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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time

bwahhhhh WHAT A RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!

Basically, this game is where you have a few Rabbids, a time/washing machine, and a whole lota insane minigames. The game starts with your Rabbids playing in a museum (why they were playing in a museum I have no clue), who stumble upon a time machine (which looks like a washing machine) and then they use it to mess up human history. The console version has minigames, NOT the handheld version, so if you want the version that has minigames, pick the console version.

Stuff about the game. (console version)
Over 50 minigames based on the past (maybe even the future).
New wacky adventure, the Rabbids are back and this time their invading our history. (from the discovery of fire to the time where King Arthur pulled out Excalibur)

"Houston we are in take off"

Stuff that happened in a few videos
Intro, first the Rabbids go to Prehistoric Times to help a caveman discover fire (actually, they just sat there staring at the caveman for hours, when it was nightfall, two Rabbids were keeping themselves awake by playing patty-cake, while one Rabbid, the one that almost fell asleep when it was daylight, was snoozing on the caveman's back, while the fourth Rabbid, who was gazing at the caveman's progress the whole time, pulled out a lighter and gave it to the caveman), then they went to Egypt to watch the construction of the Sphinx (actually, they kinda ruined it by causing one of the workers to break the nose, then he gets angry at the Rabbids for this and then the Rabbids get chased by him, then he trips and throws his hammer in the air which then hits the time/washing machine). Next,  they found themselves holding down the legendary sword Excalibur (actually, they were hanging from the blade, then two of them jump off with one of them landing on the time/washing machine, causing it to teleport to who-knows-where)
Teaser (saw in a video), first a Rabbid hops in the time/washing machine, then he pushes futuristic buttons (part of the controls). Next it flicks a couple of switches, then a small screen shows numbers rapidly increasing (stops at number 88). Finally,  the machine's cockpit starts spinning, then the whole thing spins and then the machine disappears.
Random video, first a naked Rabbid is taking a shower, then getting bored of one it's soap bars, throws one behind it's back which hits and activates the time/washing machine, which sends the (still not decent) Rabbid to the World Cup in England. The Rabbid (who was still naked) standing and singing right in front of every body. Last but not least,  the Rabbid covered it's business with it's remaining soap bar. (don't worry, the Rabbid's business was already covered with a Pixel art blur).

Please check Wikipedia.org for more information on this game, or better yet, go to Rabbids.com

stuff about the game. (handheld version)

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