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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

IT'S MAH BIRTHDAY!! Top 5 things about ME!!!

NOTE: It is not actually my birthday since my meant to write this on my birthday but completely forgot because of Pokken Tournament being released. Then I meant to write it yesterday but forgot because of Spring Break. So NOW, two days after my birthday, I am finally writing this thing.

Normally I post reviews and what not on video games and movies and the occasional top 5/top 10 list. So today we shall look at five random fun facts about ME. Also, I will not include personal info like my phone number or address because of obvious reasons. This list will consist mostly of just funny stories about stuff that happened to me in real life. So without further adieu, let's get started shall we?

NOTE x2: If you somehow knew all five facts then either A: You are a family member or B: You are a creepy stalker. If you are the latter, then 1: I'm slightly flattered you bothered stalking me. And 2: You are a creep for doing that. In fact I would rather have NO ONE stalk me. So please, go stalk another slightly obscure blogger who writes video game and movie reviews.


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My favorite film series is Star Wars...

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While my favorite video game is Undertale. P.S. Who would win in a fight between Darth Vader and Sans?


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When I was a kid I broke my left arm in a accident involving a PE teacher and monkey bars. Ever since that fateful day I have refused to play on monkey bars. Granted, now that I am 16 years old it would be silly if I played on a playground at all. So yeah!


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During the Pokemon Splatfest I did a hilarious experiment. My favorite weapon (Aerospray RG) comes with land mines. That got me thinking "What would happen if I planted a mine on the other team's spawn point?". So I did. The first dude that respawned immediately stepped on my mine and exploded. I was laughing my butt off. So I did it again. EXACT SAME DUDE who got blown up before got blown up a second time. And I kept planting mine after mine after mine (and mines on top of those mines) and the EXACT SAME DUDE kept getting blown up AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. The whole time I was laughing like a Hyena and then the match ended and because of some idiot who walked blindly into my mines I got 25 kills during that match. It was definitely my personal favorite moment from playing that game. Moments like that make me wish I recorded game play footage and uploaded it to YouTube. Oh well.


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My entire Top 15 Pokemon For Pokken Tournament list didn't make it into the final product. I'm a little annoyed at that. Here's hoping they make some DLC. But hey! At least I predicted correctly that Mewtwo is the final boss of the story mode.


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My favorite number is one thousand, one hundred, and eleven (1111).


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In 2012 I moved to North Carolina. This was the first time I left Florida.

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I was born in Florida by the way. I actually spent most of my life here. Where do I live currently? Why no other place than...

Image result for florida

I'm still here...

Also am I the only one that thinks that Florida looks like a giant banana? Surely not. It's totally a banana.

WARNING: This next paragraph is a message for my good friend Vincent. Read it if you want but keep in mind most of it is intended for him. Does this count as a spoiler? Might as well...

Image result for spoiler alert

Vincent, I do not care what you say. Zero IS the first number. I do not care that you labeled it a "Gaster Number". The sooner you accept the truth that zero is the first number the sooner I can go about my day playing video games and watching movies. Oh wait. I do that all the time anyway. STILL. I do not want to hear "But Spencer, zero is nothingness itself! You can't make it a Top Five Slot! Hurr De Durr!" from you. It's alright for other people to make that argument because those people are the same people who believe Life's lies. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot, Count Dracula, and the Loch Ness Monster are all of the biggest lies in history. Seriously parents. Stop teaching kids that a fat man with a beard will give them presents at the end of the year for behaving nicely. Because one day, ONE DAY!!! they will learn the truth that "Old Saint Nick" is just their uncle in a silly costume. >:(

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So that does it for the Birthday special post thing. Hope you enjoyed it and stuff!

P. S. Reading this post sentence and knowing I will never let a joke go... It fills you with...


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