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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The newest generation of Pokemon!!!!! Pokemon X and Y!!!!!!

This is one of my Pokemon posts. And this post is about Pokemon X and Y!!!! Two seperate games coming out at the exact same time!!!! Yet again, Pokemon does that. A LOT. For example: Pokemon Black and White came out at the exact same time, Pokemon Fire Red and Grass Green came out at the exact same time, and various other games came out at the exact same time. However, Pokemon Platinum came out by itself.

Anyway, Pokemon X and Y introduces a whole new region (and thus a whole new generation): The Kalos Region!!!! Unlike the Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, and Hoen regions, which are based off of Asia, and the Unova region, which is based off of New York (in the U.S.A.), Kalos is based of Europe, specifically France (one of the many cities in the game has it's own Eiffel Tower). And whenever a new generation is introduced, there are always Legendary Pokemon.

For those of you that do not know what a Legendary is, a Legendary is a Pokemon of supreme power. I know of two Legendary Pokemon in Kalos: Yveltal and Xerneas. Their type is unknown, but will be revealed when the games are released. But these two Legendary Pokemon are crazy awesome.

And perhaps the best part about these games is that the player can fully customize his or her character. In fact there is a new Pokemon known as Go-goat that players can ride on. Riding in style!!!!!

Just like any other Pokemon game, X and Y are most likely going to have Pokemon Gyms. In order to beat a Pokemon game, you must clear all eight Gyms in the region. But this is easier said than done because each Gym has a Leader which will engage his or her Pokemon with your Pokemon in a awesome battle. Each Leader specializes in a particular Pokemon Element, like Fire, or Ice. And each type has a weakness against a different type. Like Rock-Paper-Scissors. But in Pokemon it's Fire beats Ice, Grass and Steel, Water beats Fire, Grass beats Water, Ice beats Dragon, and Dragon beats everything. Including itself. It's weak against itself and the only other type like this is the Ghost type. However, Ghost is the Ghost type's ONLY weakness. But Dragon has power over everything. The only weakness is itself and Ice. So if a Leader uses only Dragon Pokemon, get as many Ice types as you can. You are going to need a full deck. Because although Ice does work well against Dragon, Dragon is going to EXTERMINATE Ice. Shoot Dragon types are practically unstoppable if you don't have Ice with you.

Also just like any other Pokemon game, you are probably going to have to save the region (or the world) from a criminal organization. Like Team Rocket, Team Plasma, Pokemon Poachers, and a dozen other crime syndicates. Well, actually Team Plasma had good intentions, because they wanted all Pokemon to live free without masters to obey. But a guy corrupted those intentions and turned them into plans for Global Domination.

Anyway, and just like any other game, you get your own Pokedex. The ultimate computer. It's portable, supplies you with info, and (in the case of the TV show) doubles as an ID. But the Kalos Pokedex is shaped like a cell phone (in fact it's the exact same size as a Smart Phone). But the Unova Pokedex is also shaped and sized like a cell phone. However, the Kalos Pokedex is colored to look like the Kanto Pokedex. Mostly red with a black stripe on the back and a white circle on the front.

Pokemon X and Y also have three new starters. A starter is a Pokemon given to you at the very beginning of the game(s). There are always three, but you can only get ONE. The Kalos starters are Froakie (a bipedal frog), Fennekin (a fire breathing fox), and Chespin (a gopher-like Pokemon). But do NOT choose a Pokemon starter for their looks. They each have awesome powers. Fennekin's Ember attack is useful against a Ice type. And Chespin's Vine Whip is effective when used on Water types. And Froakie's Bubble Beam is very powerful and leaves Fire types struggling to get back in the fight. And they possibly have evolved forms that make themselves even more powerful and look even cooler!!!! Some Pokemon can evolve where they go through a metamorphosis and gain a whole new body. In fact they become a whole new breed of Pokemon altogether. Once the process has started, It cannot be reversed. Well actually in the card game there is a gizmo called De-Evolution Spray which in fact can reverse the effects of normal evolution.  And in the TV show a Trainer named Dawn had a Piplup (a penguin-like Pokemon) and although the Piplup was ready to evolve, it delayed it's metamorphosis using one of it's powers (I forgot which one), and Dawn (at the end of the episode) used a special stone called a Ember Stone to down-right prevent evolution from happening to Piplup ever again. But in the video games evolution cannot be reversed once it begins.

