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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Bionicle is the only LEGO product that have hard-to-build bricks that form pose-able action figures.

Here's my personal favorite characters. (good guys)
*Tahu, "Toa of Fire, Tahu is destined to wear the powerful golden armor and strike a blow for the freedom of two worlds. One of the six original Toa, Tahu has led his team of protectors ever since awakening in a pod off the shore of Mata Nui island. His fiery personality and impulsive tendencies have been tempered by time and experience. His leadership has helped save the lives of Matoran and Toa, and through many incarnations he has always stood up to the challenges facing him. His appearance and abilities were changed into that of a Toa Nuva when he and his team fell into energized protodermis, and then again for his mission in Karda Nui, where flight was necessary to complete his mission of opening the Codrex. Now, the Mask of Life has transformed him back to his original appearance so he can use the incredible power of the mysterious golden armor. He must wrestle the six pieces back from his enemies before it’s too late.
*Gresh,Gresh is an experienced Glatorian warrior trainer, but is relatively young in comparison to others. He makes up for his youth by showing a lot of guts and power in his fighting skills. He brings a practical and strategic approach to battle. Gresh has an encyclopedic knowledge of combat maneuvers and the ability to teach them to others. But sometimes he relies too much on the tried and true, rather than try new and innovative tactics."

Quote: “I’m stronger and faster than an Agori. I know how to fight. Doesn’t that mean I have to protect people who aren’t as strong as I am?”

"Tribe: Jungle
Village: Tesara
Weapons: Thornax shooter, shield
*La-Kao, the original Toa of Fire, his weapon is the same as Tahu's.
*La-Kao (beast form), La-Kao transformed into a monster, his right arm becomes a flame-thrower while his left arm remains the same, but he grows claws on his feet, and he gains spiked armor.
*Norrack, a red Rohagah, he is very wise and can use his scepter to stun animals such as Visorack.
*Mata-Nui, Once the Great Spirit of the universe, Mata Nui’s realm and power have been stolen. Now trapped on Bara Magna, he has built a new body for himself. He is wise, honorable, a little lost in this new world and new body. While he is driven to complete his mission, he is open to new alliances and learning new things.

Mask: Kanohi Ignika, the "Mask of Life"
Ability: Able to create new things, which no one else on this world can do
Weakness: Not used to physical fighting or being less than the ruler of a universe
Weapons: Scarab shield and Thornax launcher
*Ackar, A veteran Glatorian, Ackar worries that he may be past his prime. He is smart, loyal, trustworthy, and honorable. Ackar becomes a close friend and ally to Mata Nui throughout his adventure on Bara Magna.

Tribe: Fire
Village: Vulcanus
Ability: A good tactician
Weakness: Not as “young” as he used to be; no longer quite so quick in the arena
Weapons: Flame sword, Thornax launcher
*Vastus, Vastus did many things in the Spherus Magna war that he regrets, and so he fights extra hard for his village to make up for it. He is driven, and takes his job very seriously.

Tribe: Jungle
Village: Tesara
Ability: Extremely quick
Weakness: Sometimes so determined to make up for his past that he takes needless chances.
Weapons: Snake venom talon, Thornax launcher
*Kiina, Kiina is quick-tempered and finds it difficult to trust others. Frustrated with Bara Magna, she is eager to get away from it by any means possible, but she is loyal to her few friends.

Tribe: Water
Village: Tajun
Ability: A fierce fighter
Weakness: Impulsive, sometimes reckless in combat
Weapons: Dual-headed vapor trident and Thornax launcher"

Here's my personal favorite characters. (bad guys)
*Stronis, a Skrall with a spiked club, DO NOT confront him unless you want to be pounded to a pulp.
*Siderack, the king of Visorack, the blade attached to his left arm can shoot lasers that makes stuff blow up.
*Makuta, the ultimate evil, he's the only Bionicle that has organic wings, but like most Bionicles, he has a killer claw on his right arm that allows him to throw fire balls.
* The Piraka, these guys come in six colors; red, blue, green, brownish orange, black, and white.
*Visorack, spider-like monsters, their prison pods can mutate Toa, Glatorian, Matorian, and Agori.
*Vorax, these Glatorian are dangerous, literally!

In case you did NOT know, Bionicles are half-creature half-machine, more machine than animal.

