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Friday, March 30, 2012

Stuff about Pokemon

You know that I have a lot of blog posts about Pokepark 2 and it's prequel, right? Then you probably know that I'm a Pokemon fan, right? That is correct! I'm also a Bakugan fan, Beyblade fan, Adventure time fan, Power Rangers fan, Phineas and Ferb fan, Kid Icarus fan, and a Troop fan. But all of that is not important right now so let's get back to Pokemon.

There are a total of five regions which Pokemon inhabit. Here's a list.
  • Kanto - the first region.
  • Johto - the second region.
  • Hoenn - the third region.
  • Sinnoh - the fourth region.
  • Unova - the fifth and newest region.

When you first become a Trainer, you are given a Starter Pokemon. Starters are your first Pokemon and will stick with you unless you swap it for another Pokemon. Here's a list
  • Charmander - A Fire type. It's life force is in the flame on it's tail. It evolves into Charmelion, then into Charazard.
  • Bulbasaur - A Grass type - it is a hybrid of plant and animal. It evolves into Ivysaur, then into Venusaur.
  • Squirtle - A Water type. It looks a bit like a turtle. It evolves into Wartortle, then into Blastoise.
  • Torchic - A Fire type. It's very cute and downright adorable. It evolves into Combusken and then into Blaziken.
  • Totodile -  A Water type. It looks like a small, two-legged crocodile.. It evolves into Croconaw and then Feralligater..
  • Cyndaquil - A Fire type. It looks a bit like a echidna. It evolves into Quilava, then into Typhlosion.
  • Chikorita - A Grass type. It has a giant leaf on it's head. It evolves into Bayleef, then into Meganium.
  •  Treecko - A Grass type. It looks a bit like a two legged gecko. It evolves into Grovyle, then into Sceptile.
  • Turtwig - A Grass type. It looks like a turtle, with a seedling on it's head. It evolves into Grotle, then into Torterra.
  • Chimchar - A Fire type. It looks like a small chimp or monkey that has a flame on it's tail. It evolves into Monferno, then into Infernape.
  • Piplup - A Water type. It looks like a blue, small penguin.  It evolves into Prinplup, then into Empoleon.
  • Mudkip - A Water type. It uses the fin on it's head as a radar. It evolves into Marshstomp, then into Swampert.
  • Tepig - A Fire type. It looks like a small pig. It evolves into Pignite, then into Emboar.
  • Snivy - A Grass type. It looks like a green snake with small limbs and a sideways-facing teardrop shaped head. It evolves into Servine, then into Serperior.
  • Oshuwott - A Water type. It looks like a sea otter. It evolves into Dewott, then Samurott.

Pokemon have types. In my opinion, I think Normal type Pokemon are the best choice, because they have little to almost no weakness against most Pokemon. Something worth noting is that Dragon type Pokemon are weak against themselves. Same thing with Ghost type Pokemon. Ground type Pokemon are immune to moves like Thunderbolt or Electro Ball. However moves like Water Gun will do extreme damage to Ground type Pokemon.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Really awesome stuff about Pokepark 2 (now that I beaten the game)

I got the Pokepark 2 game! And I have beaten it!!!