In Pokemon X and Y, if your character looks at an NPC Trainer right in the eyes, a Pokemon Battle begins. Mainly because all Trainers go by a policy which says that if two Trainers look each other in the Eye, they must battle. Pokemon Battles are great for giving your Pokemon some Battle Experience, and the more experienced the Pokemon, the closer it becomes to Evolving. However you can collect stones that prematurely evolves a Pokemon of the same element of the stone. Fire for Ember Stone, Electric for Thunder Stone, and so on and so forth.

One of the most famous Pokemon in X and Y is Eevee. Even in Pokemon standards, it's DNA is bizarre. Because unlike most Pokemon, which have three or four Evolved forms, Eevee has EIGHT Evolved forms!!!! The most recently discovered is known as Sylveon. Introduced in Kalos. Flareon, Vaporeon, and Leafeon first appeared in Kanto, Umbreon, Jolteon, Glaceon and Espeon were introduced after Kanto but before Sinnoh.

The last bit of info is the name of the hometown of the player's character: Lumino City, you can spot it a hundred miles away because it has it's own Eiffel Tower. Oh and another thing: In several games Pokemon Gyms are located in any place with the word "city" in it, so there might be a Gym here. However, there might not be because your character's adventure/quest to become a Master (or in Kalos, a Champion) will take you from your hometown to a City twenty thousand miles away. And regions are entire continents. So the game should be like a really long road trip.

And that's all I know about the game. If you want more info, please go to either the Official Pokemon Website (A.K.A. Pokemon.com) or the Pokemon Wiki.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kingdom Hearts Time!!!!!!

If you do not know what Kingdom Hearts is, it is perhaps the most epic Disney game. Or one of the most epic, because now they are coming out with Disney Infinity and that game is just as epic as this game.

Anyway, in most Kingdom Hearts games, you play as Sora, a young hero with the ability to wield a weapon known as a Key-Blade. However in the game Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, you play as Roxas, who happens to be a Nobody. No really, that's the name of his species. Nobodies are basically clones of normal people. However they are created when one becomes a Heartless, which is similar to a Nobody in the way that both literally do not have a heart. However, Nobodies are crafty, where Heartless act entirely on instinct.

Roxas can do everything Sora can because Roxas is the Nobody version of Sora. Because in the first Kingdom Hearts game, Sora released his own heart to save a very close friend named Kairi. Thus, he turned into a Heartless. However, Kairi somehow managed to restore Sora to his normal self. But the exact moment his heart left his body, Roxas was born.

In almost every game Sora fought side-by-side with two or more Disney characters, most notably Donald Duck (from Mickey Mouse) and Goofy (also from Mickey Mouse). Anyway, there are several worlds are based off of various Disney movies.

However, in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Neither Donald Duck or Goofy come with Sora. Because the whole game takes place in the Sleeping Worlds. And only people with a Key-Blade can go to the Sleeping Worlds. But only if the Key-Blade user is asleep (because it's the Sleeping Worlds). However, Sora does not go to the Sleeping Worlds alone. His best friend, Riku, also goes to the Sleeping Worlds. And here is why they must go to the Sleeping Worlds. One can "wake up" a Sleeping World by unlocking it's Key-Hole. All Worlds, including the Sleeping Worlds, have a Key-Hole. But you must find it before you can unlock it. If both Sora and Riku can awaken all seven Sleeping Worlds and return to reality they will become Key-Blade Masters. They both have Key-Blades, by the way.

But the Sleeping Worlds are just as dangerous as the normal worlds despite the fact that Neither Heartless or Nobodies cannot enter. Because the Sleeping Worlds have Dream Eaters. Some are good, others are evil. The Nightmares are evil, the Spirits are good. The only difference is that Nightmares have red eyes while Spirits have yellow eyes. Sora and Riku can team up with the Spirits to fight Nightmares. But how they use their Spirits is different. Sora summons and rides his Spirits like a horse rider riding a horse, While Riku absorbs the Spirit into his body to activate a brutal combo that cannot be done normally. Both Sora and Riku can also use Dual Links where they activate to of their Spirits at the exact same time to deal massive damage.

