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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Monster Hunter X (Cross)!!!!

Yes. Yet ANOTHER Monster Hunter post. Monster Hunter is one of my favorite games, but Capcom locked me (and probably some other people) out of Generation 4-5 by making it 3DS exclusive. I will never ever EVER get a 3DS. I don't do handheld.

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Anyway, Monster Hunter X (pronounced "Cross") is a new Monster Hunter game coming out in 2016 in Japan (global release date in pending).

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First thing to know is that the game has sauropods in it. In case you are not a dinosaur nut like me, a sauropod is a dinosaur with really long necks. I'm surprised it took this long to get a sauropod-esque monster in Monster Hunter considering most of the monsters in Monster Hunter are inspired by dinosaurs. 

Anyway, on to more serious stuff. Monster Hunter Cross will re-use the parkour system in the previous Monster Hunter game (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate). Yay!

But the most important thing is that the game is revamping combat. Some people are off-put on Monster Hunter games mostly because they have a reputation for slow paced battles (boss fights take up 30 whole minutes on average, sometimes going up to a whopping 50 minutes). So Capcom is making the action more action-y. By adding crazy new attacks that deal tons of damage. These attacks are called Hunting Arts and EVERY weapon has at least two.

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New boss!

Oh and the animations for most of these moves. ABSOLUTELY MENTAL. It must have taken ages to make those animations and in case you don't know what I am talking about, go watch the trailer. It's on YouTube.

Image result for monster hunter x
Another new boss

They are also adding a new mechanic for the Gun-Lance weapon type. In case you don't know, Gun-Lances are really cool weapons because they can fire shotgun-esque bursts from the tip for additional damage. One of my favorites, actually. But the new mechanic is that Gun-lances have a Heat Gauge. The more you fire the Gun-Lances shotgun bursts, the hotter the weapon gets. And the hotter it gets, the more damage it does with regular attacks. But fire too much and the Gun-Lance overheats! I find that a really cool thing and will encourage striking a healthy balance between the two forms of attacking.


I hope you are ready to have your mind blown.

Image result for monster hunter x felyne 

You can play as a cat. Yeah. Anyway, cats (or Felynes as they are called in game) don't do nearly as much damage as a human character. But Cats can sprint indefinitely. Cats do not need Bug Nets or Pickaxes or Fishing Rods to collect insects, ores, and fish respectively. There are some missions that require you to become a cat. Cats can summon trampolines to do a jump attack. Cats can drink tea to heal themselves. Cats can throw boomerangs around like nobody's business. Cats can burrow underground to avoid danger. Cats get three extra lives. Cats can play music on flutes to buff up teammates. Cats = Master Race.

So there you go! Out of all things they unveiled for Monster Hunter Cross the one thing I am most excited for is to play as a cat. But then again, I can't play this game unless they bring to a home console.... Sadness :(

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