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Monday, March 5, 2012

Samba De Amigo

Samba De Amigo is my only music-related video game.

From left to right, Amiga, Amigo, Linda, and Rio.


The story is like this. Amigo (he's a monkey, and "Amigo" is his birth name.) had a poor family. "How poor?" you may ask. To the point where Amigo's clothes were rags. That's how poor he is. But one fateful day, Amigo was in the town plaza, and looked inside a music shop window and saw the very objects that will change his life forever. 2 bright red maracas, trimmed with a green and yellow zig-zag ring. Amigo asked the shopkeeper to give him the maracas (which he did), became a fabulous musician using those 2 maracas, and became famous. In fact, he was known as the Maracas King (either that or the Music King). After preforming songs everywhere, he went back home (he's still a kid at heart), where his sister would change Amigo's life forever (again). His sister (Amiga) asked Amigo to form a duet with her. She would do the dancing, and Amigo would do the music. Now they perform together as a musical duet. And that's the story of Samba De Amigo.


The gameplay is easy to understand but hard to master. When you see dots heading for the Red circles, shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuck up high. When you see dots heading for the Yellow circles, shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuck in the middle. When you see dots heading for the Green circles, shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuck down low.

NOTE: Image from Wikipedia.


  1. Hi Spencer! This is just Annie here reading your blog, but my little girl wants to comment: Hi Spencer! My name is Ashi and I am dx'd with autism just like you! I enjoyed reading your blog. I like memorizing facts too! Lately I've been memorizing accidents and incidents at amusement parks run by Cedar Fair and Six Flags all over the US. I also memorize incidents at Sea World Parks, Universal Parks, and Hershey Park. How old are you and do you know how to type? I'm 8 years old.

  2. Hi Ashi!!!!!
    It is so nice to get a comment on my blog! I love to type because I do not like to write. It is hard for me to write, not just because I do not like it. I also do not like to color for the same reason. I started typing around the age of 9. I was really slow at first, but now I type faster. My mom had me start this blog as a way to teach others what I have learned about my favorite topics. I also get "credit" in home school for my blog.
    You should start a blog! I would love to read about the accidents at amusement parks. I am NOT a fan of roller coasters (my mom is). I am now 11, but in just a few weeks (March 21) I will be 12!!! I can not wait to be a preteen!
    Thanks for commenting! Have a great day!
    Your friend,
    Ps... Mrs. Eskeldson, I like the name you gave Ashi. Is that her real name? I really like unique names.

  3. HI again, Spencer! My mommy wants me to start a blog too, but I'm not ready yet. It's also hard for me to write, I have dysgraphia, but I'm learning cursive anyway! My good friend is Lucy Van Pelt. Do you know her? She's one of the Peanut's Gang from Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I'm going to see her this summer at World's of Fun. I love the kid's rides at Planet Snoopy. Last year at Planet Snoopy, the music at the Hoe-Down was too loud. But, Snoopy watched me ride some of the rides. I really love Snoopy. I keep writing letters to Lucy and Linus. Lucy wrote a letter back!

    I'm glad you like my name. My real name is Ashli-Meghan, but I go by Ashi. That's the name that I like.

    Happy early Birthday, Spencer! I'm glad you're excited to be a pre-teen. I don't like having birthdays, I want to stay little.

    See ya later, Spencer!! Love, Ashi. PS. I also love Littlest Pet Shop.

  4. I really need to learn cursive. I have put it off, but now I am ready. My mom writes in cursive and I can not read it. It is like a foreign language to me. In fact, I think I will tell my mom to start teaching me tomorrow. I too love the kids rides. They are the only ones I will ride. I do not like loud noises either. My mom tried all kinds of things on my ears to block out noises, but I am kinda claustrophobic. I do not like tight things. Ohwell, I still have my hands! They work great on noises. My mom said she will never grow up - I think you are a lot like my mom. You should have seen her playing in the snow. A stranger might have thought she was my little sister. I love to watch Charlie Brown, and Snoopy is my favorite! I love Snoopy and the Red Baron. I like planes. My uncle was in the air force, and he got me my first plane.
    See you later!