These are some stuff in the series.
*The Mask of Life, gives it's wearer immortality.
*The Mask of Speed, gives it's wearer super speed in all body parts.
*The Mask of X-Ray Vision, gives it's wearer the ability to see through walls and junk.
*The Mask of Shielding, gives it's wearer the ability to create force fields immune to any hazard.
*Thornax Launcher, The Thornax launcher is the preferred missile weapon of Glatorian and bone hunters on Bara Magna. Durable, simple to operate and repair, it also has the advantage of being light and easy to carry on long treks across the desert. It is most frequently used to fire spiked Thornax fruit, which has proven to be quite a devastating type of ammunition.

There are three main categories of Thornax fruit:

“Green:” Thornax which are not yet ripe can be picked, softened by boiling, and eaten. Bone hunters make a particularly foul smelling and tasting Thornax stew.
Ripe: Mature Thornax have spikes and are rock-hard, making them very effective missiles in a fight.
Over-Ripe: Thornax allowed to ripen for too long in the desert heat can actually become explosive. While not illegal, their use is frowned upon in most village arenas. Explosive Thornax are allowed in battles in the Arena Magna of Atero.
*Nynrah Ghost-Blaster, "Created by the Nynrah artisans on the island of Xia, the ghost blasters are capable of two functions. Those carried by the Makuta enable the user to take control of anything mechanical in a target for a limited period of time. A Toa struck by a blast would find all his mechanical parts under the control of his enemy!

The Toa Nuva’s blasters create ghostly fields of energy around a foe which can be manipulated by the firer. The field can be anything from a basic cube that traps the target to a claw or chains made of pure energy. Since part of the energy is light, the Makuta are especially vulnerable to this weapon."

In 2008, the Toa (for the first time ever) fought a tremendous battle in the sky, it was so awesome. It was more than just awesome it was totally awesome. It was more than just totally awesome it was awesomelly awesome. Ya know, I said "awesome" so many times, it sounds kinda soul-searching, and weird.

Okay check it, this is what happen in the "Showdown in the sky"
"Mata Nui has been busy since defeating the Skrall leader Tuma and helping Glatorian and Agori unite on Bara Magna. His quest to free his people, enslaved by the evil Makuta, continues as he journeys to the north. There, he finds an ancient fortress of the Great Beings, his creators. Inside, Mata Nui discovers a source of power so great that it could bring the smaller robot found on Bara Magna back to life."

"Mata Nui convinces Raanu, the leader of the Agori, to allow him to use the Bara Magna robot to save his people and fulfill his destiny. Reluctantly, the Agori leave their new mega-village and watch Mata Nui repair and raise the robot that was their home for a short while. Just in time – far-off Makuta, sensing the new threat, leaves the ocean planet and brings his huge robot form to Bara Magna in order to crush Mata Nui for good."

"Two massive robots – one containing thousands of Matoran and Toa – face off above the clouds, while villagers and warriors scurry below. New threats face the Glatorian and Agori: hordes of yellow Rahkshi, Piraka warriors, and remnants of the Skrall attack."

"Meanwhile, inside the giant Makuta robot, Toa Tahu and his friend Takanuva, Toa of Light, manage to escape and contact Glatorian Gresh on the surface of Bara Magna. They try to help fight the merciless warriors that Makuta has unleashed, but they are vastly outnumbered. The Mask of Life, aiding Mata Nui in the fight against Makuta, helps Tahu by transforming him to his original form so he can don powerful armor that will stop the Rahkshi in their tracks. But before Tahu can gather all six pieces, some are stolen!"

"Battle rages above and below. Tahu and his friends desperately search for the golden armor that can turn the tide in the ground conflict. Towering high above, Mata Nui struggles with his smaller robot body against the much bigger and more powerful robot, controlled by Makuta. His ultimate destiny can only be fulfilled after defeating Makuta – but does he have the strength to defeat his enemy as well as heal a planet?"

