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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Now I was going to do this blog post yesterday but I forgot to do anything at all yesterday, so I have to do this today. Anyway, they are coming out with Captain America 3: Civil War so I thought it would be cool to do a preview (a la Zootopia) for this movie.

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For those of you who do not know who Captain America is, long story short he is an awesome superhero who was part of an experiment during World War II to create super soldiers (that is, soldiers in enhanced strength and agility, and the bonus of limited regeneration). Said regeneration slowed down Cap's aging. His signature weapon is a round shield colored to look like the U.S.A. flag (U.S.A.!! U.S.A.!! U.S.A.!! =D ).

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From left to right: The Falcon, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Captain
America himself, Scarlet Witch, and the Winter Soldier.

Now what makes this film so special? It is a quasi-adaption of the Civil War saga, from the comics. The Civil War itself was split into seven parts and in between those parts was an admittedly absurd amount of *filler comics. That did not stop it from becoming one of the biggest and most memorable/beloved/iconic moment in superhero history. And when I said it is a quasi-adaption, I meant the story is still roughly the same as the comics but they had to change a lot of stuff. Example, the Fantastic Four can't be in this movie because Marvel sold the rights to those characters back in 2006(?).
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Basically, the concept of Civil War is that the government wants to register superheroes (these include the Avengers, solo YOLO super heroes like Black Panther, and more) like a gun or something due to the insane amount of collateral damage the world has to deal with when good guys fight bad guys. This leads to the creation of the Index, which literally amounts to a list of personal info on people with powers (name, address, date of birth, etc). Obviously, a lot of superheroes hate this idea and go rogue. However, a large amount of superheroes such as Iron Man actually support this.

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Cue superhero vs superhero action!

Random fun fact! My cousin is an Iron Man fan, while my uncle is a Captain America fan. And those two are the leading forces of the Index supporters and rogue heroes respectively. And they (my cousin and uncle) always argue over who is the better super hero, so this film was MADE for them lol. Me? I'm #TeamSpiderMan4Life. Speaking of which...

Image result for captain america civil war spiderman


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Okay so this is my plight. I want to be all #TeamCap because let's face it, they have a better reason for doing this. But Spider Man is on Team Iron Man. And like I said. #TeamSpidey4Life. So guess I'm #TeamIronMan by default. Unless Spidey decides to switch teams like he does in the comics (Spider Man didn't realize how bad the idea of the Index seemed until a certain aunt got EXTERMINATED!!!). Also, how do you spell Spider Man? Do you spell it "Spider-Man", "Spider Man", "Spiderman" or "SpiderMan"?

Anyways, the fact that Spider Man is in this movie automatically makes it my No. 1 must watch movie ever. Sorry Zootopia. If your film had sea turtles in it I shall redeem you. Anyway, a lot of people are hyped for Spider Man because he is arguably the most popular/successful/beloved superhero ever. Now if you excuse me, I have a (hype) train to catch.

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Oh, and Black Panther is in this movie too. Not AS hype inducing as Spider Man, but still cool.

Image result for captain america civil war black panther

In case you could not tell with the ludicrous amount of me fan-girling (fan-boying? Not sure what the official term is) over the Spidey reveal, Spider Man is my all-time favorite superhero.

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Are you on #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan?
I'm on Team Iron Man because of Spidey.

Wait a minute. If Spider Man is on Iron Man's team, does that mean we'll get the Iron Spider suit?

Image result for captain america civil war spiderman

For those of you who don't read comics, the Iron Spider suit (which looks pretty dang cool now that I'm thinking about it) is a suit Spider Man borrowed from Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man). It's basically the classic suit with the Iron Man color scheme (red and gold) with these weird stinger things coming out of the back. Personally, I would be indifferent if we got the Iron Spider suit for Spider Man, but I doubt we will see it in this movie. Because I'm calling it right now: This film is going to reintroduce Peter Parker/Spider Man since this is not only the first film he starred in since 2014, it's also the first time Spidey teamed up with other superheroes. Ignoring the third Spider-Man film where he and the New Goblin team up to fight Sandman *cough cough* **Gaara is cooler *cough cough* and Venom. We are ignoring that since the original three films are no longer canon. This is also the first time Spider Man is in a movie MADE by Marvel (20th Century made the original trilogy and Sony made the two ***Amazing movies).

Because of that we probably won't see Peter Parker reveal his identity to the public (granted, I think EVERYBODY knows who Spider Man is). Oh and if they actually do this in the film, Marvel owes me a cookie.

Also, this is not a theory, this is confirmed info.

Image result for avengers hulk

The Hulk will NOT be in this movie. So if you like Hulk, sorry about your luck. Why is he not going to be in this movie? Because Hulk is like "Hulk not want to be in Civil War. Hulk go do Hulk's own thing!". That's why. And there is the fact that in the comics he actually did do his own thing during the Civil War saga (he was the ONLY superhero that didn't partake in it lol). In case you were wondering what the Hulk was doing during Civil War, basically they launched the poor guy into outer space. Hulk then does his thing. In Outer Space!

Image result for captain america civil war

Granted, Hulk is physically the strongest character Marvel has ("HULK'S THE STRONGEST THERE IS!!!"). Ignoring the reality shattering madness of Scarlet Witch, Silver Surfer, and Phoenix. And the un-kill-able-ness of Deadpool. And Galactus, who can literally eat ENTIRE PLANETS. Okay, so there are actually quite a few Marvel characters that are technically stronger than the Hulk but the good news is only one of those characters is in this movie. Anyway, having Hulk in this film would do one of two things. 1: Whoever's team Hulk joins has an automatic advantage because ignoring Scarlet Witch, Hulk is most powerful. And 2: If Hulk is like "Hulk can't make up mind on which team to join. Hulk stay NEUTRAL PARTY!!" then the Civil War would become a three way war which would annoy a lot of Marvel fans since the Civil War had Index supporters and rogue superheroes.

Anyway, putting Hulk tangents aside, I am hyped for this movie. But there is one thing I am slightly worried about.

Image result for captain america

For those of you who have read the comics, you know what's going to happen to Captain America. And Marvel confirmed this will be the final Captain America film for a long time. And they also confirmed that Bucky (a.k.a. Winter Soldier) is going to play a much larger role in the grand scheme of things than in the comics. For those of you who haven't read the Civil War comics, let's just say... that Cap has a really bad time.

Image result for captain america civil war crossbones
Crossbones is in this movie. So if you like Crossbones,
well here you go!

And that wraps up this preview/update type thing. Also, here's a link to the trailer (with Spidey).


Have fun!!

So which team are YOU on? #TeamIronMan (a.k.a. The Team with Spider Man) or #TeamCap? Or are you like me and joining team Iron Man simply because that's the team with Spider Man on it? Or are like Hulk and can't decide on a team?


*- Filler. The practice of making extra episodes/issues of show/comic arc that serve no purpose in furthering the main story and are used to give the creators of said show/comic more time to work on major parts of the story. The more you Know *twinkle*

**- Gaara. A character from the anime/manga series Naruto. Gaara was the primary villain for a good portion of the Chunin Exams arc, but he turned good by the end of said arc. Gaara possesses the power to control sand, much like the Sand-man. However, Gaara is infinitely cooler than Sand-man in every way.

***- I was not calling the Amazing films as in "WOW that was amazing!". There are two Spider Man films actually called Amazing (e.g. The Amazing Spider Man).

BONUS: I dare you to count how many time I used the word "superhero" in this post. If you do, you get an imaginary cookie. ;)

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