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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LEGO Pirates of the Carribean: The Video Game

LEGO Pirates of the Carribean: the Video Game is the fourth game in the LEGO video game series that features the Split Screen feature. It's the first game to feature the ability to swim underwater, however you must resurface if your playing as a LIVING character while NON-LIVING characters can stay underwater as long as they want.

Some info.
"The hub in this game is Port Royal. From here, players advance through the game, unlock characters and extras, and as players get further through the game, The Port will evolve and get bigger, revealing new areas to unlock and discover new things. Like past titles, different characters have different abilities. For example, Captain Jack Sparrow has the ability to use his compass, which points him to whatever his heart desires, (this in the game being the next part of the level). Will Turner has the ability to throw axes at targets to complete objectives, while Elizabeth Swann has the ability to jump higher than other characters, and get to areas unreachable to other characters."

Some info on characters.
*Jack Sparrow, a cunningly clumsy pirate lord, captain of the Black Pearl
*Davy Jones, a undead pirate, he died in At world's End.
*Will Turner, originally a blacksmith, he killed Davy Jones in At world's End.
*Barbossa, original captain of the Black Pearl, died in Curse of the Black Pearl, revived in Dead Man's Chest.
*Zombies, first appeared in On stranger Tides.
*Mermaids, first appeared in On stranger Tides.
*Blackbeard,  a pirate of legend, died in On stranger Tides.

info in " " from Wiki


  1. Hi my Mom is Kar!!I'm 11 Years old and I like to play video games!!

  2. I am 11 also. I love to play video and computer games. Right now I just got Lego Universe (bought), and rented Mini Ninja's and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean from Game Fly. Game Fly is awesome.