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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Aquabats Super Show!!!!!!

I now have a new favorite comedy/action TV Show. The Aquabats Super Show!!!!!!!

The Aquabats are a music band that are also SUPER-heroes!!!!! There are only five Aquabats. Here's a list.
  1. The M.C. Bat Commander - The leader of the Aquabats. Unlike the other Aquabats, he has no known superpowers. The episode Cobra-Man reveals that the Bat Commander never turns down a bet. The others often trick him into doing things they know he CAN'T do. Like jumping over a cactus. He didn't make the jump. Or eating a pizza using only one bite. Just like the others, he can become easily distracted. Like when he got some cash after his arm mutated, he was supposed to hire someone to restore his arm. Instead, he spent all the money on a gold ring with his initials on it.
  2. Crash McLarson - The "big guy" of the team. He is super bulky, and can grow to the size of a 50 foot giant. But the super power only works when he feels too much of practically ANY emotion. In fact, most of the time, right before he changes size, he would yell "Getting Emotional!!!!!" out loud. The episode Mysterious Egg reveals that his answer to everything is to smash a random object.
  3. Ricky Fitness - Ricky has two distinguishing traits. Braces, and flirting with any girl he meets. True to his name, he also only eats healthy food, which is odd because the other four Aquabats love junk food and only eat healthy food every once in a while. He also has super speed. When he uses super speed, he becomes a blue blur. Because the Aquabats uniform has a blue long sleeve shirt.
  4. Eagle-Bones Falconhawk - The only member of the Aquabats that has visible hair. Another part of the Aquabats uniform is a silver helmet. Yet again, Eagle-Bones has crazy long hair that goes down to his shoulders. He has a guitar with a switch. Flip the switch up to turn every played note into a sonic laser beam. Flip the switch down to turn the guitar into a normal guitar. As of the episode EagleClaw, Eagle-Bones can summon an eagle called "The Dude". In fact, when he summons the Dude, he says "I summon The Dude!!!!". Eagle Bones' guitar has been damaged about three times in the show.
  5. Jimmy the Robot - The only member of the Aquabats that is not human. He's a robot that looks almost exactly like a human. The only "robot" detail on him are his hands. Jimmy's hands are cover in metal plating. His entire arm has been ripped off twice in the show, the first time by a giant ant. The other time, by a bizarre monster made of dirty clothes, lint, and laundry soap. Despite the fact that Wikipedia says that he is emotionless, he shows emotion in the show. Like when the Floating Eyeball of Death turned the other Aquabats into zombies, Jimmy realizes that he's alone. After that, he says "It's all because of that stupid Eye Ball!!!" in an angry tone in his voice. Jimmy also has a large collection of tools. A water gun in his right pointer finger. A fruit punch dispenser in his left pointer finger. Laser guns in all the other fingers. Ripping off the pointer finger of either hand turns the entire hand into a bomb. Ripping off the entire hand allows it to gain a mind of it's own and walk around as a seperate being. He even has a peppermint dispenser in both pointer fingers. And last but not least, he has computer eyes that can scan objects, including people, to see their current status. He can scan eggs to find out if there is life inside. When you don't feel well, he can scan you to find out that you are only hungry.

