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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


This post is interesting to say the least. One of my favorite games is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. And despite the fact that bosses make up 90% of the game (the other 10% is gathering materials) I have yet to make a list of my favorite monsters in Monster Hunter.

Before we start I have two rules about my list. ONE: Only monsters that have appeared or debuted in Generation 3 of Monster Hunter, as that is the only generation I can play until Capcom decides to bring another home console Monster Hunter game. And TWO: Only monsters I have fought at least once. However, I will update my list once I fight the final boss.

NOTE: For those of you who are new to Monster Hunter, it's a series of games where the core concept is that your character is hunter who hunts monsters for a living. Fight the same monster enough times and you can use the rewards to make better equipment needed to fight stronger monsters. You repeat this cycle until you beat the final boss. At that point you just goof around.


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Image result for monster hunter 3 ultimate great wroggi

Great Wroggi is not the strongest monster ever. He is just a tougher version of the tutorial boss. But his armor is almost mandatory when fighting Pink Rathian or Gigginox (because wearing the whole set gives you an immunity to poison). Plus if you do fight him enough to make the Wroggi Armor, it makes your character look like a cowboy.

Great Wroggi only has four (five if you have reached the third and final tier of missions) attacks. And like I said, he isn't the toughest boss in the world. In fact you can beat very easily. But this guy is one of my favorites for three simple reasons. First and foremost, his armor, like I said, is a cowboy costume. So automatic cool points! Second, he is the first boss you fight that poisons you, and he is a excellent way to learn how to deal with poison. And finally, he spits purple gas of doom. Enough said!



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Rathalos has appeared in EVERY Monster Hunter game EVER MADE. But I personally like Azure Rathalos better. It's much more challenging, and can fly better than a regular Rathalos. Which is incredible in and of itself because a regular Rathalos spends half of the entire fight in the air. Azure Rathalos armor looks amazing in G-rank. It looks almost medieval. Which is fitting because Azure Rathalos is the King of the Skies.

This boss is challenging, but not impossible if you know what you are doing. Just like every other boss in Monster Hunter. Oh, and it's a GIANT BLUE DRAGON!! And it has a little bit of white. I guess you could say that it's a BLUE-EYES WHITE DRAGON!? (major respect points if you know what I am referencing)



Image result for monster hunter 3 ultimate jhen

This guy once held the title of largest monster in the series. Until Dalamuder came along. But the Jhen Mohran is the most awe-inspiring fight in the ENTIRE GAME. It's a two stage battle. In the first stage, your character is riding on a Sand Ship. A Ship that can sail on Sand!!! But during the first stage, it's almost impossible to hit Jhen Mohran with a standard weapon, so you have to use cannons, ballistas (really big crossbows attached to a support on the ground), and even a special weapon called the DRAGONATOR to inflict damage

In the second stage, it becomes a epic last stand as the Jhen Mohran slowly marches to the now immobilized Sand Ship. Oh, and the entire boss is TIMED!!! And you have to keep the Jhen Mohran from destroying the Sand Ship or you get an automatic game over. But they play the Monster Hunter main theme, which is as epic as ever lasting snow in the middle of the desert.



Image result for monster hunter 3 ultimate nargacuga

Nargacuga is a ninja/bat/panther. Need I say more? Anyway, Nargacuga has three subspecies, but I have not fought either of them yet at the time of this post. In the Monster Hunter meta-game, a LOT of people agree that Nargacuga armor is OP. Evade +3 and Evade Extend. Complete invincibility while dodging or rolling,. He can also shoot spiky spikes out of his tail. What the spiky spikes do depends on the subspecies. One poisons you, the other stuns you. The base one simply knocks you away.

And this boss's theme is amazing. It sounds like something out of James Bond or something. Speaking of sound, Nargacuga's roar sounds like a cheetah growl.



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Yet another Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Let's see if we can get the third one in our deck! (again, major respect points if you know what I am talking about). Anyway, Lagiacrus is the main star of Generation 3. He has arguably the most difficult armor to make (unless you are cheeky and use bombs like me!). Funny story about Lagiacrus. When I first got Monster Hunter Tri, I decided to do this 1 Star Low Rank training mission. All you have to do is collect three Monster Guts from these giant fish things and deliver them. BUT then. When you go into the ocean. A cut-scene plays. "Why are they playing a cut-scene in a delivery mission?" I thought. Then HE showed up. And he insta-killed everything in the area. And then he turned and the "you be dead soon" music played. At that moment, my brain was like "OMG swim away!!!!". He swam straight up to my hunter and killed him in one hit. Didn't play Monster Hunter for six months after that.

