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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Sonic and the Secret Rings is the (so far) only Sonic the Hedgehog video game that features a Party Mode. Almost every boss in the game is either a demon, or a evil Genie. Like most Sonic the Hedgehog games, you fight the final boss as a character that has a super charged form, Darkspine Sonic to be exact in this game. But in it's sequel Sonic and the Black Knight you fight using Excali-Sonic, a Arthurian counterpart from Super-Sonic.

In Sonic and the Secret Rings you have two powers; Speed Break and Time Break, Speed Break allows you to run faster than you normally can, Time Break can slow down time (that's why they call it "Time Break," duh.).

Here's a few bosses.
Erazor Djinn, the boss before the final boss, if your having trouble pronouncing his first name it's pronounced Eraser (but with a z sound instead of a s sound), if your are having trouble saying his LAST name it's pronounced Jin.
*Sand Scorpion (Scorpion King in the Japanese version), you fight the same way you fight the Egg-Nega-Wisp from Sonic Colors, but Spin Dashing up it's tail instead of Spin Dashing up the Egg-Nega-Wisp's arms.
*Leech Crab Thing, to defeat it you must rip off all three of it's horns, when you do this it seem like it's bleeding purple blood.
*Alf-Layla-la-Layla, the final boss OMG! his quotes are below.
"I am.......the Creator.....the stories of this world are................Mine!!!"-before boss fight.
"HA HA HA! Do you think you stand a chance against me?"-once he starts slashing you.
"Rrragh!!! How can you have this much power!?"-after you hit him the first time.
"Ha! It will take a miracle for you to avoid my attacks!!!"-once he throws a energy ball at you.
"Rrrrrrryyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"-when you defeat him. Every time you lay a hit on him 3/7 of the steam holes on his body will go out, when all seven of them go out he will fall to his doom.
*Ifrit Golom, a legless Golom that you fight in a pool of lava. It's weak spot is it's head, it is the ONLY boss that is mechanical.

Here's some good guys. (playable)
*Sonic, you can't have a Sonic the Hedgehog video game without Sonic, playable in both
*Tails,ONLY playable through , Sonic's main sidekick and pilot of the transformable biplane X Tornado.
*Shadow, actually, he's more Neutral than Hero, ONLY playable through party mode.
*Princess Blaze, princess from another world, she has Pyrokinesiskinessis, ONLY playable through Party mode.
*Silver the Hedgehog, a friend of Blaze, he has Psychokinesis, ONLY playable through Party mode.
 *Amy Rose, Sonic's wanna be girlfriend, she's got a kind heart, she's got a positive attitude, and she's got a hammer, a big, big, hammer, ONLY playable through Party mode.
 *Knuckles the Echidna, the protector of the Master Emerald, he's a knuckle-head, ONLY playable through Party mode.
 *Darkspine Sonic, you play as him during the Final Boss Fight OMG! his quotes are below.
"If this is your world, then it's a world that I don't want any part of!"-before boss fight.
"HA! How's this for an introduction then?"-first time countering Alf-Layla-la-Layla's energy ball attack.
"Shahra!"-when Sharhra's voice gets in his head in middle of the fight.
"Your tale is finished, Erazor! Next time, try writing a better story!"- when he beats the boss. (Alf-Layla-la-Layla is Erazor but mutated when he used the remaining rings to battle Darkspine Sonic.)
"We've got to... stop him! Shahra...please! Lend me your... POWER!!" -End of cutscene before fight.

Here's some good guys. (non-playable)
*Shahra, the 5th Sonic the Hedgehog character to die. (but she was brought back to life when Erazor was forced to grant Sonic three wishes for Sonic was in possession of Erazor's Lamp.)
*Omochao, the first Sonic Storybook character to be based on Chao, Omochao appears in the multiplayer mode to help the players with some of the games
*Ali Baba, the Arabian version of Tails, he knows some stuff about Sinbad.
*Sinbad the Sailor, the Arabian version of Knuckles, he is smarter than his knuckle-head Sonic-world counterpart for he thought up a way to defeat a enemy.
*Shahryār, the Arabian version of Dr. Eggman, when you first meet him he's stuck in a glass vase.

In the game there's these rings called the Seven World rings, if somebody other than Erazor absorbs the Rings that person would either die, or will live but will be totally insane. (the Rings are below.)
Blue = Prayers
Purple = Sadness
Red = Rage
Green = Hatred
Yellow = Joy
Cyan = Pleasure
White = Wishes

Stages in game.
*Lost Prologue, a vortex between the real world and the Storybook world, Sonic learns the basic moves here.
*Sand Oasis, Sonic must run across sandy and heated deserts (no, not the desert you eat, the sandy kind where you got to bring lots of sun block.), it's boss is the Sand Scorpion.
*Dinosaur jungle, a HUGE jungle with HUGE dinosaurs.
*Evil Foundry, lava pits and killer robots are here, the boss of the stage is the Ifrit Golom.
*Levitated Ruin, lots and lots of floating islands are here.
*Pirate Storm, Stormy seas and Electrifying genie are here, it's boss is the Leech Crab Thing.
*Skeleton Dome, this place is covered in graveyards and chambers.
*Night Palace, the most dangerous world in Sonic and the Secret Rings, it has soldiers everywhere and gas rooms, you fight Erazor Djinn here.

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