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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rolling Western Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This post is about a video game series called Dillon's Rolling Western, for the 3DS!!!!!!!! I am SO going to tell a friend of mine who has a 3DS to get this game because this game is like AWESOME and INCREDIBLE had a baby together.

The game has you playing as a armadillo named Dillon. He NEVER talks. EVER. His sidekick Russ the Squirrel does the talking for him. But both are Rangers, in charge of protecting fourteen (14) towns from rock monsters that attack once a day. Dillon is super dangerous in combat because he has razor sharp claws, the power to curl up into a ball and launch himself at high speed (like a cannonball), can tunnel underground (he does this by spinning rapidly. He didn't do this until Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger) and he has a Lot of fellow Rangers, each one has gun tower and shoots the Rock Monsters (called Grocks) as they walk by. This is easy because they are super predictable and will only attack the front gates (which can be fortified with building materials and a small fee). AND they will only take the road(s) to the town, they never stray far from the road.

But in the sequel, The Last Ranger, the Grocks have a new target besides innocent villages. The train that shows up every three days. They will try to derail the train or destroy. Either way you lose if either happens. But the good news is Dillon has some friends to fight alongside him.

Here is a list of those friends of Dillon.
  1. Gallo a.k.a. The Coin Killer - An iguana with two guns and (really) good aim. He fights with a pistol and a sniper rifle (that surprisingly is used in close quarters combat). His nickname, the Coin Killer, comes from the fact that he always carries three silver coins with him at all times. He is an expert in money. In fact you can have Dillon give him a job: gaining money for the rest of the team.
  2. Boone a.k.a. The Loose Cannon - A grizzly bear with a shotgun and super strength. In his own words, he's "a lot stronger. And a lot tougher." than anyone else. He can actually grab Grocks and throw them at other Grocks. He has two sashes filled with ammo (for his shotgun), forming an "X" on his chest. he is good at collecting food to feed to the livestock of whatever town you are currently collecting.
  3. Nomad a.k.a. the Assassin - A squid man. The only character in the game who does not speak English, Japanese, African, or any other language. He speaks in a fictional language that only one character in the whole game can understand. Russ the Squirrel nicknamed this language "Squid-ese". He has an impressive arsenal. He has a shotgun (like Boone), TWO pistols, a Sniper Rifle (like Gallo), dozens of throwing knifes, and a handful of bombs. He can use several of these weapons at the same time because since he IS a Squid man, he has at least ten arms

You have to hire them to help when you fist meet them, but they will work for free if you beat them in a duel.

But they alone cannot stop a Rock Monster Invasion. That's where the Gun Towers come in. They can at least slow them down long enough for you to smash them to pieces.

But there is a tricky thing to know about Gallo, Boone, and Nomad. Once they have been paid after a Grock Raid, they will help you for free......................IF you can beat them in a Duel. Duels test the player's patience and reaction speed. The Duel rules will vary, depending on the opponent. But even after they have been defeated, you can challenge them to a rematch.

Here is the basics of a Duel (I will use Gallo's Duel as a example).
It's nighttime and the full moon is in the sky. Dillon walks out of a saloon with Russ. Russ tells Dillon the risks and benefits of a Duel. First of all, if you draw first, you WILL be shot down and killed. If you do happen to get shot, Dillon is only slightly wounded and the player has to keep mashing the "get back up" button to try again. They must do this as quickly as possible. If they don't, Dillon dies for real (they can try again. Dillon always comes back from the grave if you save).

There is not a sound besides the wind. Dillon starts to crouch, ready to fight. Gallo's hand slowly reaches for his gun (his pistol to be exact). Neither one moves after that, and they stare coldly at each other. Then the camera gets a close up of Gallo's eye, signaling the player to attack. Dillon uses his Roll to launch himself at Gallo. Do this too early, and Dillon will trip and stumble. Do this too late, and Dillon gets shot. You must attack JUST as Gallo pulls his gun out of the holster and shoots.

If the attack is successful, Gallo's bullet will miss by three to six inches ABOVE Dillon. Dillon will hit Gallo in the gut, and send him flying. When Gallo gets back up, he tells Dillon that the Duel "ended in a draw".

But the rematch is more difficult, because Gallo will crouch to match Dillon's crouching height. Dillon must make a sharp turn left (following by a charge to the right) and hit Gallo's side.

But this is why Dillon and Russ saved the fourteen towns from the Grocks. A gorilla stole Dillon's childhood home, and Dillon tried to use the reward money he got to buy it back. But the gorilla (named King Ron) refused and ordered the Mecha-Barrel (a giant barrel with flamethrowers and normal barrel shooting cannons) to squash Dillon. Dillon won easily and sent King Ron packing. Not only did he give up the deeds to Dillon's hometown, He also allowed Dillon to keep the reward money.


Dillon using his razor sharp claws.

Dillon using his Roll.

Nomad artwork
Nomad with his sniper rifle.

Gallo artwork
Gallo with his three silver coins.

Boone artwork
Boone. Look closely and you can see
his shotgun.

The Grocks
These are the Grocks.

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