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Monday, February 25, 2013

Chaotic Time!!!!!!!!

Have you read my "Birthday Supreme" post? If you have, then you would know that I mentioned Chaotic. THIS post is going to be about Chaotic.

Chaotic is a trading card game, in fact I have like, five thousand cards, and no two of those cards are the same.
The actual game goes like this: Two players command creatures from one of the five tribes. Here's the tribes.
  • Overworlders - These guys control more than half of the surface of the Chaotic homeworld, Perim, hence the name OVER-worlder. They are by far the most human-like creatures. The Overworlders that are NOT human usually look like they are half human, half animal. But only mammals. Weird, right?
  • Underworlders - These guys control the world beneath the surface. They look like monsters, even though their leader Chaor looks like a Mipedian. Despite their tribe name, Underworlders are not evil. In fact, in the Underworlders' perspective, the OVERWORLDERS are the evil dudes. Mainly because the Overworld and the Underworld has been locked in a century-old war over the ultimate source of power. But the TV show makes it look more like a CIVIL war than a quest for power.
  • Mipedians - My favorite tribe. I have an army of these guys. They are iguana people. Half human, half iguana. They were once Overworlders, but for unknown reasons, they decided to become independent. It is worth noting that the Mipedians control a portion of the surface world. And thus, the Mipedian territory is the only piece of land that the Overworlders do not control.
  • Danians - Giant, extremely intelligent, bug people. Half bug, half human. They were once Underworlders, but just like the Mipedians, they mysteriously decided to become independent. It is worth noting that they have a queen, unlike the other four tribes, which have either a king or an emperor.
  • M'arrillian - I cannot pronounce the name of this tribe unlike the dudes in the TV show. They are half human, half sea creature. I'm talking squid people and fish men. The also have mind control powers and are the REAL evil dudes. They are so evil that two thousand years ago, the other four tribes had to lock them up behind a gate deep in the Underworld.

There are like five hundred-thousand different cards. There are creature cards, attack cards, Battle Gear cards, location cards, and Mugic cards. Mugic is a combo of magic and music. But wait there's more!!!!!!! There are special Mipedian creatures known as War Beasts!!!!!! I, myself, do not have a War Beast, but they are really awesome!!!!!!!! War Beasts are giant Godzilla-like monsters. Mugic and War Beasts do NOT mix. Because you can't use Mugic on a War Beast. In the TV show, the user known as ChaotiMaster obtained a War Beast called Blazvatan. ALL War Beasts are reckless and almost uncontrollable. The only way to get a War Beast to obey you is to have a Mipedian Conjurer. Mipedian Conjurers are wizards that can summon and control War Beasts. But the Conjurer MUST be a Mipedian. Because the Mipedians created the War Beasts in the first place.

A cool thing about the cards is that there is a two-sentence bio on whatever is on the card. Sometimes, the bio will be a quote from a member of the tribe. Like on the War Beast Khorror's card, there is a quote from a fellow Mipedian.The Quote is "I realize the battle is necessary, but this... this is too much. Even if we win the war, Perim is doomed.". He said this because Khorror is the most powerful War Beast ever. So powerful that it takes FIVE Mipedian Conjurers to control it, instead of the one. Otherwise, your Conjurer would lose control and Khorror will reduce your army to ruins. Even if you do have five Conjurers, (based on the picture of Khorror's card) those Conjurers will struggle to keep Khorror IN control.

Remember when I said that the M'arrillians were locked away? Good! Because when they were "out-and-about", the Mipedians only used the War Beasts for keeping the M'arrillians at bay. It's actually a miracle that Perim wasn't destroyed by the War Beasts AFTER the M'arrillians were sealed away.

And last, but not least, we have the TV show and it's video game (for some reason, in the card game, the attacks can be used by anybody and come as a seperate card. But in the video game, each attack comes with the character that can use the attack, and only the characters that can use the attack can even see the name of the attack on the "choose-an-attack" menu.).

In the Show, Tom Majors and his friends use a special "cheat" code to enter the very online computer game they play. But the confusing part is that you become two seperate beings, one that exists in reality, and one that exists in the game. Anyway, they have super awesome adventures in the world of Perim, all while battling other people around the world who ALSO found out about the cheat code. Another cool thing in the show is that the players TRANSFORM into the selected character. They get surrounded by blue digital numbers which together make a ring, the ring moves around your body, and the body part that the ring passed becomes the body part of the selected character!!!!!!!! This process continues until your WHOLE body looks like the body of your character.

In the Video Game, Tom Majors discovers that a mysterious creature of unknown origin has stolen a special Battle Gear that can clone Chaotic characters. The only difference between the real thing, and the clone, is that the clone has glowing red eyes. So Tom has to build up an army of Chaotic characters and go on a quest to make sure this mysterious creature doesn't use the Battle Gear to take over the world. Oddly, NONE of Tom's friends appear in the game. In fact, Tom is the ONLY human that appears in the whole video game.

Here is a gallery of some cool cards. NOTE: All images are from Chaotic Wiki.

The War Beast Khorror. Please notice the Mipedian
Conjurers in the picture.

Blazvatan and it's master. The master is
the tiny guy with the red cape.

The Mipedian Conjurer Ailav and his
"pet". The pet is the War Beast in the background.

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