Here is a list of some of the other characters in the show.
  • Pilgrim Boy - a pilgrim. Like the ones during the very first Thanksgiving. He is also a shapes shifter and can transform into practically ANY imaginable object. Pilgrim Boy's only weakness are his own powers. You see, every time Pilgrim Boy shape shifts, it costs him physical pain on every part of his body. But despite that, he helped the Aquabats defeat a giant insect-like monster that tried to destroy the pineapple plantation in Detroit. He did so by transforming into a teenage Pilgrim version of Micheal Jackson, singing a song that made all the Aquabats (except Jimmy) burst into tears. Five seconds after the song ended, BOOM!!!!!!!!!! The bug exploded!!!!!!
  • Tina - A girl that works at a gas station. She befriended Crash and Eagle Bones. She told the Aquabats how to defeat the Floating Eyeball of Death: laser surgery. And by laser surgery, I mean that they were supposed the blow it up with lasers. Tina also helped Jimmy build a GIANT laser cannon (that replaced his entire arm). Jimmy also took her favorite "Feel My Steel" Truck driver hat.
  • EagleClaw - Eagle-Bones' brother. For some bizarre reason, Eagle Claw's hands look exactly like an eagle's talons. He also has a a guitar that shoots sonic laser beams. In fact, Eagle-Bones and Eagle Claw had a showdown with these guitars. But they were so evenly matched, It was a stalemate. EagleClaw managed to beat Eagle Bones. But Eagle-Bones summons the Dude. And the Dude slashed at EagleClaw's face, scarring his face with a large claw mark. Yet again, EagleClaw never saw it coming because the Dude is invisible to everyone but Eagle-Bones.
  • Man-Ant - half man, half ant. Crash was the one who created him when he was a kid. You see, when Crash was about six years old, he was playing with his toys in the sand box in his back yard. He found a genie lamp in the sand box and the genie inside granted him one wish. Crash wished for a toy that was half man, half ant for his toys to fight. But he didn't say "Toy". So the genie gave life to the toy, thinking that Crash wanted a LIVING half man, half ant character. Before Crash could mess around with Man-Ant, Crash's mother called him inside. But when Crash did go inside the house, Man-Ant thought that Crash abandoned him (he also thought that Crash was his mother), turning him evil. When Crash grew up, Man-Ant became a first class SUPER-villain!!!!!!!
  • Dr. Eva Mudlark - a German scientist whose ancestors were lowly garbage collectors. In Jimmy's bio, I mentioned a monster made of dirty clothes, lint, and laundry soap. Eva Mudlark was the person that created that monster. She also created "Muck Monsters", which are made of garbage and mud. She used the power of science (mainly chemicals) to create both monsters.
  • Space Monster M - an alien that wears a MECHA SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Clearly the most powerful enemy that the Aquabats have faced. He is a giant, and when Crash grew to giant size, Space Monster M was slightly taller. But Crash still gave him a smack-down. During this smack-down, Crash was completely consumed by a combo of anger and sadness. Because Space Monster M killed Crash's two favorite superheroes: Super Magic Power Man and Lanolin Lady. Oddly enough, Ricky Fitness was the only Aquabat that never laid a single hit on Space Monster M. Because he was preparing the Aquabats' mobile headquarters, the Battle Tram, for a quick getaway should Crash, the M.C. Bat Commander, Jimmy, and Eagle-Bones fail to stop Space Monster M. Space Monster M is armed with wrist mounted laser cannons, a shock-wave generator, and Super Magic Power Man's Super Magic Power Headband (which he stole after killing Super Magic Power Man), which can shoot a laser that disintegrates anything the laser hits.

 In every episode, The Aquabats or another character would find a secret episode of a computer animation-style version of the Aquabats. In the episode Haunted Battle Tram,  Ricky sees a ghost (literally) and runs away in fear. He tries to go down another hall in the Battle Tram, but it's sealed off. When Ricky frantically enters the code needed to open the door, his path is blocked off by one of the computer animated TV show. Ricky quickly forgets about the ghost when he watches the show. But when it's over, he sees the same ghost and runs down another hall. When the Aquabats are fighting Space Monster M, Crash throws the M.C. Bat Commander at Space Monster M. The Commander lands right in M's eye. The Commander finds a small Television set in M's eye socket and watches the computer animation finale.

  • One running gag through the whole show is that Ricky Fitness would flirt with EVERY single girl he meets. He once fallen in love with one of the three heads of a Siren. Those two are currently in long distance relationship because Sirens are not allowed to leave the underworld. EVER. 
  • Another gag is only in Haunted Battle Tram, where Crash started freaking out after the Battle Tram becomes haunted. He even locked himself in the Battle Tram's only bathroom and thought that the ghost was impersonating the other Aquabats to get him to unlock the bathroom so the ghost could kill him. While he was in there he said that he was the only Aquabat that was alive, thinking the ghost killed the rest of the Aquabats. That was AFTER the ghost STOPPED haunting the Battle Tram.
  • Another gag is only in Mysterious Egg, where the Aquabats take wild guesses at what could be inside the giant egg they found. Crash hoped that the egg had a monkey wearing sunglasses in it. Because he wanted somebody to help him smash random objects. The M.C. Bat Commander hoped that himself as a baby was in the egg. He thought that himself as a baby was the "coolest thing in the world". Ricky didn't care what was in the egg. He just wanted to make the world's biggest scrambled egg out of it. So he could eat it. Eagle Bones hoped that a woman with an eagle's head was in the egg so he could have a new dance partner. Jimmy didn't guess what was in the egg and instead sings a song about himself being a robot that wants to be a stay-at-home mom. No really, Jimmy always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom.
  • Another gag is in Cobra-Man and Man-Ant. In most TV shows, it takes about five seconds to type in a pass-code. In these two episodes, It took Jimmy like ten minutes to type in a code. No, he didn't move slowly when he typed in the code, because his fingers were moving so fast you could barely see them. It's just that the number of digits IN the code is large. Like somewhere around 700,000, meaning you would have to type in 700,000 numbers to enter the code. In Man-Ant, Jimmy typed in the code to make a flat screen TV pop into the room. In Cobra-Man, Jimmy typed in a code of similar length to open the back door of the Battle Tram.
  • The Last gag I will mention (there are three hundred. We would be here forever if I mentioned all of them.) is in EVERY episode. It's where a commercial for a fictional product interrupts the show in the most important scenes. Like the Snakey Snack,a cookie that's "So good, Snakey wants them back". Snakey is a monster the Aquabats fought. Jimmy blew up Snakey with lasers. Or the Mummy Spray, which is bug repellent to use on mummys. Not the parent. the undead monster covered in wraps.

