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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Petz series

Ever heard of Petz? It's a cute video game series where ya take care of a variety of pets (excluding Cats and Dogs, for you play as a cat or a dog and go on a adventure.).

Here's a list of games in the series.
  • Dogz and Catz
  • the original Petz
  • Dogz 2
  • Catz 2
  • My Puppy Family
  • My Kittin Family
  • Hamsterz
  • Bunnyz
  • Petz: My baby Panda
  • Horsez
  • My Monkey Family
  • Petz Fantasy 3D

Here's a list of games that have unique features
  • Cats and Dogs - This game is is different because instead of taking care of a pet, you play as one and go on a adventure.
  • Petz Fantasy 3D - This game is different because you don't take care of any animal discovered, but instead you take care of magical creatures (unicorns, dragons, etc).

In the first five games, the pets were designed with balls. From the sixth game and onward, the pets looked more real. The best game in my opinion is Fantasy 3D, because I love dragons (and Phoenixes, Pegasuses, and 800 other mythical creatures.).

NOTE: the picture at the top is the front cover for Petz Fantasy 3D, and I got it from Google.

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