The game Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is another instance where the player does not use Sora. Instead they play as three other Key-Blade users named Ventus, Terra, and Aqua. They are each responsible for the origin of Sora's, Riku's, and Kairi's Key-Blade powers. You see, Ventus gave Sora the ability to use a Key-Blade because Ventus' heart is inside Sora's body. Riku became a Key-Blade user because Terra chose him as a successor. And Kairi unintentionally became Aqua's successor. Because if the Key-Blade accepts the successor, it will glow. And it glowed when she touched it. Ventus also appears as a cameo in 358/2 Days, because a special Nobody named Xion (all Nobodies have the letter "X" in their name) briefly turned into Ventus. Because unlike other Nobodies, Xion is literally made of memories, Sora's memories to be exact. Her appearance changes according to Sora's memories. That probably explains why she is normally identical to Kairi, because Sora's memories of Kairi are his strongest memories. Also in 358/2 Days, Sora was in a coma during almost the whole game, because in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Sora lost most of his memories and while in a coma Sora's memories are slowly being restored and will wake up the moment his memories are completely restored.

Roxas also appears in other games. Sometimes he is a boss that must be defeated, other times he is a valuable ally. And remember Ventus? Good. Because their is a character known as Vanitas, and Vanitas kind of came out of Ventus' heart. In fact he is the physical form of the darkness within Ventus' heart. Later on in Birth by Sleep Vanitas and Ventus merge to create a combo of both. Ventus-Vanitas!!!! He has the same muscular build as Vanitas but the face of Ventus.

In Dream Drop Distance Sora and Riku had a new power called Flow-Motion. It allows Sora or Riku to move quickly at high speed and do awesome acrobatic feats. Like jump off walls, swinging on poles, and rail grinding. Another cool thing is that when you complete Sora's side of the story Ventus' battle armor appears to protect Sora from the darkness. Unfortunately, Ventus' armor was corrupted and turned into a Nightmare Dream Eater. That doubled as the final boss. So Riku defeated the Nightmare Armor and the game ends with Sora and Riku awakening. Unfortunately, only Riku became a Key-Blade Master. But Sora is not upset about it and congratulates Riku.

Kingdom Hearts was originally for PS2 and Nintendo DS (I do not have either). But now they came out with a Kingdom Hearts game for the PS3 (which I DO have)!!!!!! Well actually it's two Kingdom Hearts games (the original Kingdom Hearts game and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories) and the cutscenes from 358/2 Days. Not actual gameplay, just the cutscenes. Two hours of cutscenes to be exact.

Sora, Riku, and Kairi each came from a place called Destiny Islands. It is somewhat ironic that Destiny Islands is Sora's, Riku's, and Kairi's homeworld because it is the very first world the Heartless attack (in fact they destroyed it and sent it to the End of the World).

Want to know why this video game series is called Kingdom Hearts? Because the in-game Kingdom Hearts is the heart of everything in the universe. In fact it's the heat OF the universe itself. The ultimate Light. Many Key-Blade users have tried to claim it, but that just resulted in the Key-Blade war. Now the only way to summon it is with the ultimate Key-Blade: the χ-Blade!!!!! Even though it only appeared in Birth by Sleep. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness (the leader of the Heartless) somehow found a way to Kingdom Hearts (without using the χ-Blade) and thought that the Kingdom Hearts would empower him with darkness, but all he got was light, and the light was so bright that it destroyed him in the blink of an eye.

For some reason, Sora (and other characters) would gain a new form to blend in if they go to certain worlds. For example, Sora would turn into a vampire if he is the Nightmare before Christmas world, or get Tron style armor if he goes to the Grid (A.K.A. the Tron world). Also, in all games, Sora (or Roxas, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, or Riku) can cast magic spells in the form of a long-ranged attack. Depending on the name of the spell that you want to cast, the attack can be different. Unless the spell contains the first syllable in a weaker spell's name, where the spell will be the same spell, just more powerful, and doing more damage. However, some spells (like Cura) are designed to restore lost health or remove negative status affects.

Also, Roxas is unique when compared to other Nobodies. You see, normal Nobodies don't really have emotions, but Roxas DOES have emotions. Which is probably why the Heartless attack him frequently because the Heartless are attracted to emotion, especially hate and anger. In fact one of the bosses in the first game (fought in the Tarzan world) is actually a hunter character that was kidnapped by Heartless and he, himself, became a Heartless. All because of his hatred and anger for any animal he has not killed. So Sora destroyed him after that hunter dude became a Heartless.

Another cool thing is in one game (I forgot which one), Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey (A.K.A. Mickey Mouse) and other characters had to fight in an event called the Battle of 1000 Heartless. True to the name, the player must destroy 1000 Heartless.


This is what Ventus', Terra's, and
Aqua's battle armor looks like.

Sora (Art) KHI
This is Sora.