Here's some unmentioned characters.
*Takanuva, Takanuva was once Takua, a Matoran of Light in Karda Nui, before going undercover on the island of Mata Nui. He was the first Chronicler, following around various Toa and recording their adventures. He managed to get into quite a few of his own adventures, until he found a special kanohi mask: the Mask of Light. While he and his friend Jaller, captain of the Ta-Koro guard and later a mighty Toa, searched for the rightful wearer of the Mask of Light, they battled Rahkshi and other menaces. Eventually, Takua realized he was the rightful wearer of the mask, so he put it on and became Takanuva, Toa of Light. Ever since, he has been helping the other Toa protect the Matoran workers, and fighting back against evil Makuta. Now, on the surface of Bara Magna, Takanuva helps Tahu and Gresh recover the scattered pieces of the golden armor. Will the awesome Toa of Light meet his match at last, or will he lead the Toa to victory on Bara Magna?
"*Skrall, Defeated but not destroyed, the Skrall are ready to take revenge on Mata Nui, the Glatorian warriors, and the Agori villagers they protect. Once the undisputed masters of their village of Roxtus, the remaining Skrall roam the desert in search of victims. Skrall are arrogant, vicious, brutal, fear nothing and care about even less. They are incredibly skilled fighters, both with and without weapons. What they may lack in technique they make up for with sheer bludgeoning power and strength.
*Rahkshi, Armed with the power of heat vision, the yellow-armored Rahkshi are a devastating and perhaps unstoppable foe. Hordes of Rahkshi fight for Makuta on the surface of Bara Magna, swarming over Glatorian warriors and Agori villagers. Rahkshi are suits of armor created when a kraata “slug” is immersed in energized protodermis. They have been Makuta’s servants for tens of thousands of years. They are fast and tough, but not indestructible. Rahkshi have different powers based on their armor color.
*Gelu, Gelu is out for himself and for profit. He dislikes the Skrall because they cut into his business. He thinks he understands how the world works and how to make it work for him."

"Tribe: Ice
Village: Iconox
Ability: Excellent tracker and scout
Weakness: A loner, who can't count on others to help in a crisis
Weapons: Ice slicer and Thornax launcher
*Perditus, Perditus is one of the most focused and dedicated drivers. He worked his way up from being a low-level Glatorian to being a champion driver, and he did it by working longer and harder than anyone else. He has no time for friends or anything else.

The most recent champion in vehicle arena combat, the Thornatus V9 is a truly fearsome machine. Its three-pronged forward assembly can tear through opposing vehicles, while its four mounted blasters finish the job. Although heavily armored, the more open design of the cockpit means Perditus must keep opponents from coming in from behind.

Weapons: Four Midak Skyblasters, Thornax launcher
*Telluris,Telluris is a renegade warrior who sometimes works with the Skrall, sometimes on his own. Even Bone Hunters go out of their way to avoid him, as he is willing to use the Skopio’s power against anyone who crosses his path.

His Skopio XV-1 is a war machine, designed for use in the wastelands against both enemy caravans and creatures. Capable of walking on its four legs or traveling on tracks, it can pursue a target for long distances and over any terrain. It is devastating at long range and close range.

Weapons: Pincers, two Midak Skyblasters, Thornax launcher
 *Malum,He is harsh, cunning, and something of a brute. His distinguishing feature is a distinct lack of honor. Malum is incredibly strong - once he gets a grip on you, the fight's over. But he has a tough time controlling his temper, which led to his exile for excessive roughness.

Quote: “Civilized society has no place for me. I will let you leave with your life … if you leave now.”

Tribe: Fire (before his exile)
Location: Formerly Vulcanus, now the wastelands
Weapons: Flame claws, Thornax shooter
*Tarix, One of the founders of the Glatorian system on Bara Magna, Tarix has great respect for the traditions that have been created over the millennia. When he speaks, Agori and other Glatorian listen. While not as flashy a fighter as some, Tarix relies on tried and true moves, raw courage, and a refusal to surrender to carry him through. On the other hand, he's convinced he's seen it all and can sometimes be taken by surprise.

Quote: “The secret to being a winner is already knowing the mistakes losers make … and not making them yourself.”

Tribe: Water
Village: Tajun
Weapons: Twin water blades, Thornax shooter
*Strakk,Tough, hard, sneaky, a dirty fighter; Strakk is totally focused on what he wants and no real sense of honor. He knows every dirty trick in the book that can be used in the arena, and will happily do whatever he can get away with. But he forgets that not everyone is like him, and that some have no patience with the kind of cheating he tries to do.

Quote: “I fight for money. Want my sword? You’ll have to pay for it.”

Tribe: Ice
Village: Iconox
Weapons: Ice axe, Thornax shooter
 *Vorox,Vorox are extremely primitive, driven by basic needs for food and shelter. They have become little more than beasts, but they are extremely skilled hunters with keen senses. Cunning but not very bright, like a beast they are frightened of things like fire and lightning.

Tribe: Sand
Location: The wastelands
Weapons: Sword, stinger tail, Thornax shooter
*Crotesius, Crotesius started out doing repairs to other drivers’ vehicles before graduating to his own. He patched together the spare parts to create the Cendox V1 and treats it almost as if it were a living thing. No one else is allowed to even go near it, let alone ride it.

