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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rayman Time!!!!

This post is about Rayman!!!!! The official mascot of Ubisoft!!!!!

The first thing people notice about Rayman is the fact that he has no arms legs or neck, but has hands, feet, a head AND a torso. The reason for this is never explained in the games. And these body parts move as if they ARE connected to arms, legs, and a neck.

Rayman also has a sidekick named Globox. Who is similar to Rayman, considering the fact that Globox has no legs but does have feet. However, unlike Rayman, he DOES have arms, complete with hands.

In almost every Rayman game, Rayman had the ability to launch his hands as if they were missiles. The hands come back like boomerangs once they hit their target. However, in Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, Rayman could only attack no further than arms reach. Which is pretty far despite the fact that Rayman does NOT have arms. But he still has to fight in conventional fisticuffs style in those two games. The same goes for Globox, the Teensies (tiny wizards that have large noses) and a new character named Barbara. Well if you want to be technical the Teensies fight with magical blasts launched from there hands (they ARE wizards after all). And Barbara has a double headed axe.

But those two games both have music synchronized with the action of the game (Just imagine a musical play. You have to move in time with the music.). Both games feature you rescuing someone. In Origins, the victims of The Magician (the villain of both games) were the Electoons. In Legends, the damsels in distress were Teensies (Teensies rescuing more Teensies. Weird, right?). This is somewhat ironic that Teensies were being held hostage by The Magician because he happens to be a Teensie.

The game also has various variations of Rayman and friends. Like Sir Ray-a-lot (Rayman dressed has a Middle Ages knight from England) or Goth Teensie (a Teensie dressed as a gloomy goth). Or Red Globox (Globox with red skin instead of his normal Blue skin).

The most famous arch nemesis of the Rayman franchise is probably the Raving Rabbids. They are aliens that look like rabbits, but are weird. Their trademark is screaming the word "Bwaaaah!!!!!!" as loud as they can. They normally do this when enraged. Which is very frequently because you can enrage a Raving Rabbid easily.

When the Rabbids first appeared, they kidnapped Rayman and some of Globox's hundreds of kids, held them hostage, and forced Rayman to become their champion in their bizarre gladiatorial tournaments. But Rayman escaped them by building a ladder out of toilet plungers (the Rabbids reward their captives with toilet plungers if they win a tournament).

But Rayman once again found himself among the maniacal aliens a second time. This time he was working undercover to exploit a conspiracy to replace every human on the planet with a Raving Rabbid. I do not know what happened next, but I do know that the Rabbids either caught him BEFORE their plan was revealed or AFTER. Because in the next game Rayman was forced to retreat to his house to escape a horde of Rabbid drones.

But the Rabbids got struck by lightning and got sucked into Rayman's TV. He had to endure weeks of annoying Rabbid themed TV shows. Later down the road, Rayman couldn't take it anymore and smashed his TV with his shoe. This only made things worse because the Rabbids escaped their digital prison and resumed their chase of Rayman.

But lets not forget Captain Razor Beard. This guy was the villain of Rayman 2. And is a pirate. But he comes second to Andre. Andre is a Lum. A Hoodlum. He can transform any Lum he touches into a Hoodlum. If he can control a certain amount of Hoodlums he can use them to make a body. A scarecrow body for Andre to use. In his true form he is nothing more than a teeny-tiny insect. Literally!!! But with enough Hoodlums, he can turn into a scarecrow like creature armed with a BB rifle. And in Rayman 3 Globox accidentally swallowed Andre and Andre possessed him.

A major difference between most Rayman games and Legends is the fact that the player has to jump inside paintings to access levels. Well......they are MAGIC paintings... Paintings with enough MAGIC to allow you to enter them. Another (but less obvious) difference is the fact that in the hub world of Origins, Polokus the Bubble Dreamer (the guy who created Rayman's homeworld, the Glade of Dreams. Surprisingly he did NOT create Rayman) is levitating in a meditating pose. But in Legends he is sitting on a stone pillar and is laying down on a (very) large pillow.


This is Polokus the Bubble
Dreamer. As he appears in
Rayman Legends.

This is how Polokus
the Bubble Dreamer
looked in every game
until Origins (see the
image above).

The Magician.

Rayman origins man
This is Rayman.

This is Globox sliding.

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