Riku (Scan) KH3D
This is Riku.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Skylanders: The Books are Back!!!!

This blog is about the Skylanders book Gill Grunt and the curse of the Fish Master!!!!!!!!

The reason why I am writing about this book is because There is like no info on it until today!!!!! So obviously I'm going to collect all the info I can and put in this blog!!!!!

Here is the plot.

This book takes place EXACTLY where the book Spyro versus the Mega Monsters left off. But I myself never read the book, so this info is coming from the Spyro Wiki. Because they know all about the book. Anyway, The Eternal Archives have just been restored (because Kaos had giant Chompies smash it) and Gill Grunt is singing about their victory. Unfortunately, Gill Grunt is a horrible singer, and his fellow Skylanders do everything they can to block out the song. Then Spyro and Gill Grunt look into the Book of Power (which, by the way, makes a reference to the first Skylanders game, because the book foretells the destruction of the Core of Light. Because in the game Kaos smashed with a four headed dragon). It reveals the existence of a evil artifact called the Mask of Power (in fact this book is part of the Mask of Power collection. Part two to be exact.).

The good news is that the Mask of Power was broken into eight pieces, each one disguised as an object of the exact opposite of the piece. I do not know the full potential of the Mask of Power, but I do know that the mask can allow you to control the eight Skylander elements: Magic, Tech, Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Life, and Undead. But the bad news is that Kaos is focusing on reconstructing the Mask of Power, and already has one of the pieces.

Master Eon (the awesome-st Portal Master that ever lived) sent Gill Grunt to find the next piece of the mask. Gill then proceeded to go to a bar (with a LOT of pirates using it as a club) and accidentally started a fight between himself a a crew of pirates. Before the fight can be finished, however, a giant squid showed and smashed the bar to pieces and almost ate Gill Grunt for lunch. But two other Skylanders, Zap the water dragon, and Wham-Shell the crab person saved Gill Grunt from being eaten by a giant squid.

And in the middle of the fight scene a ship called Fearsome Fang showed up and the moment the squid saw the captain it turned tail and ran. Or swam, because it's a sea creature. Anyway, all three of the Skylanders were confused because the captain (named Grim-slobber) did nothing when he scared the squid away. But all was good for the Skylanders until Zap heard one of the pirates mention treasure and asked them about it, causing the entire crew to attack the three Skylanders.

Gill Grunt, Zap, and Wham-Shell retreated into the ocean. After all, they are all Water Skylanders and Water Skylanders are the only Skylanders that can breathe underwater. In fact Water Skylanders are the only Skylanders that can swim. While retreating, they decided to go visit the mer-people (mermaids, mermen, etc.), because they most likely know where the Mask of Power piece is.

Unfortunately, the mer-people are somehow hypnotized and start swimming into a mysterious cave. So the Skylanders follow them. Also unfortunately, when they got closer to the cave, Wham-Shell was also hypnotized and started attacking his fellow Skylanders, and dragging an almost completely unconscious Zap into the same cave.

Turns out Captain Grim-slobber has mind control over anything that is a fish, squid, or crustacean. And he was using mind control on the mer-people to mine and collect gem-eels. They are eels literally made of gems!!! It's even in the name. Once the gem-eels are at the surface, Grim-slobber would make himself rich. And he uses mind control on Gill Grunt and makes him mine for Gem-eels.

But Zap was immune to the mind control and managed to help Gill Grunt break free from the mind control. Gill and Zap then smash Grim-slobber's source of power: the Fish Master Crown. It allows whoever wearing the crown to control most sea animals' minds. But Grim-slobber escapes to the surface (thanks to an underwater elevator).

Then Gill Grunt's back-up arrived. And the reinforcements consisted of the awesome-st Skylander of all: Spyro the Dragon!!!! Four Skylanders versus a pirate with two peg-legs, and a mouth full of fake teeth capped in gold. So who do you think is going to win this one? Obviously it's the Skylanders. If Wham-Shell and Spyro were not there, then he MIGHT have had a chance to win. But they were there and the odds were NOT in Grim-slobber's favor.

And the Skylanders unintentionally make Grim-slobber fall off his own ship, and he cannot swim. Gill tries to rescue Grim-slobber, but he was too late. Then Kaos appears and thinks that he found the second piece of the Mask of Power and mocks (and humiliates) the Skylanders by dropping raw fish on them. Before he left though, he made the ship sink, with the Skylanders still on board. But they escaped through a portal created by Master Eon.

