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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pokemon Rumble Time!!!!

This post is about the all new Wii U game Pokemon Rumble U!!!!!!

This is the third Rumble game Pokemon has (the others are the original Pokemon Rumble and Pokemon 3D for 3DS).

This game is unique because it features ALL 649 Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Green all the way to Pokemon Black 2 & White 2.

This game is not out yet, though I know a great deal about the plot.
The game starts like this. A Toy Shop just got a shipment of Toy Pokemon. Unfortunately, a major disaster happens and four Pokemon Toys get washed down the river. Those Pokemon were Pikachu, Tepig, Snivy, and Oshuwott. And when they get back on dry land, the first thing they decide to do is go back to the Toy Shop.

Mostly, the game is spent fighting your way through hordes of renegade Pokemon (that you can befriend, thus creating an army) bent on stopping you from reaching the Toy Shop. And obviously, there are Bosses including but not limited to: Charizard, Keldeo, Rayquaza, Celebi, and more. Of course, to make the game interesting, the Bosses are gigantic. One would even say they are Larger than Life. And here is the best part. You can have the Boss join your army after defeating the Boss in Question.

But they also threw in some spicy twists. Like example, sometimes you have to fight a Boss within a Time Limit. Or you have to protect a fort marked with a red flag from the boss and other Pokemon. Or you have to fight a Boss who never runs out of minions to stall you.

The game also has a similar system to Skylanders. There are Collectable figurines that you place on a device. Only difference is that you don't really need them. They unlock Pokemon with Special Stats, like super speed, super strength, super endurance, and so on and so forth. But you can unlock more Pokemon during battle. They won't have Special Stats, though.

Pikachu, Oshuwott, Tepig, and Snivy are available from the beginning, but only one can be played as. The rest are your sidekicks. They fight alongside you, but they are controlled by CPU, not you.

The very first boss is Keldeo. It is ironic that he is a renegade Pokemon because Keldeo is a Sword of Justice Pokemon. That means that he protects other Pokemon, from renegade Pokemon. The other members of the Swords of Justice are: Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion. All of which can create a sword made entirely out of energy. This power is called Aura Sword. Even though Keldeo does not use Aura Sword, but instead uses Secret Sword. He transforms into his Resolute Form when he uses it.

The second boss is Charizard. While Keldeo is a Pokemon of the Legendary rank, and uses Water type moves, and summons Water type minions, Charizard is a non-Legendary, uses Fire Type moves and summons Fire type minions. Polar opposites.

But the even that started the game was no accident. Apparently, there is some diabolical force responsible for some of the Toy Pokemon going Renegade. And responsible for sending Pikachu and friends down the river. Who or what it is I do not know. I also do not know if Pikachu and friends have to fight a boss at the Toy Shop. I also do not know why Rayquaza was ordering Toy Pokemon to stay in line at the Train Station. I also do not know how much the figurines cost, but I DO know that you can get them at GameStop.

And I also know that in order to attack, you have to tap on the Gamepad WHERE you want to attack. Also, each Pokemon has there own unique move set. And each Pokemon belongs to a type. Each type is strong against a certain type but weak to a certain type. Example: Water types are stronger that Fire types, Fire Types are stronger that Grass types, and Grass types are stronger than Water Types. But lets not forget the TWO MOST POWERFUL TYPES. Dark type and Dragon Type. Dragon types are strong against everything except Ice types and Dark types, and Dark types are strong against everything except Dragon types and Fighting types. So you have to think about which Pokemon from your army to bring with you to the next battle.

If you want to see pictures and videos, please go to either Pokemon.com or GameStop.com.

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