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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Doctor Who!!!!

Okay, so I was reading my old blog posts and I realized that I never did a single post on one of my favorite TV shows: Doctor Who. And yes, it's a British TV show. And I'm American. Don't judge me!

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First thing to note this is a VERY old show (and it is still running). It just celebrated it's 50th anniversary!

So what is Doctor Who about? Basically it's about a Time Traveler called the Doctor and his adventures through time and space. Oh, and they set the show up so it goes on forever because the Doctor has been played by 12 actors. The in-show reason for so many actors is that the Doctor has the coolest super power ever: When he dies, he comes back to life with a different face (and voice. And personality. At least his memories are the same). Kind of like a Phoenix. But completely different.


The twelve faces of the Doctor
These are all the actors that have played the
Doctor in Doctor Who. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

As you can see above, there are a LOT of people that played the Doctor. From top left to bottom right *inhales*: William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi *gasps for air*.

As this show has been running for 50+ years, it's no surprise that the Doctor has made some enemies. Here are some of my favorite villains from the show (in no order). NOTE: MASSIVE SPOILERS!!


Image result for doctor who empty child

I should mention that some Doctor Who villains are terrifying. This is the first "scary" villain you will see if you watch all the episodes in order (they are all on Netflix), Basically, the Empty Child is a 4 year old kid wearing a gas mask constantly asking "Are you my Mommy?". Touching him will transform you into a gas-masked minion that the Child can then control.

This guy was for a very long time the scariest villain in Doctor Who. Even though he was dethroned later on in the show.


Image result for doctor who cyberman

The Cybermen are robots. What did you expect? They are the second oldest and one of the most iconic foes the Doctor has faced. Plus, they have lasers. and because of a silly picture I saw, every time I see a laser I think to myself "I'MA FIRIN' MAH LAZORS!!".

Ignoring memes, The Cybermen are probably my favorite Doctor Who villains. And they can turn humans into more Cybermen. By pulling out your brain, removing everything that makes you feel emotions, and stuff what's left into a spare suit of armor.


Image result for doctor who silence

These are actually the newest foe introduced. The Silence are a religious order with the power to erase you memories (but only when you are not looking at them in the eyes). Random fun fact, the Silence's design is inspired by Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream". Plus, they wear snazzy suits.

The Silence were hinted at in the 2010 episode "The Eleventh Hour" where a alien by the name of Prisoner Zero says "Silence will Fall" before he is arrested by alien space cops (don't know how to spell their proper name. Basically they are space cops). But the Silence themselves (there is more than one) didn't appear one year later in the episode "The Impossible Astronaut".


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These are the original villains of Doctor Who. Making their debut in the Classic Who episode "The Daleks", they became a instant classic in British Popular Culture (and yes, I'm American). I, personally, don't think these guys are evil looking. In fact they are weirdly adorable.

Daleks came out in a era where robots were universally emotionless. Daleks are not emotionless. They can only feel two things, hatred and anger. They will kill anything that isn't a Dalek too. And they survive everything. The amount of times the Doctor thought the Daleks were all dead only to find out that millions more have survived is almost comical.


Image result for vashta nerada

What's scarier than a gas-masked child and deadlier than a army of robots a firin' their LAZORS? The dark. Specifically, what's in the dark. It looks like a shadow, but is actually a swarm of flesh-eating microscopic aliens gathered in one spot to take the form of a shadow. If you have two shadows, you are dead. It's how they hunt.

Sadly, they were only seen in two episodes. Hopefully they bring them back?  I would love that. :)

And those are all the villains of the show that I will talk about because of spoilers.

But anyway, Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows to watch. And shout out to Vincent. He told me about Doctor about 2-ish years ago so I looked it up on Netflix and I am hooked. And yes. Vincent is American too. Don't judge him!!!

I would recommend this show to everyone because it's a really good show that's been running for 50+ YEARS. Think about that for a second. 50 years. And still running. As I have said several times throughout this blog, you can look it up on Netflix. And keep in mind 1: it's a old show that's been running for VERY long time. And 2: This is a British show.

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