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Monday, September 14, 2015

Mario 30th Anniversary!!!

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros!!! Of course if you read this in the FUTURE, The game will be much older

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So this blog post will contain TEN of my favorite fun facts that you may/will/might not know.


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You actually can jump over the flag pole at the end of the level, but only on 3-3. There is nothing on the other side, however. Just a blank void.


You can actually beat the game in less than 5 minutes (by abusing the power of glitches!). My mother claims she beaten it in 20 minutes.


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The Hammer Bros will eventually chase Mario if he stands still long enough.


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Throwing a fire ball at Bowser in Worlds 1-7 reveals it's just some random enemy in a suit.


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If you grab a mushroom in midair, and then hold down A, Mario will jump again before he hits the ground.


If you get more than 128 lives, the next time you die you will get a instant Game Over.


There is a glitch that let's Mario hit flying turtles from below and not take damage.


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Princess Peach was originally called Princess Toadstool. Am I the only person to not know that until just now!?


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The creator of Sonic the Hedgehog got the idea for the original Sonic game from trying to complete the first world of Super Mario Bros as quickly as possible. Ironically, Sonic was created to serve as Mario's competition in the marketing world ("Sega does what Ninten-DON'T!!!). Doubly ironic is that Sega sold the rights to the Sonic the Hedgehog IP to Nintendo back in 2013.

NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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When playing with a friend, only player one could pause the game. Even when Player two was playing. This lead to massive trolling back when the game first came out and this was fixed in all remakes and ports of Super Mario Bros to avoid future trolls.

So those are the Super Mario Bros fun facts. I hope you learned something new about the game that revolutionized gaming on the cultural front with it's easy to learn controls and brutal difficulty and the slightly silly concept of a plumber rescuing a princess from an army of turtles.

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