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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Skylanders are awesome!!!!

This is yet ANOTHER Skylanders post. But what makes this one different is that I'm going to talk about the Dark Edition of the SWAP Force game.

The Dark Edition comes with five Dark Skylanders. A Dark Skylander is a clone of a normal Skylander, the only difference is that the Dark Skylanders are black and white and have a completely different move set.

The Dark Skylanders are Dark Spyro, Dark Stealth Elf, Dark Slobber Tooth, Dark Wash Buckler, and Dark Blast Zone. The last two are SWAP-ABLE Skylanders. The Dark Edition also comes with trading cards, posters, and some other stuff. It is more expensive that the normal version of the game, because the Dark Edition is $100 while the normal version is only $75.

But there is a catch. Just like the normal version, it comes with a Portal of Power. But this one is more different. It has several tunnels running through it and a slightly wider scanning platform. And if you have a Portal of Power already, you can NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use the Portal from the first two games because the SWAP Force Portal is designed to recognize all 256 possible combinations with the SWAP-ABLE Skylanders (so the combination shows up in the game) AND recognize normal Skylanders at the same time. The older Portal was much different as it could only recognize the normals.

But there is good news. I happen to know the names of all Sixteen (16) SWAP FORCE Skylanders. Here is a list.
  1. Wash Buckler - A squid man. Half Man, Half Squid!!! He has "eight legs and no pegs". He, himself says that. It's his catchphrase. Anyway, he can attack with either his sword, his gun, or his tentacles. In fact, he has a Slap Attack where he uses his front two tentacles to slap whoever is in front of him.
  2. Blast Zone - He is either a robot with fire inside his body or a living fire inside a robot. Or perhaps he is a being that is made of fire that lives inside a suit of armor. Or he could be a robot power by fire. I have absolutely no clue to what he is. He looks like a robot with fire spilling out of his joints. He has two known powers. He can throw bombs around, and he can fly by shooting flames out of his feet.
  3. Hoot Loop - A Bird Man. Half Man, half bird!!!! He has some kind of giant ring, that can possibly allow him to use his powers. Because of the fact that his a Magic Skylander, one can imagine Hoot Loop using some kind of wizardry or magic to fight.
  4. Magna Charge - A robot with only one eye, a single wheel for legs, and a laser gun for a left hand. He has the ability to manipulate gravity. He can shoot a laser from his magnet shaped head that can remove the gravity of whatever it hits, thus making it float aimlessly through the air.
  5. Fire Kraken - A (very) weird dragon-like creature with a staff. Both tips on the staff are on fire. I know very little about him.
  6. Spy Rise - ANOTHER robot. This time he is modeled to look like a spider I know very little about him.
  7. Night Shift - He is two things. First of all (and most obvious) he is a boxer. Second of all, he is a vampire. Even though (this is my opinion) he looks more like a ghost. Actually he has all the trademarks of a ghost. Like levitating. And leaving behind mist because his legs happen to made of fog.  He also has slightly stretchy arms. He is one of two Skylanders that can Swap halves that has a Legendary form.
  8. Doom Stone - He is a knight. The second knight to be a Skylander (the first is Ignitor). I know very little about him.
  9. Trap Shadow - A panther like creature. That is the only known info about him
  10. Grilla Drilla - A gorilla cyborg. His gorilla legs have been replaced with a spinning drill, hence his name. He is a Life Skylander, despite the fact that he is a cyborg.
  11. Stink Bomb - A Skunk Man (half man half skunk). He knows Kung Fu. That is the only available info.
  12. Boom Jet - I no nothing about Boom Jet. The only available info is that he is a Air Skylander. And there are NO pictures of him either.
  13. Freeze Blade - This guy is basically a bipedal cat with a boomerang and ice skates. Both the boomerang AND the ice skates are literally MADE OF ice!!!!!!! He can throw his boomerang around and can skate at high speeds.
  14. Free Ranger - ANOTHER Bird man. He has something to do with wind, specifically tornadoes. He has blades on each arm. He also has a Legendary form
  15. Rattle Shake - a Snake man (half man half snake). He has a gun. but his gun is shaped (and colored) to look like a real snake. He is an Undead Skylander.
  16. Rubble Rouser - He is covered from head to toe in stone. One might even say that he is MADE of stone!!!! Obviously, he is a Earth Skylander. But that is the only info about him.

All of the above Skylanders are Swap-able which means that you can pop off half of the body, put it on someone else, it shows up in the game, and each half has at least one super power. EXAMPLE: Wash Buckler legs + Blast Zone body =  Blast Buckler!!!! Throwing bombs and slapping evil-doers. Or Magna Charge body + Freeze Blade legs = Magna Blade!!!! Using gravity to battle and skating off into the sunset.

But the Dark Edition of the game is exclusive to GameStop. But the Dark versions of the Skylanders actually have their own unique moves that their normal counterparts ca NOT do. Like how Dark Blast Zone can shoot waves of fire out of his mask.

But there is TWO MORE THINGS you should know. One, Dark Slobber Tooth may be a new Skylander but his is NOT, under any circumstances, Swap-able. The other thing is that a new Adventure Pack for the game is available, called the Tower of Time.

All Adventure Packs unlock a bonus level with a unique plot. Based on the title, one would think that Time Travel is involved. But the reveal of the Tower of Time is so new that there is not even a LETTER of info on it. So it is unknown if Time Travel is involved. But the new NON-swap-able Skylander Pop Thorn comes with the Tower of Time, along with two assist items: Battle Hammer and The Sky Diamond.

For pictures of the Dark Edition of the game, or if you have more than a hundred dollars, please go to GameStop.com.

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