Here is the plot of the computer animation episodes.
Before dying, Space Monster M throws the Aquabats into outer space. It is here where the animated episodes begin. When they reached orbit, the Aquabats went into stasis, floating lifelessly. The M.C. Bat Commander wakes up after have a dream where he was playing with a cute puppy dog on the surface of the Moon. The Commander notices an alarm the cockpit is sounding off. He realizes that the Battle Tram is heading front end first at the moon. The commander straps on the seat belt and tries to steer the Battle Tram out of the collision course, but the steering wheel pops right off of the control panel. The Bat Commander presses a shiny red button labeled "GRAVITY" and the other Aquabats wake up after landing face first on the floor. They then rush into the cockpit of the Battle Tram. Each Aquabat straps on their seat belts and start messing around with the futuristic controls in front of them. Eagle-Bones deploys a giant Spring to soften the crash landing. When they land, The Commander says that he admires "the fresh Moon air". But as he says this, Ricky asks Crash if he remembered to lock up the Space animal cages. Crash reveals that he forgot all about the space animals and the Aquabats are attacked by SPACE BEES, the most dangerous BEES in SPACE!!!!!!! The Bat Commander sees the puppy dog from his dream and follows it into a rabbit hole, only to encounter the evil alien Moon-Cheese!!!!!!!!

Moon-Cheese reveals that the Moon is actually his lair and he has installed a giant laser capable of destroying entire planets. But to charge it, he needs a human's "mind energy". As he sucks the mind energy out of the Commander, the rest of the team is fighting SPACE BEES, the most dangerous BEES in SPACE!!!!!!!!!! Jimmy is blasting the Space Bees with his lasers, Eagle-Bones is zapping the Space Bees with the sonic beams from his guitar. Ricky is swatting and kicking the Space Bees, and Crash is doing nothing besides eating peanuts. Ricky takes Crash's peanut jar and traps the Space Bees in the jar, only to use the Space Bees on Moon-cheese when they rescue the Commander. The Aquabats escape the control room by jumping down a trash chute. But they land at the Moon's core, where a killer sea monster abducts Jimmy the Robot. Crash and Ricky almost managed to save Jimmy, but the monster got away.

Ricky and Eagle-Bones find a classic UFO and the Aquabats turn it into a Victorian Era submarine. But only toy sized. Ricky then finds a LIFE SIZE Submarine and the Aquabats use it to follow the Sea Monster. By Now, Jimmy had a system reboot and is in some underwater city, and he is in it's dungeon. The guard reveals that he is to become a King's personal butler. Jimmy manages to escape the cell, but the guard zaps him with a stick that causes a major malfunction in his most of his wiring and circuitry.

After defeating the sea Monster with Bubble torpedoes, the Aquabats find the underwater city. They enter the city, but flood it as they enter. Eagle-Bones uses FANCY SUBMARINE DRIVING skills to reach a malfunctioning Jimmy. But when they leave, the demolished city starts a cave-in. The Aquabats rush out of an exit tunnel that leads to the surface of the Moon.

When they get the Battle Tram airborne (This moment reveals that the Battle Tram can fly), the Aquabats realize, by now, that Jimmy is malfunctioning. First they change Jimmy's batteries (Double A batteries to be exact), but all that does is cause Jimmy to go into sleep mode. he still is malfunctioning. Eagle-Bones finds several "micro chompers", a microscopic parasite that slowly destroys machinery from the inside out, inside Jimmy the Robot's body.

The Aquabats shrink themselves to the size of the micro chomper and use a tiny futuristic submarine to fly up Jimmy's nose. But there are too many micro chompers to fight. So they go to the brain and restart Jimmy's antivirus defense system that will destroy anything that has entered Jimmy's body, including the Aquabats. But the Bat Commander says that pushing the restart button attached to the brain isn't working. Eagle-Bones and The Bat Commander have a hilarious argument over how the button works, but the confusion is that the Commander expected the antivirus defenses to kick in instantly. Because Eagle-Bones was reading a "how to work Jimmy the Robot" instruction manual, he probably knew that it would take a while for the antivirus defenses to kick in. Anyway, back in the Battle Tram, Jimmy gets attacked by a Goliath Space Worm.

