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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Birthday supreme!!!!!!!!

It's February 21, right? Well, at least where I am. Anyway, March 21 is my birthday. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's what I would love to get on my birthday as a gift. NOTE: All images are from Wikipedia, Spyro Wiki, Godzilla Wiki and the Pokemon Wiki.

Wii U Console and Gamepad.png
That's Right. I've done hundreds of
blogs about the Wii U games and
I don't have a Wii U myself!!!!!!

Plus I would love to get LEGO: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out on DVD. Surprisingly, I don't have a picture of the Movie.

Or better yet........I would love to have this.
MS014B Poster
This version of the movie has
Zekrom as the good guy.

And here's the alternate version of this movie.
MS014A Poster
This version has Zekrom's fire
counterpart Reshiram as the
good guy. Either way you still
get an awesome fight between
these Legendary Pokemon, with
Victini caught in the middle.

Get one and you get both. Same plot. But the roles of Zekrom and Reshiram are swapped. And some of the Pokemon will be Shiny in one version (No. They do not become shiny. Pokemon term. Describing an oddly colored Pokemon. Like a blue Pikachu or something.). And slightly different lines.

I would also love to have ANY of the Skylanders books. In fact, here's a few pictures from SPYRO VS. THE MEGA MONSTERS. There are more pictures in the book, I just can't get them at the right size.

That's what happens when your Daybringer
Flame hits your friends. Please note that the
Goliath Drow is un-scorched, but Trigger Happy
and Drill Sergeant are covered in burn marks.

Giant Spyro and Stealth Elf
Stealth Elf using Kaos' staff to
super size Spyro.

Anyway, one thing I would like to have on my birthday is LEGO City: Undercover: to go with the Wii U. Or that Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition. Yet again, that would be weird because I have the normal version of the game on my Wii. But the Ultimate Edition has Free Roam, meaning you can explore all of New York, from Brooklyn to Manhattan. That means that S-01, Hunter 01, Hunter 02 ,S-02, and S-03 are fought differently. Because those bosses are fought outdoors. And you can only use Free Roam outdoors.

Another cool thing I would like is the Temple of Light from LEGO Ninjago. It's got a robot with banding joints, THREE evil characters (a Stone Scout, a Stone Warrior, and Lord Garmadon). And the main attraction is the actual Temple of Light, where (in the TV show) The four masters of Spinjitsu regain their lost powers and gain awesome Elemental Robes. This is also the place where Lloyd learns how to use the power of the Ultimate Spinjitsu Master: The Golden Dragon!!!!!!!! Or the Garmatron, which (in the show) is Lord Garmadon's ultimate weapon, possessing missiles filled with a black matter that can turn a brave hero's heart as black as night, and turn the most righteous of warriors into pure evil. Also in the TV show, A mutated Lord Garmadon turns the Garmatron into a towering fortress. It is at the top of this fortress that Lloyd unleashes his ultimate power and becomes the GOLD NINJA: The ULTIMATE SPINJITSU MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!

I would also love it if I got Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. I played the original Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and it was awesome. But the SECOND game is even cooler. You get to make dudes turn into a pile of dust, blow things up, Shoot lightning out of your hands, blow things up with a bigger blast. You become a Force wrecking ball. I mean, your attacks won't just DESTROY enemies. Your attacks also DESTROY the surrounding environment. Lights on walls and ceilings will lose power and fall off the surface they were attached to. A Force Push will send everything flying. Enemies, barrels, crates, rocks, fleas. Well....Nobody cares for the flea. Hey that's a line from Phineas from Power Rangers: Mystic Force.

I also want the Adventure Time DVDs. The Complete first season, the Finn's Hat DVD, the Fionna and Cake DVD. The list goes on and on. I only want one, though I don't care WHICH one it is. Even though if I have MORE than one, that would be awesome.

Or Pokemon Trading Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always wanted Pokemon Trading Cards. I already have Chaotic Trading Cards. But I won't talk about Chaotic in this post.

The last thing on my list is Godzilla Unleashed. The Wii version. Because the Wii version is better in every single way. Better graphics, better sound, more playable characters, more story mode levels. It even has a cooler box cover. Here is the difference.
Godzilla PS2
PS2 cover. Please note that Gigan is in
the Bottom left corner of the box.

Godzilla 3
Wii cover. Please note that Gigan is
replaced with Biollante. Biollante is
better than Gigan because Biollante is not
entirely a monster. She's actually part
monster, part plant, and part human.

Another difference is the Wii has a little something called CRITICAL MASS. You fill up the Critical meter by destroying the mysterious crystals that are mutating the planet. When your character enters CRITICAL MASS MODE, they look like this. NOTE: the monster in the picture is Gigan in CRITICAL MASS MODE

Awesome right? Your guy
also doubles in size, and
their attacks will be lethal to
enemies. As a "punishment"
for using CRITICAL MASS 
MODE, the player will lose
some health when they exit

And the coolest difference is that you can use your character's breath attack while moving. In the PS2 version, you have to stand still to unleash the breath attack. Here, you run and jump while using the breath attack. And the final difference is that the player can use TWO new characters. Krystalak and Obsidius. Here's what they look like.

Obsidius 02
Obsidius. Please notice that Obsidius has
NO eyes whatsoever. Obsidius is made out
of TWO things. Stone, and Lava.

Krystalak 03
Krystalak. This guy is made entirely
out of crystals. Obsidius is Krystalak's
brother. The behavior of Krystalak is
truly amazing. It WANTS to become
stronger!!!!!!!!!! It does so by absorbing

But here's something that the game versions have in common. The local military that protects the cities that serve as Arenas in the game will appear and attack the players and enemies. They always go after the player that can cause the most damage to the city. But their forces can be easily defeated with a "wrong step" or, even better, you can pick up their vehicles and throw them at other players.

And that's all the stuff I want on my birthday!!!!!!!

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