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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Super Mario Time!!!!!

This post is about an upcoming Mario game: Super Mario 3D World!!!!! The title makes it sound like it's for the 3DS, when in reality, it is for the Wii U.

But this game has a Four Player Mode!!!! The playable characters are Mario, Luigi, Peach, and a Toad.

But each character has their own play-style. Mario is the all-around character, with good speed and good jumps. Luigi can run a bit faster than Mario, and can jump higher. Peach has the running speed and jumps of Mario, but can hover in the air, thus staying airborne longer. And Toad is the fastest character in the game, being almost four times as fast as Mario. I seen a clip demonstrating Toad's speed, and Mario was running as fast as he could and he was easily outrun by Toad.

The game is like a classic Mario game. You collect coins, fight bosses, and at the end, you slide down a flag pole. This is easier with a new power-up. Cat Mario!!!! Mario (or Toad, or Peach, or Luigi, depending on who gets the power-up.) puts on a cat costume and gets SUPER CAT POWERS!!!! Including but not limited to: Super Cat Speed, Super Cat Jumps, Super Cat Wall Climbing, Super Cat Pounce, etc.

Another new thing is that you can ride on the back of a dinosaur. That looks a lot like Yoshi. Only Giant. And Big enough for all four players to ride at the exact same time. He also has a dark red bandana.

But this game is not out yet. It is coming out somewhere in December. But the good news is there are Green Stars in this game. Greens Stars are from Super Mario Galaxy. Just a collectible. But there is more good news. Cat Mario is capable of climbing UP a flag pole. If you reach the top, you get an extra life.

There are also Super Mario Galaxy style bosses. I say "Super Mario Galaxy Style" because one of these bosses is NOT a Koopaling. But a snake. Dressed as a king. And this game is NOT a side scrolling game. You can control the camera angle by moving the Wii U Gamepad.

If you wish to see images and videos, please go to GameStop.com.

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