Now that I beaten the game, I know the roles the characters have. Here's a list of characters and their roles.
  • Samurott, Emboar, Serperior and Conkledurr - Area Keepers.
  • Hydreigon, Haxorus, Krokorok and Sandile  - All of them take Pokemon to Wish Park.
  • Zourark - used to take Pokemon to Wish Park, but she betrayed the others once she found out that those that go there, they never return. So she lead a rescue mission to everybody only to be possessed by Darkrai.
  • Pansage, Pansear and Panpour - Panpour and Pansear went to Wish Park's Cake Zone while Pansage waited for the other two to show up so they could hang out and stuff. Panpour and Pansear ate a cake that was cursed. They couldn't stop eating cake even when they were full. After the Wish Bell rang, Panpour and Pansear finally stopped eating cake, and went to Cove Town. Pansage, Panpour, and Pansear can be befriended in the park at Cove Town and will have a 3vs1 battle with you.
  • Watchog - he, along with Munchlax and Cincinno, was convinced to go to Wish Park by Krokorok and Sandile, who were working for Darkrai at the time. Once he returns to Seasong Beach he will guard a chest filled with treasure and to befriend him, you must open the chest while Watchog is guarding it.
  • Joltik - the Joltik live in ALL Areas. The only way to find them is to look at Pokemon carefully, for they love to cling to Pokemon bigger than themselves. They can be befriended if you bring at least one Joltik to the one that asked you to find the others in the Unawarehouse (like a warehouse but very few Pokemon can get in because the incredibly powerful Golurk that guards the entrance with his life.)
  • Gothitelle - Gothitelle is possibly Darkrai's strongest ally. She, unlike the other Pokemon that work for Darkrai, lets you ring the Wish Bell to remove the Power Zone's curse (where those that stay in the Zone for too long will attack everyone they see).
  • Snivy - one of the playable characters. She is the daughter of the elegant Queen Serperior. (thus making Snivy a princess, and thus Bisharp and the Pawniard are her bodyguards.). However she is clearly tomboyish in personality for when you first meet her she's standing on the roof of three story windmill.
  • Tepig - although Victini claims that Tepig is shy and timid, Tepig himself doesn't act that way at all. He somehow got stuck in a cannon (how that happened I dunno.) Apparently, Tepig is a friend of Emboar, the Crag Area Keeper.
  • Blitzle, Audino, Dewott, Raichu, Servine, and Pignite - ALL of these Pokemon train your playable Pokemon. Blitzle trains your Pokemon to run faster. Audino gives exercise to increase health. Dewott trains Oshuwatt to increase his power. Raichu, Servine and Pignite do the same as Dewott, but with Pikachu, Snivy, and Tepig.
  • Darkrai - Darkrai is the villain, but he only wants everyone to be happy. Sadly, he went overboard with this going as far as keeping everyone in Wish Park. He sacrificed himself to save the world from the Dark Vortex. Zekrom said that wandering alone in the Dark Vortex is his punishment for disturbing the balance of space and time. After being persuaded by your Pokemon, Reshiram and Zekrom rescued Darkrai.
  • Variety of Pokemon

