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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

King's Quest!!!

This post is about a really cool game I found on GameStop's website the other day. King's Quest!

Image result for king's quest 2015 logo 

For those of you who do not know, King's Quest is an OLD game released back in 1983 (though there was a remake of the game released 1987.). It was a Point and Click Adventure game that revolutionized gaming as a whole. Granted, it is a old game. It did not leave such a cultural impact as Super Mario Bros did. But it left a technological impact, and it is possible, that if King's Quest was never released back in '83 modern video games would not be what they are today. 

the original King's Quest!

What did the original King's Quest do that was so amazing? It did two things. First, it was the first game ever to have depth perception. Make the main hero, a man named Graham, stand behind a object, you can no longer see him. Stand in front of the object and the object can no longer be seen. Second, King's Quest I as it later became known as was the first game ever to have a fully animated playable character. Graham has walking, running, picking up things, opening/closing doors, and swimming animations. 

But on to the 2015 King's Quest! I really like the way they set up the 2015 edition of King's Quest (but there is a complete edition of the 2015 edition? King's Quest 2015 edition complete edition? Edition-ception?). Basically the way they set it up is that an old man named Graham is telling his granddaughter stories about the adventures he had when he was young. This is also a really funny/goofy game. (Early on you go in a cave where there are random beds hanging from the ceiling. Also you meet a man who insists that his pet goat is a unicorn).

Image result for king's quest 2015 screenshots 
Old Graham!

But you (the player) control young Graham.

Image result for king's quest 2015 screenshots 
Young Graham.

But you must remember that it is OLD Graham telling the story. Not some omnipotent narrator who you never get to see. I also like the way the game explains the player dying  (example: getting eaten by a dragon will cause Old Graham to fall asleep mid-storytelling and mumble about food. Another example is pulling the wrong switch, which activates a deathtrap, will cause Old Graham to say "And that is what WOULD have happened if I had pulled the wrong switch").

By the Way, the very first level is actually a modernized version of the most iconic scene in the original King's Quest.  In the original scene, Graham is sent on a quest by King Edward (I guess you could call it the KING'S QUEST!? :P) to retrieve a magic mirror. Where is the magic mirror? In a cave. At the bottom of a well. The only thing keeping Graham from the mirror is a MASSIVE MAN EATING DRAGON!!! (or a M.M.E.D. for short!)

 Image result for king's quest 2015 dragon
It's a M.M.E.D.!!!!

Speaking of dragons, the level ends in a really cool way. Young Graham is cornered by the dragon and has only one arrow left. You can defeat the dragon in three ways. One: Killing it with your last arrow (which is mean). Two, using your last arrow to hit a bell, which will distract the dragon long enough for Graham to escape. Or three, using the last arrow to hit a switch to set the dragon free. The dragon spares Graham's life to reward his kindness. And, spoiler alert!, the dragon may come back in a later level to help you.

Each of these choices will change the story and potentially the ending. Speaking of which this is a episodic game so if you want the WHOLE EXPERIENCE of the game buy the complete edition (but this is the 2015 edition! KING'S QUEST 2015 EDITION COMPLETE EDITION!?).

Oh and this game is also very pretty. Everything looks like it's in a painting. As you can see in the screenshots. 

And finally, this is a PUZZLE GAME!!! YES!!!! #thePuzzleRevolution!!! In case you cannot tell, my favorite games are puzzle games *cough cough* Valiant Hearts the Great War *cough cough*. 

If you want to play this game it is 39.99 and is currently on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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