His Cendox V1 is designed for speed and maneuverability. Its rear tracks and front blades allow it to move easily through soft sand, and its booster engines give it that extra burst of power. Built from parts won by Vulcanus from Tesara and Tajun, it has survived multiple matches in the arena with bigger and more powerful vehicles.

Tribe: Fire
Village: Vulcanus
Weapon: Thornax launcher
*Scodonius & Kirbraz,Scodonius and Kirbraz are veterans of the arena and both highly skilled. Unfortunately, they can’t stand each other and each is always trying to score the victory on his own. More than once, this attitude has cost Tajun matches, but since they win the really important fights, no one has told them to change their ways.

Tajun’s most formidable entrant in arena vehicle matches, the Kaxium V3 is a double threat. The main cycle combines awesome speed, surprisingly thick armor, and a spiked Thornax launcher to create a mean machine. Add on the sidecar and you have extra ramming power.

Tribe: Water
Village: Tajun
Weapon: Thornax launcher
*Sahmad,Sahmad is one of the nastiest drivers in the arena. When he isn’t fighting, he is out in the wastelands searching for water and other resources he can hoard for himself. Outside of the Skrall, he is the least liked of any driver.

An unusual entry in Bara Magnan arenas, Sahmad's Baranus V7 is drawn by a Spikit rather than powered by a motor. Other Glatorian laugh at this – until the Spikit tears the front of their vehicle off and eats it. The sharp blades mounted all over the chariot can tear armor off an opposing vehicle.

Tribe: Jungle
Village: Tesara
Weapons: Blades, spikes, Thornax launcher
*Raanu,Practical but a little cold, Raanu is concerned primarily with the welfare of his people. Although he is the leader of Vulcanus, he still likes to get into the arena now and then to stay sharp. He knows every trick of the Glatorian. But he's a little too willing to accept things as they are and not try to make them better.

Quote: “We’ll make them wish they never came here. Let the bone hunters raid some other village – Vulcanus will not surrender!”

Tribe: Fire
Village: Vulcanus
Weapons: Fire blade, shield
*Atakus, Vicious and nasty, Atakus treats members of all other tribes with contempt. He makes sure everyone knows that his tribe is the most powerful. Though small, he is a tough fighter. He’s a master at parrying with one blade while his strikes with another. His own ego is his greatest weakness - he's so convinced of his superiority that it can make him vulnerable to a tricky opponent.

Quote: “No one rides into Roxtus without getting past me. And those that do, heh, never leave.”

Tribe: Rock
Village: Roxtus
Weapons: Two glowing blades, created using technology alien to most of Bara Magna
*Tarduk, He is curious, brave, adventurous, and daring. Tarduk collects stories of the past and pores through ruins looking for remnants of ancient times. He is highly agile on all four limbs, but the possibility of finding an artifact can excite him so much he ignores danger.

Quote: “They call them ruins … but they’re full of treasure, if you know where to look.”

Tribe: Jungle
Village: Tesara
Weapons: Claws and spikes
 *Metus,Metus is a fast-talking, shameless promoter type, always trying to work a deal. His main job is traveling around promoting Glatorian matches and recruiting new fighters. He's very good at recognizing talent, especially Glatorian talent, and talking people into things. Metus isn't big on fighting, but he can hold his own if he has to. He thinks only of himself, which makes it hard for him to predict the behavior of those who fight for cause.

Quote: “You look pretty good with that sword. Ever think about fighting in the arena?”

Tribe: Ice
Village: Iconox
Weapons: Ice axe and shield
*Zesk, Zesk are tribesmen who have regressed to a primitive, bestial state. They hide in the sand and attack travelers. Savage and dangerous, they are no longer capable of speech or much beyond primitive thought. They possess enhanced senses, particularly sight and smell, which enables them to track prey. Small, not very bright, Zesk won’t last long in a fight with a Glatorian.

Tribe: Sand
Location: The wastelands
Weapons: Natural tools include a scorpion-like stinger
*Fero, Silent and unrelenting, Fero lives only to hunt. He loves to see fear in an opponent. Hi steed Skirmix is capable of traveling long distance across the sand without needing water or rest, and sometimes almost seems to be urging Fero on instead of the other way around. Fero can be lured into a trap if he thinks he is closing in on prey.

Quote: “I’m a hunter. A hunter needs prey … and today, you’re it.”

Tribe: Rock
Village: Roxtus
Weapons: Fero uses a Thornax shooter, Skirmix has jaws and a stinger tail"

Information in "" from Bionicle.com. (just to let you know)

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