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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NiGHTS (character from Sega)

NiGHTS is a Nightmaren that betrayed his creator, Wizeman the Wicked, and he happens to live in the Dream World.

NiGHTS also happens to have a invisible flute called the "Dream Flute", and his powers mainly involve flying, however in the second video game NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams he has the power to shape-shift into; a dolphin, a dragon, and a rocket, each with their own abilities.

NiGHTS also happens to have a jester-like hat, and although he has arms legs, hands and feet he has no wrists, no ankles, and (like Rayman) no neck.

Here's some games NiGHTS can be found in.
"NiGHTS into Dreams
NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Christmas NiGHTS (Sonic playable cameo)
Sonic Adventure (cameo)
Sonic Shuffle (cameo)
Sonic Adventure 2 (cameo)
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (cameo)
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (cameo)
Sonic Pinball Party
Shadow the Hedgehog (game) (cameo)
Sonic Riders (playable cameo)
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (playable cameo)
Sega Superstars
Sega Superstars Tennis
Sega Splash Golf
Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing (Flagman)"

Here's his attire.
  A purple jester-like hat, a white inner shirt, a red trimmed with pink vest, white gloves, purple, pink and white on ends of arm sleeves, purple pants (with pink on the ends of the leg-sleeves), purple trimmed with yellow shoes, a red jester hat with white cottenballs on tips (Christmas
NiGHTS only), red trimmed with white on ends of arm sleeves (Christmas

NiGHTS only), a white collar (Christmas

NiGHTS only), red trimmed with white pants and shoes (Christmas

NiGHTS only) and a completely red vest (Christmas

NiGHTS only).

NiGHTS' theme song is Dreams, dreams

"" info came from Sonic News Network


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