Here's the story.
The Tutorial starts here. Pikachu and Piplup go to Pokepark (along the way Piplup teaches Pikachu's moves) and meet Timbur. Timbur and Pikachu have a battle, the leads you to Seasong Beach. A short cutscene shows all the Pokemon in the Cove Area. Then the Cove Pokemon turn into Arbor Pokemon. Then the Arbor Pokemon turn into Crag Pokemon. After the cutscene, Piplup and Pikachu overhear Krokorok and Sandile advertising Wish Park and they decide to go there. Once you reach the tunnel to the entrance, Oshuwott jumps out of nowhere and battles you. If you win, Oshuwott will ask for ten Berries. You can say Yes or No. If you say yes, then Piplup will scold you and you keep your ten Berries. I dunno what happens if you say no though. You then go to Wish Park, play the Attraction and Piplup and Pikachu are about to eat cake, but Pansear stops them yelling "DON'T EAT THE CAKE!!!". Then another cutscene plays where Pansear explains. In that same cutscene, Cofagrigus shoves a cake in Pansear's face and then he started acting weird. then Cofagrigus tries to shove cakes in Pikachu and Piplup's faces, but Oshuwott saves them by using a boomerang version of Razor Shell. Then they get chased by giant floating hands and Piplup pushes ya through the portal and gets left behind. Then Oshuwott and Pikachu go to Samurott for help. Samurott suggests that they talk to Krokorok and Sandile. But the only problem is that Krokorok and Sandile are gone. So... Oshuwott asks the wise Alomonala (I don't know how to to spell the Pokemon's name) and then ya go to Cove Town. Krokorok and Sandile try to lie their way out by telling ya "Look yas, we don't know no 'portal' that yas talkin about." Then Oshuwott and Pikachu put the hurt on 'em. Then they tell you that to open up the Portal, "yas friends gotta help yas open up da doors" After you open the portal you play your first boss fight. After that you go to the Arbor Area and meet Snivy. Then ya meet a Zorua (one of my 1,001 favorite fictional characters). And needs help rescuing his friend Zoroark from Wish Park. Although ya know how to open it up, Zorua tells ya that you must think about wind or flying. Luckily flying Pokemon are always thinking about both. Ya go to the Dance Zone in Wish Park. Ya find Zoroark, but she's possessed. Then (after defeating Zoroark) Gothorita shows up and tells ya that turns out Gothita's Master had a hard time getting a grip on Zoroark to possess her. Then ya start your second boss fight against Chandelure and his Litwiks and Lampents. Then Gothitelle shows up and threatens to "make you disappear". But she just spares you and with a snap of her fingers she's gone. Then ya remove the Attraction Curse as I call it. The Attraction Curse here is where if ya play the Attraction too much ya (literally) can't stop dancing. After that ya go to the Crag Area (or more appropriately the Battle Grounds of Pokemon, as all the Pokemon there want to become stronger than their natural strength limits.) Ya meet Tepig, whose stuck in a cannon. Snivy fires the cannon and an enraged and downright mad Tepig yells "You shot me out of a CANNON!?" With that, he challenges you to battle (use Oshuwott, he's stronger compared to Tepig's "fiery temper". Get it? Cuz... Tepig's... a fire type? You don't get do you? I didn't think so.) After that, he enters ya in the Battle Tournament. Ya battle yer first opponent Hydreigon and after the battle Hydreigon throws a fit and Scraggy bursts through the crowd and reveals that Hydreigon and Haxorus are taking Crag Pokemon to Wish Park. Then a cutscene plays where Hydreigon  is cornered by Emboar. Just then, Haxorus kicks Emboar from behind and kidnaps Victini. Hydreigon opens the portal to the Power Zone and flies through with Haxorus following. Tepig tries to pursue, but gets hit by Haxorus' tail. After that, Hydreigon (from the other side of the portal) says that to open it back up, ya gotta think about power. Luckily, tall Pokemon are always thinking about power. After you open the portal back up, the third boss fight begins against Haxorus. After that you remove the Attraction Curse. Then you go to the Tech Area and help Conkeldurr repair a bridge so that Mawile, Abra, Kirla, Scizor, and the Roggenrola to Train Depot . Then you go to Unawarehouse, then you go to the Scientoriem and meet Reuniclus. He tells ya that Pokemon with dreams can open the prototype portal up. After that, you have your fourth boss fight against Sigiliyph. after that, all four Zones come together and you enter Wish Palace, Where the Master (mention by Gothita) is waiting. First you see Piplup ( from the beginning of the game) and then reveals he is possessed by saying "Wish Park is a place of never ending happiness. Come Pikachu, let's play in Wish Park forever." If ya say no to this then Piplup will say "I've been Pikachu's friend for a long time. And you just say 'no' to me!? Then ya battle Piplup. After that you meet the Master. The Master is actually Darkrai. He erases Oshuwott's, Tepig's, and Snivy's memories (at least the ones involving Pikachu.) and uses a move foreign to even me, and I know every Pokemon move!! Anyway, Pikachu is in Cove Town and is experiencing supreme sadness until Piplup shows up. He tells you to go to the place where you first met Oshuwott. Then challenge him to battle. Then go to the place where you first met Snivy. Then challenge her to a game of chase (Pokemon version of tag). Then go to the first spot you met Tepig. Challenge him to battle. Go to Wish Palace and fight Darkrai the final boss. after you win. Reuniclus and Piplup show up with a orb called a "Hydro-anti matter Detonator" or a "Hydra-coal hider thingy" as Tepig calls it. It's a one-time only device that can destroy the Dark Vortex (a black hole that can swallow the whole planet. It started to form once you go to the Arbor Area for the first time). Everyone powers it up with the Wish Bells. Once Snivy Tepig and Pikachu gather at the center of Wish Park Snivy notices that Oshuwott's not with them. A cutscene plays where Oshuwott is in the Cake Zone as the Dark Vortex begins swallowing up everything. Oshuwott hurries to outrun the black hole's destructive gravity but, along with the Cake Zone, fails to escape. Snivy uses Vine Whip to grab Oshuwott's hand,  Tepig grabs Snivy's tail. Then Piplup grabs Tepig's waist and finally Pikachu grabs Piplup's waist. But one-by-one, the Dark Vortex sucked up Piplup, Tepig, Oshuwott and Snivy. As Pikachu was barely able to crawl back to Reuniclus, Darkrai appeared saying "This......is not the world I wanted." With that, he grabbed the Hydro-anti matter Detonator and dove in the black hole and activated the device. Then everyone sucked up returned. THE END