Then I looked up a guide and you can outrun him very easily if you drink a Dash Potion before going in the water. Still. It's the scariest thing I have ever experienced in a video game. And no, it's not just me. HUNDREDS of people also got the snot scared out of them during this scene. But Lagiacrus is really fun to fight. Out of all the aquatic monsters, Lagiacrus is the best of the best. The only downside is that he doesn't get his one theme. When you fight him the generic boss theme is played. Which is weird because Lagiacrus is the Generation 3 mascot and plays a MASSIVE role in the story.



Image result for monster hunter 3 ultimate nibelsnarf

Nibble Nibble it's a Nibelsnarf!!! Most hilarious name ever!! And it's a frog!!! In the desert! A frog in the desert! This guy is just hilarious. And the Nibelsnarf armor looks like a brown Mega Man!! You can also tick him into eating bombs. Because every attack he does involves eating you. In a variety of ways. But aside from that he is a very easy monster to fight.



Image result for monster hunter 3 ultimate brachydios

Brachydios is a T. Rex, a unicorn, and Little Mac rolled into one. He is the first, and so far only monster that uses the Slime ability. What does slime do? It explodes after a few seconds. They play some epic music when you fight him. And I recommend grinding him for loot because Brachydios weapons are really good for grinding loot from other bosses. Because of the exploding slime, Brachydios weapons break several breakables at once.



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Purple Ludroth is the first High Rank boss you fight. And I am biased on Purple Ludroth because my favorite color is purple. He is a subspecies of Royal Ludroth, which is yellow instead of purple. He poisons you a LOT, but just like Great Wroggi, he isn't that strong once you take away the poison. Did I mention he's PURPLE!?



Image result for ceadeus

Ceadeus is a massive sea dragon. It plays a very important role in the story. There is also a Golden subspecies, but I went with the original because I like the original more. They also play some seriously epic music.

Before I reveal my All time Favorite boss in Monster Hunter, I will include a list of honorable mentions (SEE: TOP OF THE POST)

  • Fatalis - He is an awesome dragon, but he didn't appear in Generation 3.
  • Alatreon - The final boss of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I haven't fought him yet.
  • Diablos - Brachydios is cooler, but Diablos is still cool in his own right.
  • Rathian - The female version of Rathalos. Didn't make the cut because Rathalos is cooler IMO.
  • Gore Magala - A very evil looking dragon. He wasn't in Generation 3 so he doesn't count.
  • Dalamuder - same reasons as Gore Magala. He is a giant snake.
  • Dire Miralis - The secret Super Boss of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Haven't fought him yet.
  • Uragaan - same reason as Diablos.
  • The Jho - Same reason as Diablos
  • Abyssal Lagiacrus - subspecies of Lagiacrus. I have not fought him yet.
  • Lao-Shan-Lung - Same reason as Fatalis. 

NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!


Image result for zinogre 

Hey we got the third Blue-Eyes White Dragon!! All we need is a Polarization Card!! (respect points for days for those of you who know what I'm talking about!). Anyway, Zinogre is my personal Favorite Boss in Monster Hunter. He is awesome!!! His theme gets your blood pumping!! And he can become a SUPER SAIYAN!!!!! If only he could do a Kamehameha.

Zinogre also plays a small role in the story, where your sidekicks (these little Tiki dudes) discover that they need Zinogre energy to charge up an ancient artifact. It only partially charges it though. SO you need to find a Monster with more juice (spoiler alert! It's Lagiacrus).

So that is my list of my favorite Monster Hunter bosses!! For more info on Monster Hunter go to the wiki. You can also google the names of the honorable mentions to learn more about them.


  1. Sorry I haven't heard of this game before now. I am still learning Mine crafting

    1. If you need help with Minecraft I am the #Minecraft King! Oh, and I figured someone was going to read my blog and be like "What is this Monster Hunter game you speak of!?". Basically Monster Hunter is a game where you hunt monsters. Simple as that! It's a long game (I've sunk 200+ hours of gameplay) but very fun.