After the Space Worm knocks some sense into Jimmy (literally), Jimmy does some fancy space driving. But the Goliath Space Worm creates several black holes which almost suck in the Battle Tram. Back inside Jimmy's brain, the Bat Commander gets attacked by about five hundred thousand micro chompers. Because of the micro chompers, the Commander can't hold down the restart button long enough for the antivirus defense system to kick in. So he pulls out the plug connected to the button and pushes it back in. Now the antivirus defenses kick in. But the Aquabats now have like thirty seconds to get OUT of Jimmy's body before the antivirus defenses blast them to bits. Jimmy realizes where his fellow Aquabats are and guides the Aquabats to the quickest exit. But the Aquabats land in Jimmy's heart. And one of the defenses blasts the submarine, causing the growing feature to start within a T-minus Ten second countdown.

Jimmy gets the Aquabats out of his body by blowing his nose. The Goliath Space Worm has created a GIANT black hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the Aquabats are sucked in, Jimmy states that he loves the other Aquabats and hugs the Commander, while also stating that there is a small chance they could get out of the dimension the black hole created. But after flying through the Space Worm, they get out of the black hole and land on a mysterious jungle planet (with the narrator saying that this scene is a little too much like the first episode).

On the surface below, A wizard villain is about to kill the king and queen of the planet (who are tied to posts). The Aquabats land right behind him and the king promises untold riches to the Aquabats if they defeat the wizard and free them. The wizard activates a dagger called Todd (that's right. Todd) and summons an powerful lightning storm. But Eagle-Bones sends him flying with only ONE sonic blast from his guitar. Jimmy takes the dagger of Todd so he can study it. But the Aquabats are having too much fun partying with the planet's locals to even care about the dagger, or ANYTHING really.

But the party is interrupted by Giant Hungry Wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the villagers says that those wolves have DAILY attacks. The wolves attack that one village EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!! Now realizing that if they lived on that planet for the rest of their lives that they would have to defend themselves from killer wolf monsters, the Bat Commander commands the Aquabats to go back to the Battle Tram. Jimmy infuses the dagger into the Battle Trams controls and they fly to another dimension. And the Time-Sprinkler appears and traps the Aquabats in a time flow reboot, doomed to re-experience all their adventures starting with the live action episode Man-Ant!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • When Man-Ant was created, he said something that sounded a little bit like "Wort Wort Wort Wort Wort Wort."
  • The Aquabats happen to be a REAL music band. They are not superheroes in real life, though. But the band's trademark is having a costumed monster appear on stage and the Aquabats fight the monster while performing, all at the same time. The show uses some of the monsters from the real life concerts.
  • Every time the Aquabats learn a life lesson, the narrator says "Learning and Growing!!!".
  • The M.C. Bat Commander's real name is Christian Jacobs. "M.C. Bat Commander" is just a stage name.
  • The Battle Tram's inside is WAY bigger than it is on the outside. It's cockpit is an entire ROOM full of futuristic, almost alien, controls. It has like a hundred halls that would be a maze to anybody unless you are an Aquabat. The Aquabats in the show actually LIVE inside the Battle Tram. Jimmy has his own laboratory where he can experiment with chemicals. That same laboratory has a recharge station so Jimmy can recharge (he only used it on screen once out of the whole show). The Battle Tram also has a detailed living room with retractable disco ball, a slide-out flat-screen TV, and a dance floor. It also has a bed room with those bunk beds with one mattress on top and one mattress on the bottom. There are two of those bunk beds infused to the Battle Tram walls. And the last room isn't really a room. It's an expansion of the living room. A large round table comes out of the floor. This table has only one keyboard (a space bar, one button for every letter in the U.S.A. alphabet, a back space, it's pretty much the same keyboard as the one I;m using to type this very post). Anyway, this computer screen remotely controls practically EVERY SINGLE gizmo and device the Battle Tram has at it's disposal.
  • Every Aquabat has a musical talent they use in the band: Ricky is the band's drummer, Eagle-Bones and Crash are the guitarists, Jimmy plays the electric key board (No, not a computer keyboard. The musical instrument), and the M.C. Bat Commander is the lead singer.
  • No two episodes share the same villain. First comes Man-Ant, later down the road comes The Floating Eyeball of Death, and finally comes Space Monster M.

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