit-rats shows you something strange.....

A moose man (half man, half moose) napping at the base of a Red Meteor. No one checked it out because it's too close to a Linked Meteor. By smashing the Meteor, The creature, called "Yacque" awakens. He reveals that Zarkhator has used his wizard powers on him. Now you would think that Sporeling could use his/her wizard powers to restore Yacque, right? But that's not how it works. Sporeling needs to know what the victim really looks like (Beauty said that Beast was scary looking. Goglu said that he used to have wings.) Yacque couldn't say what he really looks like because he passed out before he could tell you what he really looks like. So Sporeling destroys the Linked Meteors that are dotting the zone. Eight of these have possessed the "Vakatroz" (more moose men) and made them go berserk, attacking everything in sight.

After that, the restored Vakatroz go to the tree where you found Yacque. They wonder who Yacque is. But Yacque thought they were talking about Sporeling. Yacque reveals that HE is the king of the planet!!!!!!! But because he has been disfigured by Zarkhator, The Vakatroz didn't recognize him and banish him. Sporeling follows. A suspicious looking Kit-rat gives Sporeling a fruit, and BOOM!!!!!! It was poisoned!!!!! You reawaken and fight this strange Kit-rat!!!! After some exploring Sporeling finds a cave painting describing what the King of the planet really looked like. He had a proud chest covered in a thick hide that was stronger than steel, Giant Horns, Skin colored like the sun, and powerful Jaws that called his armies to his side. NOW you can use wizard powers on Yacque!!!!!!!! A restored Yacque gives you another Idol Part!!!!! Before leaving, you see the strange Kit-rat, only to find out that Zarkhator has shape-shifted into a Kit-rat!!!!!! And what's worse is that he's in his Deceit Form (the form that comes before his Perfect Form)!!!!!!

After this putting on the new Idol Parts, the Sage gives ULTIMATE WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These wings give REAL flight!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to use these wings to fly up to the training grounds of the Pose Master. Beating her six times will give the fourth-to-last Idol Part!!!!!!!!!!

Despite the fact that three pieces are missing, the Stone Idol turns into the Stone Guardian!!!!!!!! Now remember what I said about the Stone Guardian giving you the ULTIMATE POWER? That can only happen if it gains the Feathers of Charm, the Claw of Courage, and the Ancient Brain.

It DOES smash the stone slab blocking your path to Zarkhator's lair, the only beach on the planet, where he was reborn. After restoring the local scorpion men (they give you the Claw of Courage), a Tribe known as the Long Beaks challenge you to a Posing Contest. Beating the Tribe members and chatting with the Giant Squid that controls the Long Beaks will give Sporeling the Feather of Charm!!!!!

Using it's new powers, The Stone Guardian opens a large creature's mouth, and a swarm of Critters attack!!!!!!!!!!!!! After defeating them, Zarkhator appears and has reached his Perfect Form!!!!!!!!!! Sporeling and Zarkhator brawl once again, and Zarkhator retreats into the Creature's mouth. The Sage says that the Creature is actually the only way to get the the planet's Heart!!!!!!!! While down there, Sporeling finds the Ancient Brain and the Stone Guardian gains the ability to speak (before he got the Ancient Brain, the Guardian was mute).

NOW he is complete!!!!!!!! And that means that you get the ULTIMATE POWER!!!!!!!!!!! BEHOLD!!!!!!!! THE SPOR-O-MEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A round disk covered in Blue Meteor shards!!!!! It can shoot a series of Blue Meteors that are deadly. Using this powerful weapon, Sporeling challenges Zarkhator to a best-two-out-of-three one-on-one fair fight After beating Zarkhator three times, Sporeling uses Wizard Powers one last time: To trap Zarkhator in a harmless body with NO superpowers whatsoever.

Everybody lives happily ever after. Except Zarkhator. Who is still struggling to control his new body.


 Here is the plot of Spore Hero Arena (which is the same game, but on DS).
Your character (just like before, you can name your character) crashes his/her UFO on a planet with a LOBSTER MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lobster Man quickly become friends with the player. The Lobster Man, named "Yeedo", tells you that when he was young, he was an intergalactic blacksmith. He once found a Red Magic Meteor, and turned it into a bunch of trophies. The combat champions competed for these trophies, and those that won the trophy slowly mutated into hideous monsters. Realizing his mistake, Yeedo fled from his hometown in shame............

After collecting all 100 trophies, Yeedo accidentally absorbs every trophy into his body, and transformed into a lobster version of Godzilla. You must collect the medals made from Blue Meteors while Super-Yeedo tries to kill you with his stomps. The medals make your character grow to Super-Yeedo's size. Then comes an EPIC Godzilla Monster Fight!!!!!!!

After defeating Super-Yeedo, he returns to normal and You throw all 100 trophies into a pool of lava. But then comes a possible sequel opening. There was one Red Meteor shard that was NOT turned into a trophy. And it mutates a nearby insect...


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