Although it seems like the Skylanders failed their mission, it turns out that Gill Grunt got the second piece of the Mask of Power. It was disguised as a dirty sack. Gill grabbed the sack while he was trying to save Grim-slobber.

The book ends with the Skylanders realizing that Kaos won't stop until he has full restored the Mask of Power and that Kaos is probably looking for the next piece (and probably realized that he stole the wrong object, which was the remains of the Fish Master Crown).


If you want to know what happens next, try to get the next book in the Mask of Power series: Lightning Rob meets the Cyclops Queen, or wait for me to post a post about that same book, which might take months.

Here is a picture of the cover. NOTE: ALL IMAGES ARE FROM THE SPYRO WIKI.

 Curse of the Fish Master cover
the red dude is Wham-Shell, the dude
with horns is Zap, and the dude with fins
on his head is Gill Grunt.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bakugan (This time it's the game rules)!!!!!

This is a THIRD Bakugan post, this time I will write about the human characters and the real life game!!!!

If you have not read my previous Bakugan posts, Bakugan is an awesome series with a TV show, three video games, a real life game based off the TV Show, and DVDs about the show!!!!

Here is a list of human characters from the show.
  • Daniel "Dan" Kuso - The main hero. He specializes in Pyrus Bakugan (the Bakugan that breathe fire). In all four seasons his Bakugan partner is Drago (he has a lot of alternate forms. He has a Dragonoid form, Delta form, Ultimate form, Perfect form, Neo form, Cross form, Hyper form, Maxus form, Titanium form, and his most powerful form is the Fusion form).
  • Shun Kazami - One of Daniel's friends. He is a ninja and his Bakugan (which are of the Ventus attribute) are also ninjas. In season one his partner is Skyress (which gained a Storm Skyress form), while in Season two his partner is Ingram (which has a Cosmic and Master form).
  • Marucho - Another one of Daniel's friends. He is obviously the youngest hero character, but he is ridiculously smart. And his parents are super rich. Marucho even has his own (life-sized and fully functional) jet-plane!!! And he invented Bakugan Interspace (a virtual online game where digital copies of players around the world compete in tournaments with their Bakugan).
  • Spectra Phantom - He makes his first appearance in Season Two, as the villain. He makes a reappearance in Season four as a hero. Either way, his trademark is a mask that covers both his eyes. And the same mask has only one eye-hole. His partner is Helios (who also has a lot of forms). Spectra's real name is Keith, and has a sister named Mira.
  • Mag Mel - He is a major villain, far out-ranking Spectra when he was a villain. He used to be the leader of a race of aliens called Gundalians, but he was believed to have been killed in an epic battle between Dan & friends and the Gundalians. But he came back to life in the form of Mag Mel. The same applies for his partner, Dharak (who became Razenoid). In one episode in season four Daniel and Drago destroyed Mag Mel and Razenoid, this time they stayed dead.
  • Wise Man (A.K.A. Coredegon) - a super evil Bakugan that has the ability to transform into a human (in that form he is called Wise Man). While in his true form, he can combine with three other Bakugan to make a super Bakugan called Mechtavius Destroyer. But as Mechtavius Destroyer he was blown up thanks to Dragonoid Destroyer (a mecha that is piloted by Drago from the inside).

These are the game rules for the real life game.
First the players have to place down their Gate Cards. Then you roll a Bakugan in the exact direction of the Gate Card you want to land on. The Bakugan will magnetize itself to the Gate Card when it's underside touches said Gate Card.

This is a math game, though. Each Bakugan has a number on it, and the number is G-power, or a Bakugan's energy level. If two Bakugan land on the same Gate Card, then a battle ensues. You must use Ability Cards to increase your own G-power or use the Ability Cards two decrease the foe's G-Power. Whoever has the most G-power by the time both players run out of Ability Cards wins (you can only use them once in a battle. But once the battle is over, the player can use the Ability Cards again).

But Ability Cards are not the only way to win battles. There are also Battle Gear, weapons for Bakugan to use. Having a Battle Gear equipped will add the number of G-power on the Battle Gear to your own. And then there are Baku-Nano, which is basically a more powerful version of Battle Gear.

And then there are Bakugan Mobile Assault, which are entire vehicles for Bakugan (they also add more G-power to your own). But this is why each Bakugan is divided into attributes. If your Bakugan's attribute does NOT match the Mobile Assault's attribute, then you cannot use the Mobile Assault and it will be removed from the game altogether. You can tell what attribute your Bakugan is by the color. Red for Pyrus, Blue for Aquas, Green for Ventus, Brown for Subterra, White AND Yellow for Haos, and Black AND Purple for Darkus. However, Helios' Mechanical form is black but is a Pyrus Bakugan.

