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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pokemon Origins Time!!!!!

This post is about the awesome show Pokemon Origins!!!!!! You can watch every episode of the show on Pokemon TV On Pokemon.com!!!!!

This show has many characteristics of the original Pokemon Red and Blue games. For example, the main character is Red. Red is the default name given to your character at the beginning of Pokemon Red and Blue. Though if you have the game(s) you can change the name at the beginning of the game. Also at the beginning of every episode, the main menu of Pokemon Red (and Blue) is seen and when the "player" selects "Continue" the episode begins. At the END of every episode the main menu is seen again, this time the "player" saves (and quits) the "game", and the episode ends right there. NOTE: The "player" and menu is just to make the show look more like the games.

Red is very similar to Ash from the main show. The key difference is ALL of Red's Pokemon are fully Evolved (he has Charizard, Jolteon, Victreebel, Hitmonlee, Snorlax, and hundreds more. All of the Pokemon I named in this parenthesis are all the final evolutionary forms of Charmander, Eevee, Bellsprout, Tyrogue, and Munchlax respectively).

Red is also much more powerful (in Pokemon Battles) than Ash, as it took Ash a very long time to evolve his Charmander into Charmeleon and into Charizard. It took Red only three days to fully evolve his Charizard.

Another difference between these two are the goals in life. Ash wants to become a Pokemon Master (like everyone) but Red's goal is to fulfill Professor Oak's dream of cataloging every species of Pokemon in the world (there is exactly 718 species of Pokemon on a global scale. There is 151 species in the Kanto region, where the show takes place).

It is worth noticing how just like in the main show there is Team Rocket, a band of hi-tech criminals that abuse, enslave, and torture Pokemon. In fact in episode two (titled "File 2: Cubone") they killed a Marowak (they did not show the death scene, to keep it from going down the dark, mature path) with a electric rod. Ironic that they electrocuted Marowak because Marowak is a Ground Type and Ground Types are completely immune to Electric attacks. However since the rod was NOT a Pokemon the type match-ups probably don't matter at all.

A bit of karma was put on Team Rocket because the ghost of that same Marowak started haunting their base in the Pokemon Tower, showing up as a......thing... Okay I have no idea how to describe Marowak's ghost form because all I can say is that it looked like some weird shape with glowing yellow eyes in the middle. That Marowak Ghost came to rest in peace though because Red, with his recently evolved Charmeleon, kicked Team Rocket out of their base.

And Brock is in the show. Brock is one of Ash's most famous friends/partners and is also a Gym Leader (in the main show he gave up his position of Gym Leader to travel with Ash and to fulfill his dream of becoming a Pokemon Doctor. Pokemon Doctors are medical Doctors, for Pokemon!!). In Origins stays a Gym Leader but gives Red three things: First and most important, he gave Red a Gym Badge. What's a Gym Badge? Collect all eight, compete in the Championships, beat the local Champion and become the strongest Pokemon Trainer in the region!!! Set out on a global journey (like Ash) to become the strongest Gym Leader in the WORLD!!!!! Sadly you can't go on global journeys in the games. Though it would be cool.

The SECOND thing Brock gave Red is some really good advice: Pokemon are NOT weapons or tools. They are more like partners/friends. So instead of treating Pokemon like mere tools, you need to treat Pokemon like your best friend or something. At least so I figure. Anyway, the final thing Brock gave Red was a TM. For those of you that do not know what a TM is, it's a disc that can teach some Pokemon special attacks and moves that they cannot learn naturally. In most games a TM will break after using it once, and therefore only one of your Pokemon may know that move at a time. But in more recent games like Pokemon Black and White, most TMs can be used several times without breaking, therefore you can have several or all of your Pokemon learn that move. Anyway, the TM that Brock gave Red contained the powerful technique Bide, where the user LETS the opponent land a hit twice in a row, and launches a devastating attack that does twice the damage the foe in question based on how much damage the user took during those two attacks. You know, I once had a Pachirisu during the Select battle on Pokemon Battle Revolution that knew Bide. Sadly the move failed because it was a Double Battle and both foes ignored my Pachirisu on both turns and focused on my other Pokemon. So if you get a Pokemon that knows Bide, it is more useful in a Single Battle than in a Double Battle. Or a Triple Battle.

