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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adventure Time part 2

They got a new season OMG!!!   It has new characters such as the Bears, a new remake of Marclene the Vampire Queen and Hot Dog Knights!!!

In the episode "Stomach Party" it starts off with Finn and Jake stumbling upon a giant monster, then they hear a Bear screaming "HELP! Help me!", then the duo get eaten by the monster (don't worry, their still alive), then they find the Bear screaming "HELP!!! Help me, hang these streamers!! It's not a party without STREAMERS!!!!!!! Do da do do do do, do da do do do!!!!!" then a bunch of Bears start a party inside the monster's gut. Then Finn and Jake try to warn the Bears' leader, Party Pat, but they have to party with him first, and one of the events involved singing along with lyrics, in fact I know one part that Finn and Jake sang. (see bellow)
"Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Then the duo went up to the mouth and saw that the monster was heading to a volcano, then they went back down to the gut, then Finn yelled "You Bears need to get out outa here, or ya'll be melted by lava!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then they went to the "Deep and Gross Mine that nobody uses anymore" (actually, it was the monster's butt), then Finn and Jake put bandages and casts on every Bear that was in the monster's belly (possibly because the Bears got singed by the lava.) then Party Pat begs the monster to let his kind party in it's stomach once more, but since they used fireworks combined with the lava, the monster refused because it's belly is scorched, but Party Pat promised the monster that they will no longer use fireworks, but they WILL use harmless party lasers instead, so the monster ate them all.

  In the episode "The Limit", it starts off with Finn and Jake having a party with Hot Dog Princess, the only Hot Dog that is bigger than Finn, then a "Help us!!" beacon went off, grabbing Finn's attention, then HDP told them to rescue her Hot Dog Knights (who have been sent to a labyrinth to find a wish-granting mud monster but got lost), then they go to the maze where the Hot Dog Knights got lost in and they go inside, and since that the maze was so big Finn said "Man, this maze is so big, it will take us forever to oh." When he said the last word of the sentence they found the Hot Dog Knights, and once they find them they decide to look for the Wish Granter, but Jake (who tied his legs to a stump and was making a trail by stretching his body) was reaching his limit, causing him to say "Man....I........just need........to go........a little........further." Then they encounter a Golom and, as always, Finn and fought it, first Finn blocks it vision by putting his shirt over it's eyes while saying "Wrap him up Jake!!" Then Jake wrapped him up but stopped in pain saying "Rrrrrrryyyyyyyyaaahhhhhhh!!! Oh No! I stretched..........to far.........I can't............stretch............anymore!!!" But the Hot Dog Knights shouted "C' on Jake! You can do it!!! Jake Jake Jake!!!!!!" Causing Jake to gain confidence and stretched as far as he could to topple the Golom, then Finn asks him if he's alright for he started to get thinner as he stretched. He replies with "Yeah I'm fine. Don't worry Finn, we'll get the War Elephant that we always wanted." Then they  use Jake's stretching powers to solve puzzle they otherwise couldn't solve. then they see Jake's torso in front of them, causing Finn to rapidly poke it, before that Jake says "Hey watch it man, i think that's my nurp but like, super stretched out." when Finn is done poking a Scorpion attacks them, then thousands of scorpions join the first one, stinging all of the Hot Dog Knights, as Finn thinks that the poison killed them one of them said "It's okay! Hot Dogs are immune to poison!" Jake saves them all by shape-shifting his torso into a plug that trapped the scorpions in the hole they were coming from, then they stumble upon the final puzzle, which is LITERALLY a puzzle, when they solve it forms a odd-looking cat, one of the Hot Dog Knights fell in love with the picture and accidentally reversed the puzzle and that Hot Dog Knight was killed as the door the puzzle unlocked collapsed on him. then the Wish Granter said in order to get wishes they must first walk up to him. One of the Hot Dog Knights said "I gonna wish for a hat!" as he steps on a tile that triggered a trap that killed the Hot Dog Knight, causing Finn and the Hot Dog Knights the remaining Hot Dog Knights all screamed in fear, then one said "Nope, there's no way we can walk up that pathway, it's covered in traps." Then the Hot Dog Knight said "Looks like Jake will have to stretch us across." But Jake has gone way beyond his limit and was in lots of pain, then Finn and the Hot Dog Knights started shouting Jake's name, causing him to gain more confidence and carried them to the Wish Granter, but when they did Jake said "That's it, I'm dead." as dropped them and fell half-dead, causing Finn to worry about him. Then the Wish Granter said "Congratulations travelers, you each get one wish but be warned, there are no do-overs." Then they all made their wish, one of the Hot Dog Knights wished for a box, the other Hot Dog Knight wished to blow up, although he meant to enlarge, causing Finn to say "You guys, are stupid." Then Finn and a dying Jake then made their wishes, although he meant to wish for the "Legendary physic flying two-headed War Elephant Sintera," he wished for a sandwich instead. Finn wished for two wishes, he used one to get the Legendary physic flying two-headed War Elephant Sintera, and used the second wish to revive all the dead Hot Dog Knights as well as Jake. And they flew out of the maze. (possibly back to Hot Dog Princess' castle.)

The new remake of Marclene appears in all Para-normal episodes such as "Heat Signature" "Love Kaboom" and "Marclene's Dad."

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