And there are also Bakugan Battle Suits. They work the same way a Mobile Assault does, but without the attribute rules. Say you have a Pyrus Battle Suit, but you only have a Aquas Bakugan, the Aquas Bakugan can still use the Battle Suit.

And then there are Mechtogan. They are GIANT Bakugan and here is how they work. If you have a Mechtogan and a Bakugan of the EXACT SAME ATTRIBUTE, you can place the Mechtogan next to your Bakugan. A Gate Card will not activate a Mechtogan though. But there is a special card known as a Mechtogan Activator that CAN activate a Mechtogan. From that point on, a Mechtogan works just like a normal Bakugan. It can be equipped with a Baku-Nano, too. But you can only use a Mechtogan once per game, so when the battle is over, you have to make that Mechtogan sit out the rest of the game. Also, because a Mechtogan needs a normal Bakugan to use, on your side it is two-against-one, so you pretty much have an advantage.

And last but not least we have the really awesome ULTIMATE BAKUGAN FORMATION. Really powerful Bakugan that are literally MADE of Smaller Bakugan. But in order to use an ULTIMATE BAKUGAN FORMATION, your opponent must an ULTIMATE BAKUGAN FORMATION too. They always have an unfair amount of G-power. Like the ULTIMATE BAKUGAN FORMATION known as Maxus Dragonoid (Drago's Maxus form) has exactly three thousand and four hundred G-power (which looks like this: 3,400).

The show also (during season one) had an extra card. The DOOM Card!!! Play the DOOM Card and every time you win or lose the losing Bakugan will be sent to the DOOM DIMENSION, never to return to it's master, for ALL ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to the DOOM Cards at the start of season two remains a mystery to me.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LEGO time!!!

This post is about LEGO's many toy-lines (mostly my favorites!!!!)!!!!

A really awesome toy-line (and perhaps the oldest toy-line) is Bionicle. This toy-line is something LEGO cooked up themselves. It is not based on ANYTHING. Except robots that can be posed in every possible joint.

Up until the Glatorian era, their has been heroes known as the Toa. There has always been six. But they have been around in the Bionicle world for thousands of years. They have always been succeeded by a new generation. The only Toa that has been featured in almost every generation is the Toa of Fire, Tahu. But he has been reincarnated hundreds of times.

But in the Stars era, Tahu (in his Mistika form) is magically transformed into his very first form so he can use the Golden Armor to defeat the super evil Makuta.

Unfortunately, Bionicle has now been discontinued. But it's legacy lives on in a newer toy-line: Hero Factory. Uses the same type of pieces until the second wave, which gives the heroes elbows and knees that bend. However, some Bionicle characters also have knees and elbows that bend.

An extremely new toy-line is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy-line. Based off the new show. It even has a build-able Turtle Lair. It has a laboratory for Donatello, A small skate park, a training dojo for Leonardo, a pizza oven (complete with a pizza pie with all toppings) for Michelangelo, and a explosion feature to add an invasion scene for the Dark Ninja (that comes with the set).

Another cool set from this toy-line is the Shell-Raiser. The Shell-Raiser is an old subway car that used to belong to a mutant alligator called Leather-Head. He is a very close friend to Michelangelo. Plus, Leather-Head is the only person that likes Michelangelo's cooking. Because Michelangelo tries to combine everything with pizza. But anyway, Donatello managed to turn it into a mobile assault vehicle. It has a "on track mode" and a "off track mode", with the difference being in on track mode, the wheels move upwards high enough to not touch the ground (as it has train wheels underneath) and off track mode is where the wheels come downwards.

But the toy comes with only two turtles, even though there is enough room to fit all four. But it does come with a purple skateboard for Donatello, a weapons rack which can store four different weapons (katana, nun-chucks, spear, and sai knives, to be exact), and a computer for Donatello (which has a e-mail message printed on it).