Anyway, Red also has a bike. Bikes are the second most important tool for a Trainer. The first is the Pokemon themselves. And just like a expert Trainer, Red can make 90 degree turns. But every Trainer in the franchise can do that if they have a bike. But the Kalos Trainers don't have bikes. They have roller skates. And you can ride certain Pokemon as if riding a horse. But you can also ride some Pokemon as if surfing (Pokemon that can use the technique Surf are required) and you can also ride on Flying Pokemon (Pokemon that can use the technique Fly are required for this), but only to cities and towns you have already been to.

Also, the only Gym Leaders that made Red send out EVERY Pokemon he has are Brock (who was the first Gym Leader Red faced) and Giovanni (who happens to be the leader of Team Rocket). Both times those Gym Leaders only use two Pokemon, while Red had to use all six. However Giovanni was originally going to use six Pokemon but decided to only use his two strongest Pokemon on Red because Red has ruined Giovanni's plans like four times in a row. It is interesting to note that while Brock only uses Rock type (Brock used Geodude and Onix) Pokemon, Giovanni only uses Ground type Pokemon (the two he used are Rhyhorn and Rhydon.).

And here is my last piece of info on Pokemon Origins. Every episode is narrated by Red, except the very first episode, which is narrated by Professor Oak.

If you want to watch episodes of this show on your computer, please go to Pokemon.com on the Pokemon TV section.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LEGO Movie Time!!!!!!!!!!!

This blog post is about The LEGO Movie, a totally awesome part stop-motion part 3D computer animation!!!!!!!!

The LEGO Movie is LEGO's very first, full length stop-motion/computer-animation hybrid. All their other movies are only mini movies.

This is what I know of the plot (do not read this particular section of the post as it might contain spoilers).
The Movie is about a LEGO Minifigure named Emmet. That's right. Emmet. He apparently thinks most things are awesome (ranging from Batman to overpriced coffee). Possibly because Emmet loves listen to a song called "Everything is Awesome".

Emmet lives in a town called BricksBurg, which is governed by President Business (President Business not only is the main villain of the movie, he also has a habit of organizing the whole world around him). Emmet also has a job as a construction worker (oddly enough, despite everything in BricksBurg being made entirely out of LEGO Bricks, Emmet does not know how to build things with his own imagination). And he winds up meeting some of the most creative LEO Minifigures (they call themselves the Master Builders) in the universe. These Minifigures include but do not limit to: Superman from Justice League, Batman (also from Justice League), Wonder Woman (again from Justice League), Lloyd Garmadon from Ninjago, a random Mermaid, Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Michelangelo the real life painter of legend, a 1980 something-something Space Guy, a guy wearing a Godzilla costume, Robin Hood, Abraham Lincoln (the day of this post happens to be the 150th anniversary of Abraham's famous speech), and the NBA Basketball All-Stars.

Also Emmet falls in love with Wyldstyle (one of the Master Builders) and meets one of the oldest Master Builders named Vitruvius (at first glance he looks like a wizard but if you look closely, one can notice that his "staff/wand" is actually a lollypop stick with a chewed up end and under his "wizard" robes he is wearing a rainbow colored hippie style shirt with blue jeans and a rubber band around his head).

There is another character that is half good half evil: Good Cop/Bad Cop!!! Good Cop is friendly and willing to help people and will give people a free glass of water. Bad Cop is totally evil and is Lord Business' favorite minion. Later on in the movie, Good Cop starts taking over Bad Cop (they are one character. With a split personality. And two faces.) and his/their loyalty is tested when Good Cop/Bad Cop must betray and attack his/their own parents (who also are Lord Business' minions).

