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Thursday, August 13, 2015

LEGO Avengers Hype!!!!

This is a post that came out the day after my previous post (see: The Bucket Game is Too Strong!! Splatoon 2.0!!) because I thought yesterday was a Tuesday even though it was Wednesday.

Image result for lego marvel's avengers video game logo

If you cannot tell by the title or the fancy logo above, this post is dedicated to LEGO Marvel's Avengers!!

In case you don't know who the Avengers are, they are super heroes that have been around since September, 1963. It is currently August 13, 2015, if "1963" did not make that seem forever ago.

Now there are only two Avengers movies, and the game will LEGO-ize both movies. But there will be 150+ playable characters. I don't remember there being enough characters in just two movies for all of those.  So they will improvise probably. They did the same with LEGO Jurassic World (Fisherman Jim, anyone?).

The first thing to note is that they revamped combat to offer more control. And they apparently made Captain America look epic. I mean seriously, he has the coolest combo animations ever. He fights like a champion! A champion people! What's better than fighting like a champion?

Image result for lego marvel's avengers video game
The Avengers as LEGO's!

Also, all of the Avengers have team combo attacks (called Avengers Initiative moves) which are used both for solving puzzles and serve as AoE (short for Area of Effect) attacks that hit everything on screen. Some of these are based off iconic moments from the films (Thor striking Captain America's shield with his hammer, creating a shock-wave, which the two did in the First Movie) and comical (Hawkeye Pulling out a Giant Bow and shooting Black Widow into the air where she does a 360 while shooting everywhere with a pair of guns).

Image result for lego marvel's avengers video game screenshots

Something really cool is that characters that were in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (a game with a completely original story that starred most of Marvel's most iconic super heroes. This game is a LEGO-ized retelling of the blockbuster film The Avengers, and it's sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron) have new abilities. For example Black Widow now has a I-pad. Well it's not supposed to be a I-pad but I don't care. It looks like a I-pad therefore it IS a I-pad!! But anyway, Black Widow can use it to scan things hidden in the environment. Another example is that Tony Stark (Iron Man) can suit up with the press of a button, so players can swap out armor mid level (provided they unlocked the armor).

Plus there are brand new abilities as well. A new character is Quicksilver (from Age of Ultron). He can use his super speed to literally freeze enemies in time and bop them one at a time. It's a really cool ability. Plus Quicksilver is arguably the coolest character in Age of Ultron. So I will be playing as him a LOT.

By the way I pre-ordered this game at Game-Stop. Which is HYPE!!! Especially because if you pre-order the game you get a free mini-figure based of one of Iron Man's armors, the Silver Centurion armor. And that armor is also playable.

But the thing that is most exciting about LEGO Avenger? Hulk takes a selfie.

Image result for LEGO avengers hulk selfie

But in all seriousness, The thing I am most hyped for is A) Quicksilver's time freezing malarkey. B) Iron Man's new Suit Up ability. C) Running around Marvel's version of New York. D) Hulk and his selfies. And E) The new combat system.

That is literally all the info I know on LEGO Avengers. Oh wait I almost forgot!!

Image result for stanbuster

Image result for stanbuster

Stan Lee is in the game. He even gets his own mech!

For more info stay TUNED!!!!

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