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Monday, March 12, 2012

Meerkats and their similarities to video game characters

Meerkats are African animals that (surprisingly) have similar characteristics with video game characters as well as differences. Besides the fact that Meerkats are real.

Meerkats live in groups (unless the males go roving, where he leaves his clan to mate, or better yet becomes a member of a different clan altogether. They also have rankings in the clans, much like the Serpentine from NINJAGO (Season two, they're the snake people in season two sets you can't miss them) Here's a list of meerkat rankings and their similarities to the Serpentine ranks.
  • Leader - the highest rank of the meerkats, usually the meerkat leader is female.  This rank gives the meerkat the ability to control a whole clan of meerkats. Similar to the Serpentine General rank.
  • Second in Command - the second highest ranking, usually the second in command is male. This rank allows the meerkat to control a clan, but still obeys orders from the leader. Similar the Serpentine rank of the same name.
  • Babysitter - I don't know how high this rank is, but the job of the meerkat babysitter is to care for the clan's pups (that's why the rank is called "Babysitter"). Has no similarity to any Serpatine rank.
  • Lookout - I don't know how high this rank is, but the job of the meerkat lookout is to alert the rest of the clan of approaching danger. Similar to the Serpatine Scout rank.
  • Hunter - all meerkats (even the leader) have this rank, where they go foraging for their next meal. Similar to the Serpentine Solder rank.
  • Fighter - all meerkats (excluding leader) have this rank. You see, a meerkat's worst enemy is another meerkat (from another clan of course). So... when one clan tries to take over the territory of another clan, the resident clan wages war on the invading clan. Every meerkat below the leader's rank will either fight or fall back, depending on how the leader takes the situation. But even the toughest of meerkats has to Retreat!!!! Similar to the Warrior rank of the Serpentine.