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Friday, June 3, 2011

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash-up

Before I tell you about this game, let me tell you about the Turtles.

These are the Turtles.
*Leonardo, a Ninja Turtle that wears a blue mask, his weapons are twin Katana swords. He is sometimes called "Teacher's pet."
*Donatello, a Ninja Turtle that wears a purple mask, he is the smartest out of all the characters in the series. His weapon is a staff.
*Raphael, a Ninja Turtle in a red mask, he is the only Turtle that throws is weapon at his opponent. His weapons are triple-bladed Kunai Knives.
*Michelangelo, a Ninja Turtle that wears a orange mask, he likes to make things funny. His weapons are nun-chucks.
*Nightwatcher, Raphael in a metal suit, he's arrested dozens of criminals. His weapons are two metal maces.

These are some other characters in the series.
*Master Splinter, the Sensei that taught the Turtles everything they know, he can use any weapon.
*Casey Jones, a friend of Raphael, he uses sport gear as a weapon.
*April O' Neil, she only showed fighting capability in video games.
*Karai, daughter of the main villain, she tries to take over the Foot clan.
*The Shredder, although I forgot his real name, he is the most awesome villain ever.
*Fugitoid, only introduced as a unlock-able character in video games.
*Utromanater, an alien from another dimension, in video games he has a metal, robotic body.
*Foot Ninja, members of the Foot clan, they obey the Shredder's every command.

Now let me tell you about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash-up.
Certain cheat codes will allow you to unlock the following characters
*Raving Rabbid, why they put a Rabbid in a TNMT game I have no clue. But, so cool!
*Hip Hop Mikey, Michelangelo in a Hip Hop suit, same as the original, just a different appearance.
*Ninja Rabbid, a Rabbid that dressed up like a Ninja Turtle, his costume features underwear, that's it's mask, a toilet, that's it's shell, orange pajamas, that's it's Ninja suit, a plunger and a spatula, the spatula AND the plunger are it's weapons.
*Cyber Shredder, the Shredder in digital armor, the same as the original, just a different appearance.

These are the stages in the game. (both starter AND unlock-able)
*Turtle Base, the HQ of the Turtles, nothing special really.
*Enemy Base, the HQ of the Foot clan, if the falling pillars don't get you the atomic laser in the background will!
*Space Lab, brawl in space as meteors and other space-bound stuff fly by, but don't get distracted or you'll see stars. (NOT the one in the sky)
*Western Stage, fight in the wild west, beware of sandstorms.
*City Rooftops, duke it out on top of the Big Apple, just don't fall.
*Jungle, first it starts out on top a giant log, then in the middle of the fight it breaks, and finally, you have fight while keeping an eye out for man-eating crocs.
*Sewer, the shortest way to Turtle Base, similar to the Jungle, first you fight in a small sewer tunnel, then after awhile the hatch to the far left of the stage will break, unleashing a flood that wipes everybody out, and finally, you have to brawl while avoiding getting eaten by gaters.
*Dojo, the most basic stage in the entire video game.
*Cruise, similar to the Jungle and Sewer, first you' ere on a cruise, then it crashes and sinks, next you fight on the back of a whale, and finally,  you get sling-shot up to another cruise and does the whole thing all over again.
*Chinese Rooftop, first your on the rooftop, then it starts catching on fire, and finally, you wind up inside the building.
*Train, duke it out on a train, if you hit the yellow switch (on every cart) you can detach one of the carts on the train

The game is 2.5D. It's also got the present-day Turtles, not the Turtles from 1980, who are more cartoon-like than the Turtles of today, and the Turtles before the 1980 Turtles are more comic-like, which means the new Turtles are half-cartoon and half-comic, that's a lot math if you think about it. Ya know, I said turtle so many times on this blog, it sounds all weird now.

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