Since Lord Business plans to glue every LEGO Brick together (thus preventing the Master Builders from Building) the Master Builders and Emmet are out to get him. Along with the super vengeful Metal-Beard (he has a normal LEGO Minifigure head, but the rest of his body is a pirate themed LEGO Robot using Ball Joint pieces for joints in the left arm and right leg, two tubes serving as cannons on the left hand, three long fingers on the right hand, with a live shark attached to the right wrist, a anchor-like weapon and a peg leg on the left leg, complete with black spikes, and several flag poles with flags on his back). He wants revenge on Lord Business for taking away his...uh....well...practically every body part he had, except for the head.

And there is a creature called Uni-Kitty. What's Uni-Kitty? It's a cat with a unicorn's horn on it's forehead. I honestly don't know a thing about Uni-Kitty besides the species.

To advertise the movie they have released sets based off all the action scenes. For pictures of these sets, go to either LEGO.com or The LEGO Wiki.

I also know that in 2014 they are making a The LEGO Movie Video Game. All I know about it is that each character has a different way to build (Emmet can build things with Instruction Build, a special building style that requires Emmet to pick up a few instruction pages, but the Master Builders cannot use Instruction Build because they are practically the building opposite to Emmet who can only build with instructions, while the Master Builders can only build using their imaginations. Because they are either too creative to use instructions or they are just plain bad at using instructions). Similarly Vitruvius can Master Build where he takes the best characteristics of his surroundings and combine them to create practically anything ( in a video I watched Vitruvius took a bench, a few fences, a roasted chicken, pieces of the floorboards, a mail box and several other objects and built a full operational ballista!!).

This is the first LEGO video game where EVERYTHING is made of LEGO bricks. Giving more options for building and smashing.

For more info please go to LEGO.com OR the LEGO Wiki.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mario & Sonic Sochi Time!!!!!!!!

They came out with ANOTHER Mario & Sonic game!!!!! It's based on the Olympic Games. Just like every other game in the Mario & Sonic mini series. Before we talk about this game, I want to say that I highly doubt Sega and Nintendo will make a Mario & Sonic game that has NOTHING to do with the Olympic Games. Though it would be cool if they did. But such a game has only 1% of chance of going as far as the storyboard.

But this game is very awesome!!!! It's got Giant Bowser Boss, Bullet Bills, Egg Fighter Drones, Badniks from the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game(s), and More!!!!!

This game is exclusive to the Wii U. Because the Gamepad is required for some of the events. But a Wii Remote Plus is required for other events.

One of the new events is Snowboard Slope-Style (and by the way, this sport is making it's Olympic debut in Sochi Russia in 2014. That is when the next Olympic Winter Games are going to take place by the way.). Just snowboard your way down a course while doing tricks to rack in points and impress spectators!!!!

And just like last time, there are Dream Events that take real sports, add new rules to those events, make them take place at a famous location from past Mario games and Sonic the Hedgehog games!!! Like Roller-Coaster Bobsleigh, instead of riding a bobsleigh down a bobsleigh/skeleton track, you have to ride the bobsleigh through Speed Highway from Sonic Adventure 2!!! And true to the name, there ARE roller-coasters in this event.

And here is another Dream Event, created JUST for this game and is NOT a remake of a real event. Bullet Bill Sleigh Race is the name, and riding a flying, Christmas style sleigh through Sweet Mountain from Sonic Colors is the game. And the sleigh is pulled by Bullet Bills!!!! Hence the "flying" part of the sleigh's description. But two characters are needed to pilot the sleigh, because there are TWO Bullet Bills and there are TWO reins to steer the Bullet Bills with. Whichever team that reaches the end of the canyon (with the best possible time) wins.

This game is the first Mario & Sonic game to have online. But if I get the game (I want it for Christmas) I will have to make sure that a friend of mine doesn't use it. He is so reckless when it comes to games with online. He seems to be doing better with resisting to urge to play online games simply for the interaction (he is a thousand times more social than anyone else on this planet!!!!).

And since this game lacks a handheld counterpart, this is the only home console Mario & Sonic game with a story mode: Legend Showdown. Every playable character (there is twenty in total. Ten Mario characters and ten Sonic characters. There is twenty-one counting the Mii Characters) in the game decides to explore a spooky castle right in the heart of Sochi Russia and wind up competing against ghostly copies of themselves.