Another one of my favorite toy-lines is Ninjago. It focuses on four ninjas (five in the second story arc) protecting the world of Ninjago from Lord Garmadon. But in the second arc, Garmadon's son, Lloyd, becomes the fifth ninja. And in the final episode, he becomes the ULTIMATE SPINJITSU MASTER. While in that form, Lloyd's green kimono (a type of Japanese robe) becomes golden. And in that form, he has the power of light. And according to Lloyd's mother, in order to have light, there must be darkness. In fact the show's secret villain the Overlord (he possessed Garmadon and turned his body into the body of a massive dragon) also says this line, but Lloyd dealt the Overlord's death blow. And Lloyd dealt said blow in the nick of time because the Overlord has almost completely consumed the world.

It is apparent that LEGO will release a new wave of Ninjago sets, along with a new story plot in 2014, though I know nothing about that. I would say some ideas for the next wave, but that would make me a critic telling LEGO what to do. I don't really do that kind of stuff. So I keep my mouth shut. After all, there is a time and a place for talking about ideas, but this blog and the day of this post is neither the time, or the place for talking about ideas. Just like how the Aqua-bats' Battle Tram's laboratory is not the place for singing. No really there is a sign that reads "Dangerous chemicals. NO SINGING.".

The last toy-line I will talk about is Legends of Chima. It has eleven factions, all of which feature humanoid versions of real life animals (they have clothes, machinery, modern speech, can walk upright, and even have pose-able thumbs.). But the prince of the Crocodiles, Cragger, started a large scale war against the other ten factions. Over a mineral known as Chi. Magical? Yes. Powerful? Yes. Creative? Yes. Destructive? Definitely a Yes. Chi can create AND destroy, and Chima characters use Chi for everything. It's the ultimate source of energy. It's even the fuel of their war machines. Minus the Ravens. They just steal war machines and handheld weapons and spray paint the stolen item so it cannot be recognized. The war machines that they actually OWN are built entirely out of scrap metal, garbage and whatever the Ravens could get their talons on.

But the main hero is Prince Laval, the Lion prince and heir to the throne. But here is the twist. Laval and Cragger have been friends since childhood, and now Laval has to fight his long time friend in a eleven-way war (even though the Lions, Gorillas, and Eagles joined forces).

For more info on these toy-lines, please visit Brickipedia, the LEGO wiki.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Robots are SUPER awesome

The name of this post is a reference to the blog post "Ninjas are awesome". Because I am ALSO a ROBOT fan!!!

Here is a list of my favorite robots from video games.
  • The LD-301 robots - These robots are from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They have oval shaped torsos and their hands are connected to their shoulders by a single strand of electricity. You will find them deactivated if their is not a single active Time-shift Stone in the area. But if you activate a Time-Shift Stone, the LD-301 robots within the radius of the stone will spring back to life. It is worth noting that the only LD-301 robot that can be told out from the others is LD-301 Skipper, who is twice the size of a normal LD-301 robot (which is knee-height to Link), has a cute pirate captain hat with a feather, and has a mustache. Also, it is apparent that they work for Lanaryu, as the robots tend to call Lanaryu "Master".
  • Drill Sergeant - This robot is from Skylanders. According to his online bio, Drill Sergeant was an Arkeyan robot. He was nothing more than a miner. And just like the other Arkeyans, he was deactivated and was nothing more than a relic from a lost civilization. Also according to the bio, Terrafin found Drill Sergeant and had Master Eon revive him with magic. Since that Drill Sergeants masters have been deactivated permanently, Drill Sergeant was a free machine and the first thing he wanted to do is obey orders from Terrafin. Because all Arkeyan robots are literally constructed to obey. I would say "born", but robots are not born. They are constructed.
  • Bouncer - This robot is from Skylanders. According to his bio, Bouncer was a Robot-o ball pro. The only reason he became a Skylander (Giant class) is the fact that the Arkeyans enslaved his entire fan club. So he became a Skylander so he could save his fan club. I do not know if he did that, but this bio (and all bios about Skylanders) is just to reveal the origins of whatever Skylander the bio belongs to. But given the fact that all Giants have been around for thousands of years, I would say that Bouncer out-lived his fan club.
  • Clank - This robot is from Ratchet and Clank. He has Kung Fu skills, can turn into a backpack, and do much more. Although everybody calls him "Clank", his robot unit number is "XJ-0461". In some fiction robots would have unit numbers in the place of names. Either way, he is the sidekick of Ratchet in pretty much every game. In Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Clank's R.Y.N.O. VI Proto-suit (bulky, but unstoppable, battle mechas) makes Clank look like his Giant Clank mode.
  • R.Y.N.O. VI Proto-suit - These robots are from Ratchet and Clank. Although they, themselves, are not really PURE robots, they are still robotic. Ratchet, Clank, Captain Quark, and Nefarious each get their own R.Y.N.O. VI Proto-suit. But since Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One uses a multi-player, the R.Y.N.O. VI's have the overload feature, where two players fire the exact same weapon at the exact same target at the exact same time. The Overload for the R.Y.N.O.'s is: They just fire all weapons at the same time until the second half of the Overload, where they combine into a GIANT BATTLE MECHA that destroys everything on screen (EVEN BOSSES!!!!!!!!!!).
  • Farbros/ Assail Farbros - This robot is from Bakugan. It is truly massive, even for Bakugan standards, and is a two-in-one. Farbros is a Mechanical Bakugan, a Bakugan-sized robot that can do everything a living Bakugan can do, but Farbros (when combined with the Assail System to make Assail Farbros) can be manually piloted by King Zenoheld.
  • LD-002G Scervo - This robot is from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is the mini-boss (a boss fought exact right at the middle of a level) of the Sand-ship, the "dungeon" housing the second Sacred Flame. According to Skipper, LD-002G Scervo stole the ship from it's crew hundreds, maybe thousands, of years ago. Yet he is still functioning at optimum efficiency. At least when you meet him at the Sand-Ship's front bow. He is clearly based off of a pirate, as he has a pirate captain's hat, a cutlass (a kind of sword that only pirates use), a hook in the place of a left hand, and in order to defeat him, you have to make him walk the plank. Literally. Because the battle takes place on a long, narrow plank of wood. The base is blocked off by a spiked gate, and the plank is at a height which would cause severe injury. He actually puts up a good fight, but is still easy to defeat assuming you have the proper skills needed to knock him towards the end WITHOUT exposing yourself to enemy attack. It appears that Scervo is well prepared for a confrontation, as after you get him to the end once, he will drop his sword, but immediately pull out another cutlass, possibly an emergency back-up sword just in case he lost his primary sword. Or maybe Nintendo threw in the back-up sword to give Scervo more of a fighting chance because if he had only one sword he would be too easy to beat.