  • Before Oshuwott was sucked up, he looked at the Dark Vortex, then looked at the others, then did his trademark overconfident looking grin and LET GO of Snivy's Vine Whip. So it's possible that he knew that he would return even if he got sucked up by the Dark Vortex.
  • After you beat the game and talk to Emboar, he will give the Deep Black Orb, which is almost impossible to break. Tepig will say that he tried to break it, but he didn't make a scratch on it.
  • Oshuwott is extremely serious about everything, while Snivy is laid-back and relaxed. Because of this, they tend to argue.
  • If Gothita is befriended, she will tell you that a "blue and white face" is behind you. The only Pokemon in the game that have blue and white faces are Cubchoo and Beartic, but they are only seen in the Colosseum.
  • Oshuwott always calls Samurott "sir".
  • When you first enter the Arbor Area, Karrablast and and another Pokemon (I forgot which one) were talking about Queen Serperior hosting what they called a "Berry Party". Apparently, Serperior got her "Berry Party" at the end of the game cuz in the end credits there is a picture of Serperior and many of her subjects surrounded by piles of Berries (only the red Berries however)
  • Also in the credits, a picture of Zorua and Zoroark in the Arcane Area is seen, but they are in the ARBOR Area, not the Arcane Area.
  • Apparently Oshuwott didn't know Snivy was a girl when they first met cuz when Bisharp called Snivy "Princess", Oshuwott says "Wait! Princess!? Snivy, your a girl!?". Snivy sarcastically replies "Do I look like a boy!? How rude! I'll just pretend I didn't hear that.".
  • The last Iron Tail training exercise for Pikachu is where he has to hit a wooden box off of Raichu's head, a complete reference to William Tell.
  • When you go to get Oshuwott on your team the second time, he is standing in front of the lighthouse. But when you first meet him, he is standing in front of the tunnel.
  • the only Pokemon from the Arcane Area that battle you are Charazard, Scrafty, and Landorus.
  • Serperior is the only Area Keeper that challenges you to a Sumo Battle, where you have to knock a certain Pokemon off an elevated platform.
  • Krookodile apparently has a crush on Audino, cuz One: He says to himself that he thinks Audino is cute. And Two: He tells her that he wanted her to watch the battle you have with him. But then he covers up the fact that he wanted to impress her during the battle with this line; "But uh... just in case the kids got injured and needed attention...".
  • Reuniclus, Darkrai, and the Bosses can only be befriended after you beat the game.
  • Mushana takes the role of the Burmy from the prequel for she tells you things like the legend, being able to visit Wish Park in an astral form, and that she has "an album" which is really the end credits.
  • The Burmy from the prequel is in this game too. He's in the Arbor Area, hanging from a tree. When you talk to him for the first time, he will tell you about the Pokepark from the previous game, and will tell you about the Pikachu from the previous game and how this Pikachu resembles the other Pikachu. the second time you talk to him, he tells you he used to live in a Tree House.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Petz series

Ever heard of Petz? It's a cute video game series where ya take care of a variety of pets (excluding Cats and Dogs, for you play as a cat or a dog and go on a adventure.).

Here's a list of games in the series.
  • Dogz and Catz
  • the original Petz
  • Dogz 2
  • Catz 2
  • My Puppy Family
  • My Kittin Family
  • Hamsterz
  • Bunnyz
  • Petz: My baby Panda
  • Horsez
  • My Monkey Family
  • Petz Fantasy 3D

Here's a list of games that have unique features
  • Cats and Dogs - This game is is different because instead of taking care of a pet, you play as one and go on a adventure.
  • Petz Fantasy 3D - This game is different because you don't take care of any animal discovered, but instead you take care of magical creatures (unicorns, dragons, etc).

In the first five games, the pets were designed with balls. From the sixth game and onward, the pets looked more real. The best game in my opinion is Fantasy 3D, because I love dragons (and Phoenixes, Pegasuses, and 800 other mythical creatures.).

NOTE: the picture at the top is the front cover for Petz Fantasy 3D, and I got it from Google.