There is another cool mode known as (are you ready for this?) Medley Mania!!!!!!!! Compete in any Medley of your choosing (Five events is called a Medley). There are several Medleys based on speed, power, technique, skill, and so on OR you can use a custom Medley containing any five events of your choice.

And there is another mode called Action & Answer Tour!!! It works something like this. You play Olympic and Dream events, just like in any other mode, but after each event each competitor has to answer one question from a quiz (how they answer varies from simple quick time buzzes to shooting discs which you think has the answer on it.).

And here is another cool thing: The whole game is completely in HD. Beautiful graphics!!! Stunning details in backgrounds!!!!! And the best part of it is that the game is on Wii U and the HD of Wii U is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

For more info and pictures please go to the Super Mario Wiki, Sonic News Network, or Nintendo.com.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pokemon Movie Time!!!!!!!

This post is about the one movie that the Pokemon Wiki knows NOTHING about!!! How do I know this movie info? I watched the movie myself. I was so eager to watch it I woke up as soon as I could (I tend to sleep until lunchtime) and I did NOT, under any circumstances, get out of my chair during the movie.

The movie has not one but TWO Legendary Pokemon: Genesect, and Mewtwo. Well, actually there is five Genesect (the plural form of Genesect is Genesect), but only one Mewtwo. All six of them can talk. Well actually Mewtwo talks through telepathy (the ability to speak with your mind) while the Genesect talk verbally.

Here is the plot (NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE FULL STORY).
Long Story Short Ash and his friends Cilan and Iris are caught in the cross fire of a few epic and totally awesome fights between Mewtwo and five confused Genesect, while Team Rocket gets "Blasted Off" by a Genesect's Hyper Beam. And the nest the Genesect build at the beginning has caused some major problems with the electricity. In fact the city almost blew up due to a meltdown.

The good news is Mewtwo gets the stubborn Red Genesect to listen and it is no longer aggressive and they wind up building another nest, this time in a river surrounded by the Genesect's favorite flowers.

THE END. I find it difficult to summarize. I have kept a great deal of info to myself. Also it is worth noticing that the Mewtwo in this movie is possibly a different Mewtwo from the first Pokemon Movie, as that one was able to create clones and had a deep voice, while the one in this movie had a voice that is almost opposite. Want to know what I mean? Watch the movie yourself!!!!! It is also worth noticing that there is a Sableye in the movie that Ash befriends during the opening. It is also worth noticing that the Mewtwo in this movie uses Mega Evolution. Without a Mega Stone! That is impossible in the games, as all Pokemon need a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve. But the TYPE of Mega Stone has to be compatible with the Pokemon in question (Lucario's Mega Stone is Lucario-nite, and Charizard cannot use Lucario-nite but Lucario CAN use it).

It's worth noticing that Pokemon from generations 1 through 5 appear in this movie.

The last piece of info I have is that each Genesect has a differently colored Techno Blast. The Leader has a purple Techno Blast, one has a red Techno Blast, one has a blue Techno Blast, and so on.

for pictures of the Pokemon in the movie, please go to Pokemon Wiki.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sonic Lost World Time!!!!!!!

This post is about the awesome game Sonic Lost World. It has features from returning games such as Color Powers from Sonic Colors, while gaining some new stuff.

The game has three different running speeds for Sonic to use. The slowest is a basic walk speed, which is good for beginners and rookies. The medium speed is a sprint, which is good for more skilled players. The Fastest and most retro style is a can't miss for Sonic fans: It's the Spin Dash!!!!

Here is the plot.
The game cuts straight to the action as Sonic and Tails are chasing Dr. Eggman's Egg-Mobile through the sky in the Tornado. Dr. Eggman has kidnapped some cute animals ( he did the exact same thing in the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game) in a futuristic capsule. When Sonic demands to "let the critters go" Eggman then agrees, but ejects the capsule in a double cross. Sonic tries to grab the capsule with a Spin Dash powered jump, but barely misses, forcing Tails to catch Sonic and make a second try at rescuing those animals. But the evil Doctor has a surprise: He pulls out a laser gun and uses it to shoot the wing of the Tornado, grounding (literally) both Sonic and Tails.