Here is a gallery of robots. NOTES: All images are from the Legend of Zelda wiki, Bakugan wiki, and Spyro wiki.

 LD-301N Skipper

LD-002G Scervo Artwork

Series 2 Drill Sergeant Promo
Drill Sergeant (with the spiked drills available in a
certain upgrade)

SG Illus Bouncer Crop LoRes1

Assail Farbros

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ratchet & Clank Time!!!!!

If you flip through my posts you will find a single post about Ratchet & Clank. But this is ANOTHER Ratchet and Clank Post!!!!

Ratchet and Clank are basically intergalactic heroes with a lot of firepower to back them up. They got bazookas, laser guns, flamethrowers, ice-throwers (basically a flamethrower that freezes things instead of burning things), and hundreds of other gadgets.

Ratchet is a Lombax (cat-like alien) while Clank is a robot. One major difference between Ratchet and Clank is the fact that Ratchet's species is endangered (as 90% of the total population fled to another dimension). Clank's kind, however, is thriving.

In several games Ratchet and Clank fight a EVIL robot called Nefarious. And there is a guy called Captain Quark (who became president of a planet is some games). In Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, The players can get new weapons from various stores that Quark set up during the game. And Quark is playable in that same game.

I happen to know that they are coming out with a Ratchet & Clank movie. And it is based off of the original Ratchet & Clank video game. They even have some tools from the game!!!

In some games Ratchet is seen wearing armor. Battle Armor, to be exact. And in the game Ratchet & Clank: Secret Agent Clank, Clank becomes a robot version of James Bond and sets off to find the person that framed Ratchet for a crime he did not commit. He has all sorts of neat secret agent tools like a Tie-a-rang (his bow tie becomes a boomerang covered in sharp blades), Kung Fu, SNEAKY Kung Fu, and more.

I should probably mention that Clank has a Giant Clank Mode. It's where he transforms from a cute robot that is knee height to Ratchet into a massive, unstoppable giant robot. And in the newest game, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Ratchet, Clank, Nefarious, and Quark each get to drive a massive battle suit which increases the users' size tenfold. And you become practically unstoppable in one of those!!!!

And here is a gallery!!!! NOTE: All images are from the Ratchet & Clank wiki.

Ratchet's battle mecha!!!!

All4One Ratchet
Ratchet (with a laser gun).

All 4 One - Clank

If you wish to learn more, please visit the Ratchet & Clank wiki.