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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kid Icarus (series)

The Kid Icarus series is definitely a game for me. I mean, it's based on myths and legends. But that is not important right now and what IS important is that it's one of my favorite video game series (number 5 on my top 10 favorite video game series.), but it has less than 4 games.

Here's a list of video game characters and the myth they are based on.
  • Pit - the main hero. He is an angel with nine different weapons to use. Pit is based on Icarus, for having temporal flight and if he flies for too long his wings will catch on fire, Biblical angels, for being what some would say "a guardian angel", and Cupid, for in the Super Smash Bros. Melee trophies Pit's arrows (that come with his bow) are shaped like hearts.
  • Dark Pit - an neutral version of Pit. He doesn't serve Palutena or Medusa. He (along with Shadow Mario, Metal Sonic, Dark Spyro, Dark Link and a few bosses in my video game ideas) continues a tradition for evil (or neutral) doppelgängers to try to prove they are stronger than their good guy counterparts (NOTE: Dark Spyro is an alternate form of Spyro that is literally uncontrollable.).
  • Medusa - Queen of the Underworld, she seeks revenge on Palutena for she banished her to the Underworld in the first place. She is based on the myth of the same name.
  • Magnus - NOTE: "Magnus" in Latin means "great". Magnus is the strongest human in the game, putting up a great fight for the Underworld's forces, something all other humans can't do. He wields a giant sword.
  • Palutena - a Goddess that banished Medusa to the Underworld 25 years ago. Pit happens to be one of her royal bodyguards (general of her army, according to his trophy on Super Smash Bros. Brawl).
  • Hewdraw - a three-headed snake-like dragon with three split personalities. One head is friendly and polite. One head is brainy, like a nerd. And the third head is aggressive. And all three heads... well...they hate each other. Based on Hydra.
  • Twinbellows - a two-headed canine that guards the Gateway to the Underworld. Because of this, you'd think it's the second-to-final boss in Uprising, right? Wrong! It's the FIRST boss of the game! Why? Pit can't go to the Underworld yet, not until he gains the Three Sacred Treasures first. He only takes out Twinbellows so he doesn't have to worry about it. I should mention that Twinbellows wants to kill Pit none the less.
  • Lord Gaol - Medusa's general and possible second-in-command. He looks like an RPG final boss, but he's the second boss in Uprising.

Here's the story of the series.
"There once existed a land where man and gods coexisted peacefully. This place was known as Angel Land. This land was ruled by two beautiful goddesses: Palutena, the Goddess of Light and Medusa, the Goddess of Darkness. While Palutena loved the mortals and helped them cultivate their crops, Medusa despised them. In her hatred for them, she destroyed the crops that the mortals toiled to grow, and turned humans into stone. Enraged, Palutena turned Medusa into a hideous monster and banished her into the Underworld.
Medusa would not go quietly, however. She began building an army of demons and monsters. With this army, she broke out of the Underworld and waged war against Palutena's army. The latter's army suffered many casualties and Palutena herself was imprisoned in the Palace in the Sky.
Meanwhile, a young angel named Pit was trapped in the Underworld. Using the last of her power, Palutena granted Pit a magical bow and entrusted him with the duty of defeating Medusa and saving Angel Land. To do this, however, Pit would have to reclaim the Three Sacred Treasures. These sacred items rightfully belonged to Palutena, but Medusa stole them and gave them to her three most powerful minions. Pit would have to escape the Underworld, which would prove easy since most of Medusa's forces were in the Palace in the Sky. But Pit would have to travel through the two other realms, the Overworld and the Skyworld before reaching the Palace in the Sky."
"One night, the Goddess Palutena was startled by a horrible dream. In it, her beloved Angel Land was under attack by an army of demons. She summoned a soothsayer, who told her that this was not just a dream. It would soon come to pass that a demon by the name of Orcos would soon attack Angel Land.
Palutena quickly summoned the hero, Pit, and told him of the crisis at hand. She then sent Pit on a mission: to obtain the Three Sacred Treasures (the Wings of Pegasus, the Silver Armor, and the Arrow of Light) and to become stronger so that he may be worthy of using them when Orcos finally attacks." "Uprising is a direct sequel to the classic NES game, and takes place 24 (25 in the Japanese version) years after the original Kid Icarus. Medusa has been revived, and once again attempts to eradicate the mortals while seeking revenge from Pit and Palutena. In hearing this news, Palutena summons her most loyal servant, Pit, to stop Medusa and her Underworld Army, and restore peace to Angel Land once more. Along the way, Pit will encounter many new characters and enemies in the greatly expanded Kid Icarus universe. The story mode will also be divided into separate chapters that each represent a stage. As of now, only five chapters are known:
Chapter 1: The Return of Palutena
Chapter 2: Magnus and the Dark Lord
Chapter 3: Heads of the Hewdraw
Chapter 4: The Reaper's Line of Sight
Chapter 8: Star Ship of the Heavens
In addition, there have been numerous other locations revealed in the trailers, although it is unknown what chapters they appear in. These include:
  • A snowy wasteland that is made up of many canyons and caverns.
  • A forested area where Pit is seen defeating one of the game's currently unknown bosses.
  • A dark cavern where the Eggplant Wizard is first encountered.
  • A desert area where Pit is flying towards the sunset.
  • A grassland with ruins that is plagued with tornadoes. Dark Pit will be encountered here.
  • A purple and magenta room Dark Pit first appears in, which may be a specific area from the location mentioned above.
  • The interior of a bluish building where Pit will possibly be facing a boss or villain in battle." 

NOTE: series story is from IcarusPedia.

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