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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pokken Tournament!!!

This post is about a game announced a while ago and is scheduled to release in Spring 2016.

Image result for pokken tournament logo
Japanese Logo!!

Yeah, it's a Pokemon game. Everyone loves Pokemon. But Pokken Tournament is the Pokemon game that everyone wanted. In Pokken Tournament, you can play as the Pokemon directly in real time. Basically, a Pokemon Fighting game.

Image result for pokken tournament

Now if you are new to Pokemon, basically it's a "collect-em-all" RPG series where the core concept is that you catch creatures called Pokemon (which is a combination of the words "pocket" and "monster") which you then send out to battle other Pokemon. It's a franchise that started in 1996 and will be forever. But the combat is turn based. Not the most exciting, but it's better for strategy.

I am very excited for this game. First of all it's coming to Wii U (it's already out in Japan in arcade form). Second of all it's a POKEMON FIGHTING GAME!!!!!! What's not to love?

Image result for pokken tournament
Lucario gets a bo staff made of LAZORS!!!

I am slightly disappointed by the small roster on the arcade version in Japan (only 8 playable characters!?). Considering it's a Pokemon game, the roster has to be at least 30 characters to make me happy. And Bandai Namco (who are making this game) have over 700 different Pokemon to choose from.

The Pokemon currently playable are Lucario (a dog-man based off the Egyptian God of Death, pictured above)...

Image result for pokken tournament machamp

...Machamp (a dude with four arms and a beak)...

Image result for pokken tournament gardevoir

...Gardevoir (a mind-reading magic user)...

Image result for pokken tournament suicune

...Suicune (a wolf with the power to control water)...

Image result for pokken tournament pikachu

...Pikachu (a mouse can can shoot lightning. He's also the official mascot!)...

Image result for pokken tournament charizard

...Charizard (a fire breathing dragon!)...

Image result for pokken tournament weavile
...Weavile (a cute little cat with ninja powers!)...

Image result for pokken tournament blaziken

...And Blaziken (a kickboxer who apparently is based off a chicken. Does he look like a chicken to you?).

Which is actually a strong roster if I do say so myself. Suicune, I think, is just a little bit random since his brothers Entei (a lion with the power to control fire) and Raikou (a saber-toothed tiger with the power to control thunderstorms) are more popular.

But if I was making this game I would have to include...

Image result for tyrantrum

Tyrantrum!! He's a TYRANNOSAURUS REX!!! Imagine playing as a T. rex in a fighting game. It would be glorious!!

Image result for sableye

I would also add Sableye because Sableye is actually my favorite Pokemon. Now that I think about it, he looks like a purple robot version of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch. Even though he's not a robot. He's a ghost. Although, playing as Sableye would be difficult since Sableye's attack stat is virtually nonexistent. He's a great projectile user though! So he would be like a sniper man. If he was in the game.

But another addition I would make would have to be...

Image result for mewtwo

Mewtwo!! He made his way into Super Smash Bros via DLC and is a very powerful character. If he's not playable, he would make a great final boss. Mewtwo is Physic (just like Gardevoir), only Mewtwo is much more powerful. In fact, in the main Pokemon games, Mewtwo was the single most powerful character in the franchise. Then Arceus happened. Then Rayquaza happened. Then Mewtwo got a buff that made him stronger than Arceus, but weaker than Rayquaza. Oh, and he can change form. And teleport. And he has telekinesis (moving objects with a mere thought).

And another Pokemon I would include would have to be...

Image result for mienshao pokemon

Mienshao!! It's a cat (or ferret?) with whips on it's hands. IT HAS WHIPS ON IT'S HANDS. That could be cool for some snazzy combos! Plus it is (last time I checked) a Fighter Type so it just makes sense to include Mienshao.

And last, but not least, I choose.....

Image result for infernape

Infernape!!! While Sableye may be my favorite, the first Pokemon I ever used was Chimchar, which is the baby form of Infernape. Thus, Infernape is one of my favorites. Oh, and he's a fire-breathing monkey that knows martial arts. What's better than a fire-breathing dragon? A fire breathing monkey!! That knows martial arts!! If Infernape does not make it into Pokken, I will be sad.

But now that I got my dream roster out of the way, let's talk about actual gameplay.

Image result for pokken tournament

The gameplay, from what I have heard, sounds pretty fluid. You control your Pokemon in real time, moving in a 3D environment. Of course there are borders to keep you from running away. Combat in Pokken Tournament is fast paced, but as far as we know it is strictly 1-vs-1. So no free-for-all's or team matches. Unless those actually are in the game and are under wraps.

Image result for pokken tournament
Some characters have projectiles.

Each character has light attacks, strong attacks, and special moves (a la Smash Bros). Mix these up to get a variety of flashy combos.

Image result for pokken tournament mega charizard
Some Characters, like Charizard, can transform
into a Mega Pokemon.

Additionally, every Pokemon has a "Burst Attack". Basically it's a well animated finishing move. Tap the button once your Pokemon goes into Burst Mode (some Pokemon transform when in Burst mode. Others just get surrounded by a particle effect). Tap the button a second time and your Pokemon unleashes the actual attack.

As I have said I am very excited about this game. I just wish they would expand the roster. 8 characters in a game where there are over 700 possible fighters is silly. But of course I am excited for this game because I am, at heart, a Pokemon fan.

That is all the info currently available at the moment. It is scheduled to release in early 2016.

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