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Thursday, February 7, 2013

LEGO Galaxy Squad!!!

LEGO has a new toy line: Galaxy Squad!!!! It's where four teams a intergalactic heroes have to defend Earth from a race of half-human-half-mosquito aliens.

Here's a list of stuff the toy line has.
  • Red Team Speeder Bike - a small hover bike with blasters. It has a seat for a driver and room to place Billy Starbeam's Robot Sidekick. What it lacks in size it makes up for with speed. The Speeder Bike is very, very, very, very fast.
  • Green Team Vermin Vaporizer -  A mighty battle tank. The Vermin Vaporizer can deploy a small, but fast, buggy to scout or distract enemies. It's rotating turret in the back can detach and become a battle Mecha!!!! But the tank itself is not defenseless should it's Mecha and buggy are separated from the actual tank. It has powerful missile launchers.
  • Orange Team Bug Obliterator - A massive battle ship. The lower half can turn into an armored rover armed to the teeth with missiles, laser cannons, and more. The upper half can turn into a swift star fighter. This might be the most powerful weapon Galaxy Squad can offer.
  • Blue Team Swarm Interceptor - A star fighter. It's not as big as the Bug Obliterator, but is still impressive. The front half can detach and become an even faster star fighter. The rest turns into a turret that has Missiles and lasers.
  • Space Swarmer - A medium sized alien vehicle. It has a grabbing mouth. That means one bite from the circular mouth filled with razor sharp teeth and you are on the aliens' dinner menu. It also flies.
  • Mosquitoid Speeder Bike - an insect version of the Red Team Speeder Bike. Just as fast, and has only one downfall: It's very annoying. Unless, of course, you are the one driving.
  • Warp Stinger - a giant, mechanical mosquito. It's wings not only help it fly, but they also slap you. Hard. The tail shoots a laser that traps it's victims in a slimy cocoon. The head has normal blasters. and despite being a giant mechanical mosquito, it's piloted by a Mosquitoid, which is half man half mosquito.
  • Alien Scorpion - the smallest alien vehicle. it's a mechanical scorpion. Armed with the same cocooning laser the Warp Stinger has and a pair of missiles. According to the official website, you can parallel park it just about anywhere.
  • Alien Dragonfly - Truly the most weirdest alien vehicle. It has not one, but TWO cocooning lasers. One mounted on the tail, and one hidden in the mouth. It's fast, too. Faster than the Red Team Speeder Bike.

Here's a list of known characters. NOTE: All human characters have the rare double sided face. One side with the respective expression, the other with the same expression, but wearing a breathe mask over the mouth.

  • Billy Starbeam - Red Team's leader. Billy has an angry expression. Billy wears the red Galaxy Squad uniform, red helmet, silver torso armor, red sleeves, black gloves, and red pants.
  • Robot Sidekick (Red) - Red Team's weapons expert. This robot is armed with energy blades. It has a red, black and while colored head. From the Shoulders to the waist,  the top LEFT corner of it's chest has the Galaxy Squad logo. From the waist down it is red. It also has a built-in jet pack.
  • Solomon Blaze - Blue Team's leader. Solomon has a futuristic scope covering his right eye. His face has super concentrated expression. He has the same uniform that Billy has, but in blue.
  • Robot Sidekick (Blue) -  Blue Team's brains. This robot is armed with a plasma cannon. It has a targeting scope in it's left eye. It has the same torso as it's red counterpart. From the waist down it's blue. It also has a built-in jet pack.
  • Ashlee Starstrider -  The only girl in the whole toy line. She has the same uniform as Billy, but in orange. Ashlee has a smiling face. Her role specifically in Orange Team is unknown, though she might be a SUPER soldier, because Brickipedia says that she has fought several Mosquitoids.
  • Jack Fireblade - Orange Team's leader. Jack has a determined smile. He has the same uniform that Billy has, but in orange. Jack is also one of the two pilots of the Bug Obliterator. Unless you get the Bug Obliterator as a toy, where you can make any character be the pilot.
  • Robot Sidekick (Orange) - This robot, like it's green counterpart, lacks a jet pack but has jet wings mounted on the shoulders. It is one of the two pilots of the Bug Obliterator. Unless you get the toy and place any character in the cockpit. Hey didn't I put a similar sentence in Jack Fireblade's description? Anyway, it is armed with a machine gun that shoots lasers.
  • Chuck Stonebreaker - Green Team's leader. He is the only character with a beard. He has the same uniform Billy has, but in green. Chuck also is the pilot of the Vermin Vaporizer. Unless you get the Vermin Vaporizer as a toy, and make any character pilot it.
  • Robot Sidekick (Green) - This robot, like it's orange counterpart, has no jet pack but instead has a pair of Jet wings mounted on the shoulders. It can pilot the battle mecha that is part of the Vermin Vaporizer. Unless you get the Vermin Vaporizer as a toy, and make any character pilot the mecha. Anyway, It is armed with an energy shield and a plasma cannon with an energy blade mounted on the barrel of the cannon.
  •  Mosquitoid - Even uglier than the average Buggoid. They have light green insect wings and a blood sucking needle where the mouth should be. Just like a Buggoid, they have compound eyes (compound eyes are the eyes of an insect. They are black bulbs made out of billions of microscopic eyeballs, allowing the insect to see from every angle without have to turn it's head. But they make the insect see a hundred copies of whatever they are looking at.). They pilot some of the deadlier vehicles.
  • Buggoid - These are ugly, but not as ugly as a Mosquitoid. They have actual mouths. But the mouths are just four small serrated teeth (all four teeth are on the upper jaw). They also have tails on the back of their heads. Both Buggoids AND Mosquitoids are covered with an exoskeleton. Buggoids often pilot the less dangerous vehicles.

Here is a gallery. NOTE: All Images are from Brickipedia

B 70704 box side
The box art for the Vermin Vaporizer
toy (it comes with an Alien Scorpion).

70700 alt1
The box art for the Space Swarmer.

70701 alt1
The box are for the Swarm
Interceptor. It comes with a
Mosquitoid Speeder Bike.

 70705 alt1
The box art for the Bug Obliterator.
It comes with the Alien Dragonfly.

70702 alt1
Box art for the Warp Stinger.
It comes with Billy Starbeam's
Speeder Bike.

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