Tails proceeds to make a emergency landing on a planet called the Lost Hex. As Sonic and Tails rescue (this time successfully) the animals, Dr. Eggman enslaves six creatures called Zeti, who later become the Deadly Six. After Tails gets the Tornado up and running, Sonic and Tails proceed to go to Desert Ruins after Zazz (one of the Deadly Six members) is defeated by Sonic.

Sonic and Tails catch up with Dr. Eggman and his mechanical cohorts Orbot and Cubot and learn that Eggman is controlling the Deadly Six with a conch (which is a kind of seashell). Sonic, ignoring Tails' warning, kicks the conch out of Eggman's hands (I almost rhymed!). But the Deadly Six use their electromagnetic abilities to make Eggman's army turn on him.

Sonic and Eggman then do something they have not done since Sonic Adventure 2 (or Sonic the Hedgehog '06 but the events of that game never happened because Princess Elise blew out the candle used to create Solaris and thus Solaris was never created, and in turn the events of the game never occurred): Join Forces!!!!! And here is the Deadly Six's plan to destroy the planet: They are going to use Eggman's Extractor to siphon the LIFE ENERGY out of the Earth and use the Life Energy to make themselves super powerful.

The Deadly Six also come up with the plan of turn Sonic into a robot (Robotizing him. A bit of a reference to Sonic Underground and the Sonic the Hedgehog TV show that came out a few years ago.) Their plan backfires, however, because Tails got "robotized".

The good news is Robot-Tails betrays the Deadly Six by using one of his tails to grab a toothpick off of Zomom's sandwich (Zomom is another member of the Deadly Six) and uses that toothpick to reprogram the Extractor. But to his surprise it turns out Dr. Eggman already shut down the Extractor (this is surprising because earlier Eggman fell into a pool of lava. Along with Orbot and Cubot.). After Sonic defeats the Deadly Six (four of them explode. The rest fall into a pool of lava) Eggman reveals that he survived the lava pool thanks to the jet-pack he was wearing at the time and them puts the LIFE ENERGY of the Earth (or a fraction of it) into the most powerful mecha he ever built. The name of the robot is never said. Though the Sonic News Network gave it the nickname Lava Mountain Zone Four Boss. I think "Ultimate Mech" would be better because Eggman himself called it the "Ultimate Mech".

Sonic then destroys the "Lava Mountain Zone Four Boss/Ultimate Mech" while Tails reprograms the Extractor to return ALL of Earth's LIFE ENERGY. Back on Earth, Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, and Knuckles the Echidna briefly celebrate their victory (Knuckles and Amy have been on Earth the whole time. Thus Knuckles missed out on a chance to do something heroic. Throughout the game Knuckles brags that he would have solved the crisis much sooner than Sonic). Sonic then proceeds to take a nap after "a day like today".


It is interesting to notice that you fight each member of the Deadly Six twice. The first time they are very easy to defeat, the second time it's much more difficult. It's also worth noticing that the Wisps in this game are for gameplay only, they do not have any major role in the story. It is also worth noticing that out of the Deadly Six, Master Zik, Zor, Zazz, and Zomom are the only members whose names are spoken in the game. Also, the Deadly Six are rather colorful and vibrant, much unlike previous powerful entities that Eggman tries to control, which have a grotesque design. However their behavior and speech is much darker than their appearance suggests.

This game also has muiltiplayer. In Co-op Mode, Player One controls Sonic the Hedgehog while Player Two controls a RC vehicle (built and operated by Tails) that helps out Sonic in various ways. In Player vs. Player Mode, two Virtual Hedgehogs race against each other.

And for the online lover, you can give and/or get items from other players around the WORLD!!!! And there are leader-boards. But I am not a fan on online interaction because you don't play games to hang out with people you never met in person, you play games to play games. Don't take it from me, mind you. You might like online you might not like online and a friend of mine loves online interaction. I only use this computer for writing posts, reading, and watching awesome episodes of Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For more info, pictures and videos, please go to the Sonic News Network.